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The Forbidden Love – Part 1 of 2

Walking in the dark

The moon rose higher beneath the blanket that the night provided.  The rivers splashing coldly and the trees swaying in the winter breeze. The moon moved on its arc in the sky, time clicked on but I was standstill, I had no purpose of being there in the darkness, alone yet valiant. Roaming by the… Read more »

Picsou’s Butter Cake Recipe – Mauritian Style

Recipe book

Winter has well and truly found its way to our small island. On these cold and windy days, I have no doubt every single one of you has, at some time, experienced a hankering for comfort food. It seems to me that during winter, the fragrance of chicken curry(cari poule) and the soft sounds of… Read more »

16 Modern New Year 2013 Wallpapers


Here is a collection of some of the best New Year wallpapers which you can freely download and use on your computer desktop. Some of these have been customized from licensed stock photos, and others are from various sources. The editing team of Island Crisis, and myself wish you all dear readers a very Happy New Year… Read more »

15 Best Thanksgiving Wallpapers 2012

Best Thanksgiving wallpaper

Thanksgiving 2012 is less than one month away and switching your pc wallpaper to a Thanksgiving one is advised. Indeed the festive season across the world is here so we collected and also re-crafted a list of some of the best Thanksgiving wallpapers for you. Don’t forget to share or even PIN these wallpapers if you… Read more »

Famous 50 Thanksgiving Quotes and Sayings

Happy Thanksgiving

Filling our inspiration category, here is a massive collection of 50 of the best Thanksgiving quotes and sayings which you can use in your blog posts, Thanksgiving wish cards, messages and anywhere they fit in. If you like this post, please bookmark us and share the page via your favorite social network. 

Random Acts of Kindness To Strangers


Most people who know me know I have a cynical side. I tend to get irritated with the general masses for stupidity, and I’d rather just hide in my house instead of go out and be forced to socialize. That being said, I’ll never turn my back on someone in need, and I do believe… Read more »

The 5 Greatest Movie Trilogies Of All Time

lord of the ring trilogy

Trilogies often end up being some of Hollywood’s top-grossing films. I can’t pin down exactly what it is about trilogies that are so appealing to the cinema going public, but it is clear that the Hollywood big wigs know they work and that’s why we see such an influx of big blockbuster trilogies every year…. Read more »

25 Creepy Halloween Wallpapers To Haunt Your PC

Halloween nears and it’s weird how time goes by really fast. We still remember last Halloween and it seems just like a few weeks ago. Yea time is..faster than us. Here are 25 new and spooky Halloween wallpapers selected specially for you to give that creepy look to your desktop PC as Halloween nears.

22 Very Funny Halloween Jokes For Everyone

Funny Halloween

Beside being scary and nasty, Halloween can also be funny. And adding two spoon full or sarcasm to it makes it even funnier. Get ready to make them die laughing, with these really funny one liner Halloween jokes.

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