Mauritius Flooding Again – Gokoola and North of Mauritius Affected

The flood strikes again in Mauritius on this Sunday 17th February 2013. The region of Gokoola (among others) in the North of the Island are facing heavy rainfall since the last few hours and many cases of flood have already been reported. According to the Mauritius Meteorological Station, we are to expect more heavy rainfall across the Island in the coming hours. A friend of our’s has shared some pictures of the resulting flood at Gokoola below.

Update 18 February 2013: No official torrential rain warning issued for Mauritius however the Ministry of Education recommends parents to NOT send their children to school for today. All educational institutions are however officially operating as usual for today.

Flood in Mauritius Gokoola Flood in Mauritius Gokoola Flood in Mauritius Gokoola Flood in Mauritius Gokoola flood-gokoola-mauritius4

If you have more photos, feel free to email us at [email protected] – Updates coming soon.

Video of Flood at Gokoola – By Tushal

Photos From L’Amitie – By Nandita Parvinee

Flood at Amitie Mauritius February 17 2013 flood-amitie-mauritius2 flood-amitie-mauritius3

7 Responses to “Mauritius Flooding Again – Gokoola and North of Mauritius Affected”

  1. Tushal on

    Suposer in faire canal tou sa pou pa gagne debordement. mais mo pa trouve canal la faire so travail. . zot faire 1 ti canal pistache pou seryer pa koner combien volume delo. . Toujour ban engineers mauricien c ban top. :)

    • Vishesh on

      Wai t enna raison, mais eski banes Mauritiens respecT sa banes canals la??? Kot t allE t truv bouteille plastics partout, tous seki zot gagne zot zette lor chemin… koumandre pena poubelle kot zot…. B li obvious ki sa banes canls la pu bouchE…

      • Girish on

        Gokoola drains en construction mais zot p range li petit, Lamitie pa sa fond la ek mo assure tw les habitants des ces 2 villages pa jette ordures par ici parla dn canals.koma souillac, c que xtra xtra gro la pli fine tomB dn Gokoola ek lamitie, bne canals ine fini rempli dn lamitie,so lerla line deborder dn village la, canals tabissement ki fautif !!!


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