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What Really Happens In Your Body After Drinking Coke – Things Coca Cola Won’t Tell You

Coca Cola Aish

What really happens inside your body after drinking Coke? The easiest straightforward answer to this from a die-hard Coca-Cola lover is Ecstasy, pure joy as the chilled juice percolated through the lining of your stomach, filling you with sweeter feelings than watching the river Nile meander its way across Africa. But, the after-effects of an earthquake… Read more »

Monkeys Are Good At Maths – New Scientific Study Shows

intelligent monkey

Monkeys want all the things that they want in great numbers; the greatest number? A crave that led them to be quite good at maths. Or so some researchers at the Harvard University Medical School have pointed at! The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, involved 3 rhesus monkeys which were… Read more »

Want to Kill Belly Fat? – 10 Easy Foods That Unbelievably Do It

Belly Fat Man

Want to kill belly fat? Here are 10 easily available foods that unbelievably kill belly fat effortlessly, and guess what: you do not have to pay hundreds if not thousands of your hard earn money to buy those foods. Belly fats. The nightmare of so many. So, basically, belly fats are defined as excessive abdominal… Read more »

Japanese Scientist Creates Deadliest Virus Which Can Kill A Billion People

japanese scientist makes deadly virus

A Japanese Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka has allegedly created a deadlier strain of the H1N1 virus. The new strain is capable of annihilating whole populations. Other scientists, including senior ones, have been appalled at such types of research, and they have spoken against the actions of Kawaoka. If scientists are alarmed, what should be expected of the… Read more »

Still Using Internet Explorer? You’re In Danger! Major Flaw Discovered in IE And Microsoft Will Not Fix It.

anti ie photo

Using operating systems of more than 10 years old is a bad idea from the start itself. I mean, the exceedingly slow speed and lack of modern features would give too much of a head ache. Now adding to the already long list of constraints imposed by old systems, a new security flaw recently discovered… Read more »

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