Gay Marriage in Mauritius? It’s Their Right.

Gay Marriage in Mauritius, do you think it’s for the near future? We are not pro-gays and neither against them but we do believe that everyone has the right to have his own choice and live life the way he wants. The United States’ President, Barack Obama, made huge political and social waves last week by announcing he supports marriage between gay couples.

In a country supposedly based on freedom of beliefs, the announcement went over like a lead balloon on a calm day. Obviously there were supporters, and there were just as many people ready to march in the streets about it.

Historically, political figures have avoided committing to any side of one of the big arguments like abortion and gay marriage. The careers of politicians are dotted with efforts to appease both sides of controversies. They do, after all, want to get re-elected. This is also the case here in Mauritius lately with the debate about legalizing abortion in Mauritius.

Lesbian wedding

But back to the topic..

It’s not difficult to see why people support gay marriage; it’s the next evolutionary step in complete acceptance of people regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexuality. The opposing argument is a little more complicated, and almost always stems from a religious belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Some people who just don’t understand homosexuality think same-sex relationships are “gross”, but they probably aren’t as adamant about the marriage issue as are people who think gays will burn in hell.

Gay Marriage and Christianity

What I’m about to tell you will probably shatter everything you thought you knew about Christianity, and I apologize in advance for inciting your ire.

Despite common assumptions that marriage in Christianity has always been between a man and a woman, research into religious texts conducted by Yale University has revealed two separate rites in addition to heterosexual marriage. During the 10th and 11th centuries, the “Office of Same-Sex Union” and the “Order of Uniting Two Men” were common practices.

Homosexual marriage christianity

This is solidified by numerous drawings and paintings depicting men in marriage surrounded by the same ceremony and congregation as would have attended a traditional wedding. A painting from St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mt. Sinai in Israel depicts Christ overseeing two men in a marriage ceremony. The unions were not unique to one country or one people; religious records have been found of same-sex unions from Slavic nations, Byzantium nations, Wales, Ireland, Greece, and many others.  It is proof that the church’s view on marriage has been an evolving view, not one set in stone from the dawn of time.

President Obama’s announcement may make or break him when it comes time for re-election, but as the first African-American president, he is also the only politician ever in such a pivotal position to take a stance on a controversial subject. Regardless of whether you support or disapprove of gay marriage, there is something to be said for someone who can stand up in front of the world and voice his opinion—for good or for worse.

There will never be a complete acceptance of people for who they are, what they believe, or who they love, and this is most apparent in the United States, where people fled the persecution of other countries. Tolerance is the best we can hope for; acceptance is a long ways off.

10 Responses to “Gay Marriage in Mauritius? It’s Their Right.”

  1. Don't take crap on

    Pramod, you are so full of ****, get your facts right homophobic bustard.

    You seem like a clever guy, but you know nothing about homosexuals.

    You think that marriage is bond between a man and a woman is the right way, who are you to say that. Gay people have longer and happier relationship than a man and a woman. They are the nicest people you would ever meet. And who are you to dictake what’s against nature or not.

    There are many ways where same sex partners get have kids, ever heard of adoption, surrogacy, fostering. You say that marriage is all about creating new life and a family. What is really the definition of a family, a mum and a dad, or happiness??

    Who’s the mum and who’s the dad, seriously. There isn’t such a thing as who’s the mum and who’s the dad. It is an equally partnership, they both play the role of the mum and the dad. As long as the kids are happy and there is love in the household thats all that really matters.

    Religion: i still feel the same about it, not gonna follow it and not interested, to me all it does is cause devision and hatred to one another. I’m not going to sit here and believe everything that comes out a book.

    Now about Hindus: not long ago i watched a documentary about the most homophobic a countries in the world, but funny enough India wasn’t one of them, actually they were one of the most accepted countries on homosexuals, and they were all Hindus, ( how do i know that, because they said on the show that they were Hindus) so why is it in mauritius most of you are against it?

  2. 44kajal on

    I am not against gay marriages but each person has the rights to choose the one she/he want to spend their life with.If heterosexuel couple have the right to choose his/her partner why is this wrong for gay couple just because they are from the same sex . This is their choice and we have no rights to tell them what to do.It is not their fault that they were born this way.

