Have you eaten at Chickentos? Seriously It Smells Bad!

Have you eaten at Chickentos (Rose Hill)? No? Then keep reading and if yes, I invite you to share your awesome and awful experience by commenting after reading this post. Eating at Chickentos was probably the worst decision I took today. I have never been there before, but I noticed the spot on several occasions while driving through Rose Hill.

chickentos mauritius

So today evening, on my way back home I had to drive through the Rose Hill bus terminal and noticed the fancy spot: Chickentos. I said, if this old piece of crap is still in the business, then maybe people must be buying the products and it’s worth a try.

That’s was a bad idea!

To be on the safe side, I bought a chicken large piece and a rounder for Rs 130 (Rs 45 for the crappy chicken piece and Rs 85 for the so called rounder). Let’s start..eating.

The chicken large piece: A piece of poorly cooked chicken with an horrible burnt oil smell! And I can bet that the chicken meat was cooked hours ago and had a nice trip into the microwave oven before being delivered. In brief, for the price of Rs 45 (compared to a KFC piece at Rs49), it’s not worth it and even the dogs will refuse to eat this thing. I can certainly say so, since I brought it home for the dogs and both of my adorable beasts smelled and left it there. I don’t know if I need to play the loto since it’s the first time that my dogs refused chicken meat!

And now the famous Chickentos Rounder: Seriously? It’s more like 2 Cuisto or Dewfresh burgers dipped in some breadcrumbs sauce. The cheap rounder being sold at Pick and Pay during lunch time is 10 times much better than this thing. For Rs 85, that’s called rape.

I eventually ate the rounder though, even if it was tasteless. I had to, since I bought it. But, there’s no way I’m going at Chickentos again. It simply sucks.

If their management comes across this post, here’s an advice: Don’t sell rotten food and still expect to have a flourishing business.

3 Responses to “Have you eaten at Chickentos? Seriously It Smells Bad!”

  1. Ravi on

    Chickentos? Li encore ouvert meme sa zafaire la? Mo ti aster 1 fois et ti mari dans beze. Se ki to pou cuit lacaze boucou plis bon.

  2. Muzzammil on

    I just found this when google’ing
    I went like LOL about adding the second line after “it taste great” and seriously , don’t these people think much about the quality of food they provide keeping aside the aim of making profit? YOu ought to had asked them to have a bite XD and the price of the large piece which wasn’t even worth it -‘, it was way better you had gone for a round at kfc, your doggies have great taste (Y)< Find a better spot next time 😛


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