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Why Does The Heart Stop When You Sneeze? – To Start With, It Does Not!


It is quite a common myth that the heart stops beating when one sneezes. It is true that the human body goes through many changes during sneezing, but, the heart stopping is not one of them. However, this is so widespread that people have inclined to actually pass this ‘information’ on without questioning it. As… Read more »

This Metal-Eater Plant From Philippines Has Leaves Packed With Nickel


Something more terrible than plant-carnivores? Metal-eating plants! Unlike most living creatures, the Rinorea niccolifera, originating from the Philippines, are able to tolerate extremely high concentrations of nickel – a real phenomenon. They even feed on the metal, so to say. Hello, I am a plant and I eat metals! Plant eating individuals of the animal kingdom… Read more »

Musical Training Can Make You A Better Decision Maker and Problem Solver

how music affects the brain

New scientific study claims that Musical Training can make you a better decision maker & helps at problem solving and memorizing information. Music, the universal language that drives people’s instincts worldwide, has been the subject of several scientific studies. Some researchers have recently attempted to find out whether or not music impacts positively on brain… Read more »

Fake Laugh Easily Detected By The Human Brain. Be Genuine Next Time!

fake troll laugh

We all love to have a good laugh from time to time. Our different types of sense of humour make of this world a colourful one. Some like it warped, some like it just ridiculously stupid, some like it to be mild. And then, sometimes, some people make a really lame joke. And. You feel… Read more »

Anti HIV Protein Discovered in Corals


Scientists have reportedly discovered an Anti HIV protein in corals. Ok, so how does this work? Some scientists brought up some coral from the ocean, and said, ok guys, we’re gonna see if this kills HIV? Well, AIDS has been wreaking havoc in societies all across the globe. Sensitization  programs are being increasingly organised in… Read more »

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