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What Has Influenced Human Facial Shape Over Time? Answer: Violence

human facial features shaped by violence

A new study whereby the scientists examined the features of the australopiths suggests that the human facial characteristics have ended up having their particularities as a result of violence. The fightings which supposedly occurred much long ago made it such that the face evolved in order to minimize the effects of the strikes and blows. Not to… Read more »

It Sucks To Quit Smoking. But What Happens To Your Body After That Is Amazing!

quitting smoking

Wanna quit? Then you must be thinking what happens to your body when you quit smoking. The short answer: It sucks! Then, there’s so much good things waiting for you. For example: But I just said it sucks right? Why? Smoking is bad for health – fact that we all know. However, smokers get so… Read more »

How to Control Someone’s Brain Remotely via the Internet


How to control someone’s brain remotely via the Internet? Misleading title but maybe not for long – Alexander Graham Bell would definitely jump into the well on reading this article and reflecting on the latest ways we are twisting and turning his simple invention of communication via the telephone. Remember the good old days of… Read more »

How Genetics Affects The Perception of Pain


Pain is something we all feel. The human being is so fragile, right? We can achieve so many feats, we can go to space and back, we can build massive buildings, no other creature can rival with our intellectual faculty, but still, one little prick to our skin, blood oozes out, and we call out… Read more »

Why Do We Forget Childhood Memories?


People remember others’ childhood memories while they forgot their own. A new study has attempted to explain as to why does this occur: the production of new neurones could be behind this peculiar happening. How many of us have vivid childhood memories? We all do have some glimpses of that period of our life, but while… Read more »

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