Mauritius Elections 2014: This Election Calls for Strategic Voting

elections and voting

Generally, voting can be thought of as tradition-based, policy-based or strategic-based. Tradition-based voting is when we vote for a particular person, party or alliance simply because our parents, ancestors or ourselves have always voted for that person, party or alliance. We may not know the policies at stake in an election but we already know… Read more »

Abolishing Private Tuition For Primary School Kids in Mauritius

kid carrying big school bag

The debate has been on ever since can be remembered. Are private tuitions for primary-school-level kids detrimental or advantageous? Let us get those definitions down first. Primary school pupils take tuition at school, with the school teachers. There is a fixed number of days allowed for teachers to give tuition at school. Then, some parents… Read more »

Mixed Gender Schooling in Mauritius – Are You For or Against?

mixed gender colleges

Recently, the Mauritian Minister of Education spoke about the possible implementation of mixed gender schooling in Mauritius. He is of the opinion that such an environment, where males and females study together, is the ideal for the growth of the adults of tomorrow. A number of scholarly papers have been written up on this topic; you’d be… Read more »

The Iron Thieves of Mauritius


The Iron Thieves of Mauritius! – No, it’s not the title of a Hollywood movie, it’s about the true problem Mauritians are facing due to the so-called “Voleurs Feraille (Iron thieves)”. Iron stealing is a major issue facing us for nearly a decade now and the government has been closing their eyes on this matter… Read more »

Cyclone Edilson Mauritius Latest Updates and Trajectory

Cyclone Edilson Mauritius

Cyclone Edilson Mauritius Updates: Cyclone class 3 removed in Mauritius as from 13.30 6th February 2014. – A cyclone warning class one was issued by the Mauritius Meteorological Station at: 16:00 on, 4th February 2014. As usual, when a cyclone is potentially a direct threat to the Island, we’re here to provide the 24/7 updates. Bookmark the page… Read more »

Mauritius HSC Results 2014 and Laureates (Exams 2013)


After a long wait, finally, the much anticipated Mauritius HSC results 2013/2014 will be out today. The Minister of Education, Vasant Bunwaree, will hold a press conference together with the Director of the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES), Lucien Finette, to make an expose of the results, discussing the performance of the students. This will be… Read more »

Tablets for Form 4 Students in Mauritius – Is it really useful?

Sony Tablets

We’ve heard it all! Haven’t we?! Form 4 students in Mauritius are gonna be the happy owners of tablets, yayyy! For many, it must be a dream coming true. To finally possess that shiny tablet, which the parents somehow did not view as IMPORTANT to buy them! Come on, even three year old kids are being gifted tablets for… Read more »

Mauritius SC Results 2013 2014 Available


SC results 2013/2014 for Mauritius are available since today morning and representatives of all respective state/private colleges are requested to collect their result slips at the Mauritius Examination Syndicate (MES) office today between 13:00 to 14:00. The result slips are then to be distributed to the respective students today as from 15:00.   Photo via… Read more »

Mauritius SC and HSC Results 2013 / 2014 Dates


The dates for the much awaited Mauritius SC and HSC results 2013/2014 have been confirmed today by the Mauritius Examination Syndicate. 19780 students who went for the School Certificate exams last year will obtain their result slips on January 27th 2014 while those who went for the HSC exams last year will have their results… Read more »

Cavadee 2014 in Mauritius Photos


Here are some photos for the celebration of Cavadee in Mauritius this year. The photos were taken at Vacoas today morning. Please note that we’re loading only 20 photos per page so that we do not slow down the loading of this page. There are about 110 photos posted (total). To browse them all, use… Read more »

Cyclone Bejisa Mauritius Latest Updates and Trajectory


Here we are, with the first cyclone directly affecting Mauritius for season 2013-2014. (Latest Updates Further Below) – Cyclone Bejisa which was initially predicted to strike Mauritius island  has finally diverted its course and is aiming straight on neighbouring Reunion Island. The cyclone is expected to hit the Island in some hours. (January 2nd 2014 evening). Reunion… Read more »

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