What Happens When You Stand In Front of a Microwave Oven Which Is On?


Ever wondered if it’s dangerous to stand in front of an operating microwave oven? Microwave ovens involve a certain risk of catching the radiation; for instance, some people argue that standing in front of it while it is cooking food is dangerous because some of the microwaves leak through. However, no definite evidence exists. Microwave… Read more »

How Do We Fall Asleep Without Knowing? Explained!


How do we fall asleep and that’s too without knowing? Do we even have the answer to this question? Scientists have outlined processes of the brain preceding sleep, as well as the brain activities during sleep. The brain is subject to a number of changes that allow us to be gradually sucked into the sleep-oblivion. Have… Read more »

What is Stevia and what are its benefits and Health Concerns


Stevia has been hailed as one of the best alternatives to sugar. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar, and has practically no calorie. However, some studies have also raised concerns as to its use: it might be detrimental for people who take certain medications as it may interfere with the latter. What is stevia… Read more »

What Is The Age of the Earth Accepted by Most Scientists Today

Age of the earth

The age of the Earth is a highly controversial topic: is it 4000 years old or 4.5 billion years old? Broadly speaking, people are separated into two groups: scientists and creationists. Apart from this, we have yet others who fall somewhere in between the two extremes. The two major groups differ regarding the age of… Read more »

Are Twins Really Clones of Each Other?

identical twins

Are twins really clones of each other? What makes of identical twins the mirror and DNA images of each other? This intimate link that binds them is formed right into the mother’s body – well before birth and a little while after conception. How a twins are conceived? For a baby to be conceived, the… Read more »

Eye Floaters and Spots in Your Vision Explained


What are eye floaters? Or have you been wondering if you’re a normal guy/girl to see floating spots in your vision from time to time? The eyes constitute one of the most amazing organs we have been endowed with. Through them, we perceive objects all around us; through them, we come from darkness to light…. Read more »

Was the Antarctica ever ice free or warm?

Antarctica now

Was the Antartica ever ice free or warm? Antarctica is currently the coldest continent on Earth, with few animal species. However, centuries ago, it was flourishing with life. Of the main reasons for this disparity that evolved over time is that it was not always at the south pole. In fact, the continents spanning across… Read more »

How Is A Wormhole Different From A Blackhole?

a blackhole

What are wormholes and blackholes? Are they the same, or not, both being attributed to space-life? They both do sound like something from sci-fi movies. Let us leave behind fantasy and fiction, and get to understand what distinguishes one from another in the light of what science has to say. Getting the definitions right A… Read more »

What is a Wormhole in Astronomy? – Fact Or Fiction?


A wormhole, also known as Einstein-Rosen bridge, has been theorised to be a sort of tunnel in spacetime – a passage leading from one point to another, across space and time. There is no evidence of its existence whatsoever; you’ll sure find its mention made in science-fiction movies. It is a hypothesis formulated by Albert… Read more »

Parasite In Cat’s Poop As Cancer Vaccine? Scientists Explore!


Nowadays, scientists have a new motto which goes along the following: “anything to beat cancer cells”! If a cat parasite found in cat’s poop is what does the job, so be it! The parasite Toxoplasma gondii is common in the alimentary canal of felines. It is mostly harmless to humans. However, those people with compromised… Read more »

Tiny Hybernating Frog Could Help Astronauts Travel Longer In Space

burrowing frog of help to astronauts

The frog, Cyclorana alboguttata, having the ability to keep its muscles intact during long periods of hibernation could be used to aid astronauts in space to deal with the absence of gravity which causes a number of health problems entailing muscles and other systems. Man and space exploration Man’s ambition to try to conquer the world has… Read more »

Stingless Brazilian Bees Communicate Using A ‘Shout’


A species of bees, the Trigona spinipes, have demonstrated a newly-discovered method of communication – the shouting method. They use this method to alert other bees of the same species of the location of their food source. The emission of pheromones represents the ‘shout’ which keeps competitors, known as eavesdroppers, away from their food. Humans… Read more »

Obesity Caused By Lack of Exercise Than Overeating


Obesity is more likely to be caused by a lack of daily exercise than overeating according to some new scientific studies involving many obese persons. Obesity is one of the characteristic ills of our modern societies. Who and what is to blame? Hectic lifestyle, sedentariness at work, watching too much TV, overeating, you name it…. Read more »

Health Benefits of The Date Fruit

benefits of dates

The date fruit, staple food in the Arab world, is known for its great benefits to health. A number of studies have been made to show its importance and invaluable effects on the human body. Its production has witnessed huge increases over the years, as more and more people began including it in their diet…. Read more »

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