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Diamond Rain Falls on Saturn and Jupiter! – No Kidding


We all love precious gems, don’t we? Those who do not are the exceptions to the rule. Diamonds are girls’ best friends, they are the symbol of wealth, love, commitment, and for some, even happiness. Some people even wish it would rain diamonds. You know. Well, somewhere in the universe, this could actually be happening… Read more »

How Do We Fall Asleep Without Knowing? Explained!


How do we fall asleep and that’s too without knowing? Do we even have the answer to this question? Scientists have outlined processes of the brain preceding sleep, as well as the brain activities during sleep. The brain is subject to a number of changes that allow us to be gradually sucked into the sleep-oblivion. Have… Read more »

Allergic Rhinitis vs Sinusitis Explained – Causes and Treatments


We often confuse Rhinitis with Sinusitis. First things first “à” Definitions! Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a condition whereby the mucous membrane situated in the nose* experiences inflammation. It is triggered by allergens found in the air, like pollen, and dander. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane specifically situated in the paranasal sinuses**. It can occur due… Read more »

What Happens When You Stand In Front of a Microwave Oven Which Is On?


Ever wondered if it’s dangerous to stand in front of an operating microwave oven? Microwave ovens involve a certain risk of catching the radiation; for instance, some people argue that standing in front of it while it is cooking food is dangerous because some of the microwaves leak through. However, no definite evidence exists. Microwave… Read more »

Want to Kill Belly Fat? – 10 Easy Foods That Unbelievably Do It

Belly Fat Man

Want to kill belly fat? Here are 10 easily available foods that unbelievably kill belly fat effortlessly, and guess what: you do not have to pay hundreds if not thousands of your hard earn money to buy those foods. Belly fats. The nightmare of so many. So, basically, belly fats are defined as excessive abdominal… Read more »

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