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How Is A Wormhole Different From A Blackhole?

a blackhole

What are wormholes and blackholes? Are they the same, or not, both being attributed to space-life? They both do sound like something from sci-fi movies. Let us leave behind fantasy and fiction, and get to understand what distinguishes one from another in the light of what science has to say. Getting the definitions right A… Read more »

Birth of a New Moon Of Saturn Called Peggy – It’s Happening Right Now

Peggy Saturn Moon

The birth of a new moon of Saturn is currently taking place, right now, as we post this article. Some days ago, NASA reported that one of its probes has captured the images of Saturn budding off a potential member of its moon family. The so-called moonchild has already been given a nickname by scientists: Peggy… Read more »

Burgers With REAL MEAT Created In Labs – Will you eat?


The modern world sure has some incredible surprises in store: meat derived from stem cells is being produced in laboratories. They made in-vitro babies, and now, we have in-vitro meat, which has been named schmeat.   What if I tell you that now, they’ll be able to grow your meat in labs? They, the scientists,… Read more »

E-Cigarettes Efficient or Not To Quit Smoking? Find Out.


Are E-Cigarettes efficient as a method to quit traditional smoking habit? Tobacco smoking has been claiming lives in direct and indirect ways for years now. The campaigns organised to sensitise people against smoking aim at raising awareness about the potential dangers and how to avert them: ultimately by quitting altogether. According to the World Health Organisation… Read more »

Writing On Paper Is More Efficient For Remembering Things Than “Typing”


Handwritten note-takers are becoming something like an endangered species nowadays, or at least, on their way to being that, as more and more people incline to typing notes down on the laptop. However, a new study has shown that writing down information on paper could boost one’s performance, while laptop note-taking could constitute disadvantages that… Read more »

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