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Mauritius Elections 2014: This Election Calls for Strategic Voting

elections and voting

Generally, voting can be thought of as tradition-based, policy-based or strategic-based. Tradition-based voting is when we vote for a particular person, party or alliance simply because our parents, ancestors or ourselves have always voted for that person, party or alliance. We may not know the policies at stake in an election but we already know… Read more »

Abolishing Private Tuition For Primary School Kids in Mauritius

kid carrying big school bag

The debate has been on ever since can be remembered. Are private tuitions for primary-school-level kids detrimental or advantageous? Let us get those definitions down first. Primary school pupils take tuition at school, with the school teachers. There is a fixed number of days allowed for teachers to give tuition at school. Then, some parents… Read more »

Mixed Gender Schooling in Mauritius – Are You For or Against?

mixed gender colleges

Recently, the Mauritian Minister of Education spoke about the possible implementation of mixed gender schooling in Mauritius. He is of the opinion that such an environment, where males and females study together, is the ideal for the growth of the adults of tomorrow. A number of scholarly papers have been written up on this topic; you’d be… Read more »

Weird Object (UFO?) Seen in Mauritian Night Sky


Unless we’re all so much on crack, dozens of our blog fans have reported seeing a weird bright object (ufo?) in the night sky of Mauritius today 29 September 2013 at around 21:00. UFO? Meteor shower? An Exploding Star? We don’t know, but according to many people (on our Fb fan page) who saw the… Read more »

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