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How Coffee Can Prevent Blindness and Keep Your Eyes Healthy?

coffee for your eyes

Coffee might be really good for your eyes, even after all the bad things said about it. Coffee has often been associated with unhealthy effects. Caffeine being one of its constituents, it has been considered to be generally bad for the heart if taken too often. However, new studies are providing insight into the other… Read more »

What Is The Age of the Earth Accepted by Most Scientists Today

Age of the earth

The age of the Earth is a highly controversial topic: is it 4000 years old or 4.5 billion years old? Broadly speaking, people are separated into two groups: scientists and creationists. Apart from this, we have yet others who fall somewhere in between the two extremes. The two major groups differ regarding the age of… Read more »

Yellowstone To Erupt in 2014? Bison Fleeing The Park.

yellowstone volcano

Will the Yellowstone Caldera erupt in 2014? 2 weeks ago, a video went viral (watch at the end of article), about Yellowstone, a National Park in the US, in the state of Wyoming. The Yellowstone National Park lies on a dormant volcanic caldera, and the video was trying to show the world how an eruption was… Read more »

Why Your Eldest Sister Is More Successful In Life?

older siblings at an advantage

The eldest sister in a family is often the most successful one among the other children. Why? Science explains here. The battle of siblings goes on in so many households: siblings fighting for the attention of their parents, competing with each other for the spotlight, and just what not. Older siblings often complain of not… Read more »

What Is Satire and When Is It Used?


Satire has carved itself a place in our modern societies, gaining the approval of crowds of people. What is it exactly? Sarcasm? Irony? Exaggeration? Art? Perhaps, a combination of all these? Satire is generally used as a humorous way of criticising someone or something, punctuated with sarcasm. The purpose is to bring to the front… Read more »

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