Afghanistan War: 2000 US Troops Killed and 1000 More To Come – [Satire]

On September 11 2001, 2,977 people were killed following a well coordinated terrorist attack on the United States of America. 9/11 needs no introduction unless you were born in the past few years. Two weeks ago, the Pentagon released an official stats: The death count of US soldiers in Afghanistan which just went past 2000 on September 27th 2012!

American Troops in AfghanistanThat’s only 977 short of matching the death count of 9/11. Amazing isn’t it? Bush and Obama must surely find it awesome and is there anyone here who still remember the famous Obama promise of: Ending the war in Afghanistan?

We’re already in 2012, and Obama is ready for his re-election campaign, but the war in Afghanistan continues. Adding to it, the death count of US troops increases every day. Let’s head back to 2001 to understand this politically correct game.

Back in 2001, on that awful day of 9/11, everyone was in a state of shock. Of course, they had two of their most prestigious buildings, the World Trade Centers, smacked down by hijacked airplanes converted into flying bombs (spiced with human flesh). In less than one hour, another flying bomb crashed right into the Pentagon: the symbol of the US Military Power.

Every American asked for justice and even people in many other countries were shocked and angry (except those in Palestine and other less evolved countries). But no one knew how to retaliate. Among the crowd, one man named G. Bush with an exceptional vision came up with the perfect plan: War against Terror.

Unfortunately he was also the President of the United States. His plan?

Killing the same number of Americans a second time, but spread over several years, and in a faraway land called Afghanistan. Oh yea, it was his plan for retaliation.

Now that the US death count has reached over 2000 in Afghanistan (And yes, add the 4,409 killed in Iraq), Obama is fully set to keep up the legacy of the former President. Even though he promised to end the war in Afghanistan, the fear of “coming home before hitting the 3000 death counts has deterred him.

So Obama, keep it strong man. Keep sending fresh “surges” of US soldiers, all eligible to be killed.

Sincerely, from an observer in a very faraway island.

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