15 Reasons Why Men Are Better Than Women – Holy Yes!

Editors note: Alright readers, this article is not meant to hurt women or push away our female readers. However one of our editors today suggested a topic after having a serious disagreement with his girlfriend. So during our weekly editorial pick, I found it quite funny to have our authors write on this topic and its ofcourse: 15 reasons why men are better than women.

I’m sure many women will have better argument to prove the contrary but then let’s just have a good read for fun only. Ready? Here we are.

men better than women

The battle of the sexes

The battle of the sexes is over.  There wasn’t REALLY a battle actually.  No doubt, men are better than women.  It’s really a no-brainer.  Here’s why:

1. Men are rational

Men think more rationally.  With men, you say what you want to say.  Everything is black and white.  No gray area.  With women, well, let’s just say you’ll have to deal with areas in the shade of vermillion and chartreuse.

2. Men just do it

Men do what needs to get done.  You tell a man to do something-anything- he’ll just get up and do it.  No questions.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s.  With women, you’ll have to deal with a plethora of if’s, and’s, and maybe even a kick in the butt.

3. Just a beer and tv

Men have no conditions.  Men will work in any sort of environment.  As long as there’s some cold beer and a TV so he can relax after work, you won’t have any problems.  With women, the work area has to be nice, neat and clean, with maybe even a nice vase of flowers. And why not an indoor garden?

4. No wrath of what

Men don’t need a monthly break.  Men will keep on going as long as he isn’t injured or hungry.  With women, you’ll have to deal with the wrath of God when their monthly “guest” comes along.  When that happens, you’re best off staying away.

5. Men don’t get pregnant

Men don’t get pregnant.  Paternity leave is a myth.  With women, there’s maternity leave and the millions of times they can’t come to work because the child is sick or what not.

6. Eat anything with ajinomoto

Men will eat anything.  From hamburgers to dirt.  Just put a little seasoning and voila!  He’s having lunch.  Women will bug you for a little thyme, a little oregano. And there’s always something about the oil, the cholesterol level and of course the famous calories.

7. No bitching around

Men won’t bitch.  When a man isn’t happy, you’ll get a scowl and maybe a grunt.  With a woman, she’ll bitch till you’re ears fall off – and she still won’t be done.

8. Feel better anywhere

Men don’t need a bathroom.  If there’s a bush around, that’ll suffice. With women, there’s got to be a clean bathroom preferably with a small bowl of potpourri.

9. The famous nail-thingy

Men will never break a nail.  Some men don’t even have nails.  With women, well, does this really need more explanation?

10. Oh holy make up

With men, what you see is what you get.  If a man looks like Quasimodo, you’ll see Quasimodo.  With a woman, with all the stuff they put on their faces, she’ll look like Brooklyn Decker today and maybe…Quasimodo tomorrow.

11. Spit it out

With men, you can say what you want or what you mean.  With women, you’ll have to watch your words or end up in court with a sexual harassment case on your hands.

12. Even the calendar faces it

A bit the same as number 11, with men you can put up a sports illustrated swimsuit calendar without problem.  With women, well, see you in court!

13. Men are easier to motivate

Men are easier to motivate.  Remember that calendar in number 12?  That’s all you’ll need. Why do you think there’s so many posters of hot and partly naked babes in all those gyms? With women, there are purses or shoes or… the list is endless.

14. Easier to fit in

There’s no need to segregate men.  Put 20 men in a room for 5 and they’ll find a way to fit.  Put 20 women in a room for 5 and watch the catfight.

15. Finally

Men are MEN.  Nothing more needs to be said. Women are Wo+Men and we’re still wondering what the hell is the “Wo”.

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