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Dinosaurs Were Neither Cold-Blooded Nor Warm-Blooded

dinosaurs neither cold blooded nor warm blooded

Were dinosaurs cold blooded or warn blooded animals? BOTH, say scientists following some new studies. A new study has brought forth new evidence in the long-lasting debate of the classification of dinosaurs either into the category of warm-blooded animals or into the group of cold-blooded ones. Scientists have, in the past, tried to explain that… Read more »

10 Lifestyle Habits of the 80’s Which Your Parents Would Be Nostalgic Over

Fashion in Mauritius in 1980

How many times in a week do you pull your hair in exasperation after mom ticked you over something she dislikes you doing? The familiar grumble in her voice, as she takes your clothes the umpteenth time from the floor or her admonishing tone for getting junk food into the house after spying a half-eaten… Read more »

Why Your Eldest Sister Is More Successful In Life?

older siblings at an advantage

The eldest sister in a family is often the most successful one among the other children. Why? Science explains here. The battle of siblings goes on in so many households: siblings fighting for the attention of their parents, competing with each other for the spotlight, and just what not. Older siblings often complain of not… Read more »

Giant Object As Big As Mars Collided With Earth 4.5 Billion Years Ago


New study attempts to prove the Giant Collision Theory which states that the moon was formed by the impact of Theia and Earth, sending a mix of chunks from both celestial bodies into space, ultimately forming the moon. The scientists examined moon rocks provided by the NASA to lead them to such conclusions. What if… Read more »

Fish-Eating Spiders Discovered On All The World Continents Except Antartica

fish-eating spiders

Fish eating spiders you said? Spiders have long been known to feed on insects. Now, scientists have found that some species of spiders can feed on fish which are twice their size. They neutralize their prey with toxins and enzymes that help digest the fish. How scarier does that make spiders now? You tell me…. Read more »

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