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Birds Adapting To Harsh Radioactive Environment At Chernobyl


Nuclear disasters are of the most terrifying calamities that have hit our planet. The large-scale damage that wreaks havoc in civilisations also throws its tentacles throughout time as well; the negative impacts are not only huge and hard upon the people but they are long-lasting as well. The nuclear accident at Chernobyl is considered the… Read more »

What is a Wormhole in Astronomy? – Fact Or Fiction?


A wormhole, also known as Einstein-Rosen bridge, has been theorised to be a sort of tunnel in spacetime – a passage leading from one point to another, across space and time. There is no evidence of its existence whatsoever; you’ll sure find its mention made in science-fiction movies. It is a hypothesis formulated by Albert… Read more »

A Cure For Rheumatism? Get Yourself Swallowed By A Dead Whale!

cure inside dead whale

Rheumatism and whales. What have they got to do together?! Getting inside the carcass of a whale (not even an alive one!) to be cured from rheumatism. Can anything else get any more bizarre? And, no, dear readers, this is no April fool prank. It is, in fact, an old practice attributed to the coastal… Read more »

10 Lifestyle Habits of the 80’s Which Your Parents Would Be Nostalgic Over

Fashion in Mauritius in 1980

How many times in a week do you pull your hair in exasperation after mom ticked you over something she dislikes you doing? The familiar grumble in her voice, as she takes your clothes the umpteenth time from the floor or her admonishing tone for getting junk food into the house after spying a half-eaten… Read more »

Frane Selak The World’s Luckiest Unlucky Man on Earth: Escaped Death 7 Times & Won The Lottery


What do you think it takes to be tagged the luckiest man on Earth? Someone winning the lottery jackpot? Something like that?! Or, someone having escaped death, as in, as if he tricked death or something? Well. I am about to tell you the unbelievable story of a man who did all that, and more… Read more »

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