Mauritius Elections 2014: This Election Calls for Strategic Voting

elections and voting

Generally, voting can be thought of as tradition-based, policy-based or strategic-based. Tradition-based voting is when we vote for a particular person, party or alliance simply because our parents, ancestors or ourselves have always voted for that person, party or alliance. We may not know the policies at stake in an election but we already know… Read more »

Mixed Gender Schooling in Mauritius – Are You For or Against?

mixed gender colleges

Recently, the Mauritian Minister of Education spoke about the possible implementation of mixed gender schooling in Mauritius. He is of the opinion that such an environment, where males and females study together, is the ideal for the growth of the adults of tomorrow. A number of scholarly papers have been written up on this topic; you’d be… Read more »

Do You Love or Hate Cyclones? Come And Tell Us Why

Cyclone funny image

There’s one thing that is so typical of us Mauritians – the moment we hear a cyclone is so much as approaching our island, we get all hopeful and excited. Hopeful that it actually hits Mauritius so that we have days off from school and work. Talking about being desperate for holidays, huh, lol. And,… Read more »

Why Thanksgiving is Stupid, Unhealthy and Turns You Into An Ass

Anti Thanksgiving

You know what dude, Thanksgiving is stupid and well, unhealthy too! Let me tell you why. The USA will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the 28th November 2013. For the happy flying dodos out there who don’t know about the festival, it’s a day to apparently be thankful (good!) and eat lot of turkeys (huh!). As a… Read more »

Religious People More Stupid Than Atheists? Read and Decide.

Am I stupid

Are religious people more stupid than atheists? While all of us have our own distinct level of stupidity, a new review recently published first in an academic journal and then highlighted by various newspapers (expect a few of the highbrow British ones as well), brings back into the limelight, the age-old debate of Embracing or Turning… Read more »

How Women Can Be As Strong As Most Men

woman warrior

Following the recent rape case of Jyoti Singh Pandey in Delhi, India, here is an article dedicated to all women but also “males” of the society. When I was growing up I had two older brothers who constantly tormented me but who also involved me in many sports and tough activities. I grew up knowing how… Read more »

Delhi Gang Rape 2012: Let’s Talk About Karma vs. Rape

Damini gangrape

Her name was Jyoti Singh Pandey. She was only 23, unmarried and full of dreams. They raped her and damaged her body beyond any chance of survival. She died on the 29th of December 2012. The real culprits: The Indian law for tolerating rapists in India!

The Idiot’s Notebook on Why Obama’s Re-election is WRONG

obama wins in 2012

Barack Obama has won the 2012 U.S Election and is in for yet another 4 years. The United States has picked a new Supreme Overlord—well, kinda. In actuality, the country just decided it didn’t like the idea of change, and like a girlfriend who is caught up in a mundane relationship, the United States just decided… Read more »

US Election 2012: Obama & Romney – Who is better for everyone?

Romney and Obama 2012

Obama or Romney as next U.S President? It’s a question the world should be concerned about and not just the U.S. Gone are the days when leaders were nominated for brave feats against enemies or honorable years of service to a struggling country. No one elects heroes as President anymore—at least not in the United… Read more »

End of the World 2012 in Two Months Time – Are You Ready?

Let’s say everyone’s worst fears have come true; the end of the world is coming in December and there’s not a darn thing that can be done to stop it. That’s right, you’re sitting in your living room right now wondering if you’ve done everything possible to stave off the horror that will encompass the… Read more »

Afghanistan War: 2000 US Troops Killed and 1000 More To Come – [Satire]

American Troops in Afghanistan

On September 11 2001, 2,977 people were killed following a well coordinated terrorist attack on the United States of America. 9/11 needs no introduction unless you were born in the past few years. Two weeks ago, the Pentagon released an official stats: The death count of US soldiers in Afghanistan which just went past 2000 on September… Read more »

Lance Armstrong A Doping Mastermind? Investigators Say Yes

Lance Armstrong doping

According to Reuters in New York, the United States Anti-Doping Agency investigation into allegations of Lance Armstrong’s using banned substances to enhance performance has proven not only his guilt but his being the mastermind of the whole operation.  The scheme as described by the USADA shows an elaborate system of doping never before seen in the… Read more »

Does “High-Tech” really makes life easier?

technology hand

Type out “high-tech” on google and you’ll get a plethora of gadgets, appliances, schools, ammunition, shoes, clothes, practically everything under the sun.  In fact, you’ll get almost 2 billion (yes, that’s with a B) results.

Theist, Deist, Atheist, Agnostic – Who is who and why?

where is god

Are you a theist, deist, atheist or agnostic? When it comes to belief—or the lack thereof—there are more deities and creation stories than you could shake a stick at. (I’ve been dying to use that expression today.) Because each and every belief is important to those who actively participate in the practice, society has felt… Read more »

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