Euro 2012: The Vicious Act of Spain over Italy

Categorised as purely satire. This article is for fun only. Readers discretion is advised.

Breaking news: (Well.. broken): In an event applauded by millions of human around the planet Earth, the land mass of Italy was brutally raped by Spain. Sunday 1st July 2012 is a date which will be eternally engraved in the history of Italy. During the much-anticipated attack, the world watched the whole scene and yea, even NATO members did not deploy their marines to defend Italy and stop Spain in its vicious violation.

euro 2012 italy

For over 90 minutes, every human being around the planet ate pop corn and doughnuts (and fried worms in some poorer part of the world), while watching the giant Spanish Latin tube inside Italy’s tiny Latin hole. That was sad for some but fun for many.

According to recent reports, Italy suffered 4 forceful penetration in one single attack. As at now, Italy is hiding in its room with the door closed and shedding tears of pain from an inflamed sphincter muscles and a blanket over its face.

When questioned about this act, Spain offered no apologies and promised to do it again in 4 years. Threat? Yes Indeed. Whether Spain will be dependent on the pills to do it again or not is yet another question but right now a majority of Europeans are celebrating the vicious act of Spain over Italy.

And surely not because they appreciate the fact that Spain won, but ecstatic that Italy had its @$$ pummelled by another nation. When asked if Spain would consider looking after the child if Italy gets pregnant, Spain thought a moment and quietly walked away “Italy… who is Italy?”

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