Breakup of MMM and MSM Alliance – Berenger Keeps ZigZagging

The MMM (Mouvement Militant Mauricien) and the MSM (Mouvement Socialiste Mauricien) are on the verge of a divorce after just a few months of union. After having lured the former president of the republic of Mauritius, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, to resign from his post and jump in the political arena at the age of 82, now there is a very high  possibility of Paul Berenger  leaving the veteran’s politician hand mid-way and join his old enemy’s camp, the Labour party after 17 years of separation.

While Mauritians are having to bear with an overdose of these political cinema and rotten election-winning tactics, divorce and unions between these three major parties, critics have been pouring heavily towards the MMM. All the concern is about the creation of a second republic.

The MMM fully supports the labour party in this quest. (Related article: Hidden Agenda of MMM with PTR)

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Sir Aneerood Jugnauth has already tagged the second republic as “The republic, the Idi Amin Dada’s way” with reference to the Uganda’s dictator. Pravind Jugnauth, on the other hand has been criticizing the “zigzagging” nature of the MMM.  Paul Berenger who has asked for a “cooling-off period” before announcing his decision spoke about a civilized break up.

After a much hyped relationship between these two parties with great dreams of the 2000 remake and great talks for 2015 have all bonds been severed and the prospects of an alliance in the future elctions cool down? Has Paul Berenger realized that this alliance does not hold water now than it was in  2000?

We are now heading toward the remake of 1995 where PTR and MMM had formed an alliance and won the elections but parted ways again after some years. After 17 years, will history repeat itself?

Who is the villain?

paul berenger

All fingers are pointing towards Paul Berenger.

“They use you and throw you.” Eric Guimbeau said to the members of the MSM party, also telling them to bear the consequences now. Criticising the MMM, he asked the latter to clarify the current situation with the MSM before venturing into a new alliance.

A member of Lalit, Ram Seegobin regarded this as a “travesty”. He claimed that no temporary political leaders can change the electoral system in Mauritius.

Raj Meetharban, of l’express talked about the weaknesses of the labour party in 2015, the ambitions of the MMM and the latter ability to compromise to reach their goals

Shaffick Osman quipped about the unfair way Paul Berenger is leaving his partner to join the Labour Party ultimately.

Hidden Agenda of Paul Berenger?

All these seem to be a political tactic to eliminate Sir Aneerood Jugnauth from the post of president and ultimately make the way clear for the creation of a second republic. With the quest for power in everyone’s mind every mean is plausible to achieve the goal.

The crumbling of an empire?

With the smallest electorate, the MSM is supposedly the richest political party of the country. With an inexperienced warrior like Pravind Jugnauth at the command, to reinforce the party the father Sir Aneerood Jugnauth was forced out of retirement and obliged to return to the battlefield to save the ruined political career of his son.

While Paul Berenger has been the brain behind all this, if there is a divorce between the two parties now, in the coming years the MSM will more likely be weakened and pale into insignificance.

But right now we have a question…

What do you think is the real game of Paul Berenger and how do you as a Mauritian feel about the way this “aspiring leader” keeps “zigzagging” toward his political ambitions?

Dev Sharma

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