Cyber Tower 1 Food Court: Dangerous Place To Eat in Ebene

BPML, Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd, was the first ever cyber Tower to open in Ebène but is the last place I would recommend someone to go for lunch. Without being rude, the ground floor cafeteria is a real health hazard sector. It’s a NO-GO spot!

Here we are talking about serious health hazards, like food poisoning, unwanted creatures in our meal. Yea “creatures” from worms to cockroach legs! 

Ebene Cyber tower food court

I know many people who got sick when they consumed food from that cafeteria. Despite that, there are still many people who have their lunch at BPML cafeteria. Is it because they are too lazy to walk a bit and go to Intermart foodcourt? Even so, there are other alternatives. Farata and Dhol Puri are widely available all around Ebene.

Some of the health hazard cases are:

  • People got poisoned while consuming some rotten Panini. Seriously, how can Panini, a freshly made bread, be rotten? (January 2012)
  • Cockroach legs in noodle! (2011)
  • One of my friend even got a little supplement in his “boulettes”. A creeping supplement with some quite exquisite taste and I am talking about worms in boulettes. (December 2011)
  • This third incident happened to me last week. I went to buy “Pudding mais” (which cost Rs25) and what did I get? A deep yellowish pudding, with fungus on the edges.

And just guess what they told me when I reported about this issue?

They said that the pudding was freshly prepared and that it is not at all rotten. According to these people, having fungus on a pudding is apparently NORMAL.

Finally, they agreed to exchange it and gave me a Yoghurt, after a long argument. Now, if really it was prepared on the same day that it was being sold, how come it got suddenly rotten? So, why doesn’t the puddings being sold in Port-Louis and all around the Island rot that fast?

Cyber Tower 1 Food Court, that’s a NO-GO for me. And if your health is of major concerned to you, avoid this place and share the word with all your friends. We’re going to send this link to the concerned authorities and will update if ever they reply back to us with a valid explanation.

8 Responses to “Cyber Tower 1 Food Court: Dangerous Place To Eat in Ebene”

    • Kurt Avish on

      Nope. A petition is currently being addressed to many employees working in this building. Political backing plays a big role in maintaining the wrong group at the right place in this country.

  1. syed aamir adeeb on

    first of all we human being we should to knw that never meet stranger’s if you r going any were then as group ‘they aimmy girl there punishment is not here ‘at judgement day they will be burned in hell’it ‘s bad but we should to know that devil is our inside he ‘s hidden try to wed before 20 and love only 1 r 2 wive’s she’s ur heart us soul

  2. kaz on

    Photographic evidence would’ve been nice. Anyone else is to come across cockroach legs in meals, please take your phone out & snapshot the taste


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