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Japanese Scientist Creates Deadliest Virus Which Can Kill A Billion People

japanese scientist makes deadly virus

A Japanese Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka has allegedly created a deadlier strain of the H1N1 virus. The new strain is capable of annihilating whole populations. Other scientists, including senior ones, have been appalled at such types of research, and they have spoken against the actions of Kawaoka. If scientists are alarmed, what should be expected of the… Read more »

How Genetics Affects The Perception of Pain


Pain is something we all feel. The human being is so fragile, right? We can achieve so many feats, we can go to space and back, we can build massive buildings, no other creature can rival with our intellectual faculty, but still, one little prick to our skin, blood oozes out, and we call out… Read more »

Has Technology Made Us Dumb and Anti Social? The Answer Might Contradict Your Belief.

technology made us antisocial

If there’s one thing this new generation of ours is most often taunted about by the elder one, it sure has to be technology. The debates revolving around how technology has impacted on us are endless. Mostly, people come up with the negative effects that highly-advanced technological devices have had on our social interactions. To… Read more »

Why Does The Heart Stop When You Sneeze? – To Start With, It Does Not!


It is quite a common myth that the heart stops beating when one sneezes. It is true that the human body goes through many changes during sneezing, but, the heart stopping is not one of them. However, this is so widespread that people have inclined to actually pass this ‘information’ on without questioning it. As… Read more »

Amazing Plant Showing Versatile Ability of Mimicking Other Plants

vine intelligent plants

To be able to survive in nature, living creatures have been endowed with capacities specific to them that allow them to grow and perpetuate their generations. This implies that they are able to adapt to their environment and that they can even outwit their predators, and some do so better than others. Animals and plants… Read more »

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