Accident at Soreze Paille – An Innodis Truck Kills Two

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A tragic accident was reported on the highway at Soreze this Saturday afternoon, the 31st March of 2012 in front of the Indian Oil Filling station, not very far from Pailles which is a common place for such accidents.

Accident at Soreze Paille Mauritius

Photo by Jason

The collision occurred between a company truck and two other vehicles namely a van and a car causing two deaths and five injured among whom one is in a critical condition. The critical case has been conveyed to Apollo Bramwell at Moka whereas the others were transported to Victoria Hospital at Candos. The company truck of Innodis transporting Prodigal’s products, heading to Port Louis, is said to have skidded before ending its path on the other side of the road leading to Reduit thus crashing into the van and then the car.

Accident at Paille Mauritius

The accident provoked a serious traffic standstill on both sides of the road as the police and the fire-fighters were still busy with the aftermath of the incident. Owing to a dense traffic jam, the police has had to open the third lane of the motorway. The police inspector, Ashock Mathar of the Traffic Branch of Police, who spoke on Radio Plus at around 13:30 pm, invites motorists who have reached Reduit to go through Beau Bassin or Les Marriannes.  He also invites them to undertake the old road which links the Belle-Rose road to that of Rose-Hill to go to Port Louis because both sides of the motorway are blocked completely with police officers, firemen services, journalists, members of the public and some traffic branch officers.

The real circumstances of the accident are still being studied by the officials and till now, fresh updates received on Radio Plus reveals that the brakes of the truck had failed. The victims include Jerry Augustin, a 19- year old boy from Rodrigues and Clifford Lascari, a 44 years old man residing at Roche Bois. The Post Mortem is actually being carried out at Victoria Hospital. The injured victims constitute the Bunomally family and a man named Deepak who is actually in a serious condition at Apollo Bramwell Hospital.

The Sergeant, Marlene Moonsamy, reveals to Radio Plus at 17:00 that there is still dense traffic congestion and currently the fire-fighters are washing the road as there are loads of boxes of frozen products and frozen chicken spilled out mostly everywhere on the road.

Some hours ago, a key witness shares his mortifying ordeals to Radio Plus whereby he relates that the driver was already aware of the brake failure much before the accident happened and was wheeling at the slowest speed possible to avoid any mishap. Unfortunately, it was heading towards Port Louis which is a descent coupled with the fact that all those containers, boxers and other products at the back of the truck increased the weight upon the vehicle resulting in its inability to balance the vehicle at the bend and the truck violently reached the other side of the road.

Again, the Sergeant assures the population that the motorway will be cleared completely in one hour. All the obstructions have been removed from the road and the only thing that is left to do is the thorough cleaning of the road in which the firemen have engaged themselves into. The vehicles are inching at a very slow speed and the drivers are asked to bear with the authorities due to the enormous work needed to be done in order to avoid any other accidents during the night. The sergeant also reveals that the police would be guarding the motorway 24 hour round the clock until Monday. The population is asked to take note of the following activities:

  • Sunday, 1st April 2012- Road markings which have been erased during the cleaning of the road would be in process.
  • Monday, 2nd of April 2012- Guard Rails and the cementing of road panels would be carried out after peak hours.

In the meantime, the impatient drivers have complained mostly about the lack of communication and also about the diversion being dangerous.

The problem may intensify when the concert at Swami Vivekananda, Pailles is taken into consideration which will take place shortly. The people who wish to attend the concert are requested to listen constantly to the radio for any fresh updates and in the meanwhile they are asked to make avail of the A1 route and Grande-Riviere road. They are warned to strictly avoid the highway at Soreze. However, they can return to their home after the concert via the motorway as by then the roads would be opened.

Most importantly, the public is asked to drive carefully.

7 Responses to “Accident at Soreze Paille – An Innodis Truck Kills Two”

  1. Monotheist on

    It seems that the fellow knew about the brake failure and instead of phoning police, he phoned his mechanic !!!
    If he phoned police, they could have blocked traffic to avoide loss of human lives.

  2. Jay Rustig on

    Contracteur ine prend kass and zot ine faire ene rchemin / diversion ki dan bez… kuma zot kapav imaziner ki ene lotto ki p roule 110kph, vine ene sel koute lor 40kph kot ene hugh curve?!!!

  3. veer on

    I was astonished to see how the Police force of Mauritius works…i don’t generalised the matter…!!Accident occur nearly about 12:30PM….4PM still MEGA traffic jam on both lanes!!!Police officers were just “Kas pose”.The police force is not the only one to be blamed…but also the contractor. The way the diversion has been made is just not to the norm…the curve does not respect the speed…they wanted to reduce the speed DRASTICALLY but to there information…they reduces 2 lifes??which means 2 families will suffer from this event in addition the families of the other 5 as well. It’s not the first time that these areas are witnessing such dramatic events…still the personS concerned has not yet reacted….few years back when the NTC bus crashed lead paralysis of the whole motorway, endangered several lifes…today…the event repeats!!!!!!
    The road surfacing program will remain just a DREAM…can you imagine driving on a MOTORWAY…with holes YES HOLES all along the area of Pailles on the road!!!
    Contractors bid big prices for road surfacing still the quality of work is poor than expected!!!
    Where are we going finally???


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