Theist, Deist, Atheist, Agnostic – Who is who and why?

Are you a theist, deist, atheist or agnostic? When it comes to belief—or the lack thereof—there are more deities and creation stories than you could shake a stick at. (I’ve been dying to use that expression today.) Because each and every belief is important to those who actively participate in the practice, society has felt it appropriate to formally recognize most mainstream thought processes by granting them titles.

where is god

When you say the word “Catholic,” for example, most people have a decent idea of what the belief system is; however, when you hear the words “Theist, Deist,Athiest, Agnostic,” do you know what they truly believe or are you going on what you’ve heard?

Here’s some clarity for those of you who are still curious.

What is Theist?

A Theist is a person who believes in Theism; that is, the belief that at least one deity exists.  Who or what that deity is seems up for grabs. Theists tend to believe that something omnipotent is out there, watching over the universe and keeping things in balance. In fact, most traditional religions can fall into this category, which is further broken down into “monotheism,” the belief in only one Supreme Being.

What is Deism?

Deism takes the Theism philosophy and goes a step further. Deists believe that, through the process of rationalization, it only makes sense that the universe and the world was the product of a creator.  These individuals feel that whatever is watching over the universe is completely hands-off, and that there are no miracles and no paranormal events that can be chalked up to interference from the Great Beyond.  Deists feel that God (or whatever name you’d like to call Him/Her by) made the universe to be completely self-sufficient.

Who is an Atheist?

This is the most common term thrown around, and most people feel that Atheists are the arch enemy of Christians and the whole of the religious population. In reality, Atheists believe specifically that no deities exist.

Theist Deist Atheist Agnostic

They are the exact opposites in theory to those who believe in Theism.  Atheists reject the ideas of all things paranormal, believing science can explain everything in the universe. Like many of their religious counterparts, however, Atheists can be somewhat zealous when it comes to their “non-belief” system, often feeling it is some war of principle they must win against the religious.

And the Agnostic

Agnostics are often lumped into the same group as Atheists, though this is very incorrect. Agnostics, according to the core beliefs in this system, feel that it is impossible to know if there is a God or not, and therefore they choose to believe in the possibility of both.  Agnostics are similar to Atheists because they feel proof is important, but they are just as open to the idea of a God should proof ever come about.

What this means for you?

We no longer live in a world where information is hard to come by. If you need to learn about something new, you just open up your laptop and search for it on the Internet. Because of this, the Age of Knowledge has made it so that young adults are faced with a decision about what they believe, regardless of how they were raised.

While your parents’ beliefs are a strong influencer of your own beliefs, the bottom line with any religion or non-religion, is that you must one day make an educated decision about your personal faith. And by educated, that means you can’t bash Christianity until you read the Bible. That’s right, you heard me. Think Hinduism is a joke? Have you read the holy Gita?

When the time comes—and it will come—make sure your lifestyle choice is an educated one. Time to share your opinion now, are you a Theist, Deist, Atheist or an Agnostic? Leave a comment if you want to say something about your belief or vote down.

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15 Responses to “Theist, Deist, Atheist, Agnostic – Who is who and why?”

  1. Mikael on

    To NOT being able to see the existence of God is to be spiritually blind. Just like I don’t ask a blind man to paint my home, I don’t ask a spiritually blind person to guide me in life.

    God is evident in everything in creation. I was myself an atheist for about 20 years until I began to realize that everything is so evidently created that I became a deist.

    The cartoon with the atheists being the supreme human being is right in only one way: How the misguided and often permanently spiritually blind atheists see THEMSELVES.

    Seeing God gives you humility, a word that most atehists don’t even know the meaning of…

  2. Ajay R RAMJATAN on

    A little precision. Theist and Atheist come in two flavours.

    Being a theist or an atheist is believing in the existence of a god or deities or not.
    Gnosticism is claiming whether the belief is true.

    Gnostic Theist – Believes in the existence of a god or deities and claims that this is true.
    Agnostic Theist – Believes in the existence of a god or deities but does not claim that the existence is true.

    Gnostic Atheist – Does not believe in the existence of a god or deities and claims that they don’t exist.
    Agnostic Atheist – Does not believe in the existence of a god or deities but does not claim that their belief is fact either.

  3. NITA on

    to answer your question where is god god is in your heart it must be a genious as god who created this earth these planets ,animals, trees plants ,sea, water , only one god krishna

  4. A A on

    Thank you man for writing this new post based on my suggestion…

    Well, I am an Agnostic since 7 years, I studied all beliefs of course, I was interested in Deism, but I prefer to be Agnostic. An Agnostic does not only doubt about the existence of a God, but also science. For example, science is something which will continue to evolve, take example of the Big Bang theory, which has been contradicted recently that it was not an explosion like we used to believe before. In addition, even Evolution has controversies. Something which has huge evidence does not mean it is fully perfect. Dark energy was something pseudoscience before, now scientific. Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku believe in other dimensions, but we don;’t have evidence yet that other universes exist. I can list many many many scientific claims here…

    As an Agnostic, as I don’t know the real truth, why should I care? Why should I believe in something which I don’t have proof? Why should I have faith on something unproven? I will just simply say “I don’t know!”…I remain skeptic..oh yes, I am also a paranormal, conspiracy, mystery and UFO researcher since 7 years…

    Thank for the article…

  5. Leea on

    Well, I am an atheist and I’m proud to be free from any kind of religion created by mere human beings just to control others. You don’t need to be religious or spiritual to have moral values. I know religious people might be furious, I was too when I used to be religious until the day I realized that I used to pray but there was nobody out there to hear my prayers and Gods and goddesses are only legends…

  6. Pramod on

    Well, I cannot decide between theist and deist, I guess I am a combination of Theist and Deist. :)

    Simply cause I do believe in God and his different forms, I also believe that the same God made this world self-sufficient. However there is a time He sends prophets or his Avatars to maintain that balance.

    Well I do believe in Religion cause I have been brought up that way, and the way I have been taught about Religion I have found it really meaningful. As I read the Bhagavad Gita today, I do find a very profound meaning, the principles of life that keeps this universe alive.

    It also taught me that death is not the end, it makes us accept death as a part of life, not the end of it.

    Well I would just like to say my theistic or deistic beliefs have taught me a lot and helped me in different situations in life.

  7. A A on

    Hi, I don’t see the poll. How to vote when it is not available? By the way, can I suggest you to write an article based on Atheism, Deism, Agnosticism, Theism and other beliefs? Thank!


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