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5 Dumbest Halloween Ideas For Certified Mad Couples

Mad Halloween Couple

Each and every year, more commercialism and candy find their ways into the once revered autumn harvest celebration that we now call Halloween. This holiday actually began as a pagan harvest ritual that thanked the Earth for her blessings. It was called Samhain (pronounced SAW-wehn, from the Lithuanian Gaelic or some such ancient-ass language nobody… Read more »

The Real Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

safe children halloween costumes

Yes, joking about Halloween and staying safe from ghosts, goblins, witches, zombies, and demons is all in good fun, but when it comes to this October holiday, there really are some safety issues parents and children should be aware of. So after my satire and funny article last Friday, here’s one which you need to… Read more »

The Halloween-Lovers Guide to Safety & Zombie Evasion Tactics


Halloween is almost here. More specifically, Halloween night is almost here. As a night known for its tomfoolery and mischief, it’s important to know how to be safe while roaming the neighborhood. Remember, there are a host of undesirables walking the streets on this particular night, and you need to make sure you are up… Read more »

Halloween Celebration History and Origin Explained

scary halloween wallpaper

Wondering about the history and origin of Halloween? Join us as we investigate it. Halloween, or the celebration which eventually came to be known as Halloween, originated more than 2,000 years ago in the land of the Celts. During that time, November 1st was known as a day of celebration; the Celtic tribes would gather and… Read more »

Top 15 Unique Halloween Costumes for Dogs


It’s the Halloween season. How do you know? Your dog seems to be suddenly on edge, watching and waiting for that moment when the house is suddenly under assault from tiny people dressed in horrifying apparel. He doesn’t want to just run out there and scare them away; on the contrary, they are scarier to… Read more »

Top 20 Original Halloween Costumes for Kids 2012

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2012

Halloween is fun for adults; the night can be spent with friends in fun costumes listening to loud music or can be spent getting children ready for a safe adventure. As parents, adults sometimes forget just what it means to dress up as a kid! For kids, it’s not just about have the absolute best… Read more »

Cheap But Cute Plus Sized Halloween Costumes 2012 For Women

Here’s this year’s best selling cheap (but still cute) plus sized Halloween costumes for women. Who said that being big is not beautiful? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So flaunt those hot and nasty curves on your body for this Halloween. Have your pick.

Original Halloween Costume Ideas 2012 for Couples


Halloween is funnier to celebrate among couples. We have here, handpicked from over 150 Halloween costumes for couples, 10 of the best pairs for this year’s celebration. Whether it’s going to be between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or two partners, it’s funnier for both of you to wear a Halloween costume which complements each… Read more »

Original and Top Halloween Costumes For Women 2012


Why must only kids have all the fun? We know how women are picky and that’s the worst case when it comes to choosing the best Halloween costume. Collected here from all our partner’s online shops and from a list of over 420 women Halloween costumes, the 13 best and original Halloween 2012 costumes for you… Read more »

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