  3. Pramod on

    @Kurt, you have seen this picture and came to the conclusion as others that Gay marriages are existent in Christianity. Well you said yourself, this is dated of the 10th century? Can you tell me how old is the bible?
    If you have read the bible, is there any place which justifies the union of the same sex?
    What you are talking about, is the civilization. And as you can see, it is a picture. It can have several interpretations. But can you please send me a link where there is the full story of these two saints? Or a book?
    The churches view have evolved… Alright… soooo if it has evolved, how far has this evolution brought a positive impact?
    Observe the trend… This same sex union did not exist earlier… it was then accepted by some civilizations since the 10th century… if it was something positive, why has it faded away? Kifer zot ine ban li? There might have been something in between which has banned Same Sex Marriages… Bizin ena ene raison non?
    Then the topic again came back in 2001 in Canada it was legalized. Well let’s see how many centuries will this hold. :)

      • Piya on

        You are telling me it is against the law of nature, but do u even realise that these people did not chose to be like this. It is by their NATURE. Ok… It is obvious if someone is a gay or lesbian, they will be attracted to each other. As for their marriage, do u know that in very very long ago, there was not much gays. Only in the Mahabharata, there was one. That’s why no sages created any ritual based on homosexual, because they thought that he reincarnated to take his revenge. That is why, there is no ritual as such which supports gay marriage. We tend to go by the flow of religion and traditions.

        You want to ask me what is love. Love which i’m going to describe is love which supports marriage, not between animals and man. For me love is a strong feeling/attraction which keeps to people bound together. I can guarantee you, that you don’t know exactly what is love. We say that love happens and not love is made, but how much importance do we give this statement? We believe in the reunion between male and female. Why? The reason is simple, as they can reproduce. Why is it so that two same people cannot feel this attraction? You are asking me if they can love each other. Of course they can. Some years ago, i went to UK, where i had gay friends. They were married in another religion mainly known as Paganism. They are still with each other. They love each other tremendously. On seeing them, i got very emotional.

        As for sex, it is a very sacred thing. Sex is mainly practised to reproduce. It has some other benefits as well. It reduces stress and it is a form of exercise. It is very sacred to the Divine itself. Whether you are having sex with your own type, it is sacred in some way. I know it is not right to have sex with the anus, but still they are homosexual and they enjoy. If you wanna say that sex should only be practised to reproduce, then you are wrong. If you are a hindu, you must probably know that the Lord Shiva Himself(in the Shivaligam form) is a representation of sexual energy.

        Yeah, i do go to marriages. I have also tried to visualize two females or males bride and bridegroom. I think that fine, as long as they know what they are doing and love each other. Marriage will never lose its meaning as there will always be union of both males and females.

        Open-mindedness means someone who is aware of the world and tries to adapt himself to it. In other words, open-minded means someone who is willing to accept different types of ideas and understand them.

        No, you are not sick. You are just confused what to accept and what to decline. You don’t understand the feelings of gays and lesbians, because you are not like them. That’s why you are not able to figure out, what you should believe and what not.

        • Pramod on

          Enfin, I dnt have much to say. Mne arrete discuter aster.
          Maybe u are right from your point of view. Et c vrai si gagne l’occasion pou conne ene dimoune ki en couple gay or lesbian, I would like to understand their true feelings behind.

          Btw you are right they are part of nature. If you see in india today there are many Hijras who are born like that and I do respect them. And they all existed since a long time. Enfin zis dans Mahabhaarat ine montrer ene sel mais mo pas croire ki ti ena moins. They had a different style of life which was pious at that time. That’s what I believe.

          But I don’t know whether they get married or they are supposed to have any sexual life or remain celibate. I need to learn more about it. If u can help me in case u know any sacred text that contains any information about it you let me know. :)

          Le fait que il y a des fois some people who are born normal get physically attracted to the same sex, and not emotionally. I do not see that emotional attachment. How can we turn that into marriage? Won’t it be an insult then? Enfin pas vraiment mo probleme mais bon.

          Well your definition of love is slightly different from mine. And I can say that no one can really define love exactly what it is. But as far as possible I have tried to keep it’s definition pure and not just an attraction. Cause an attraction can fade with time. But true love never fades. And when u say Attraction, I hope u are not saying physical but the attraction of one soul to the other. Enfin saken so façon de voir les choses. :)

          I would not say that sex should be practised to reproduce, because it will be like imposing. As u said the main purpose is for reproduction.
          And concerning sex being a good exercise or good to fight stress. I do not agree to it completely. I have tried to understand it from my point of view.
          Apply it to the logic: Example, if a 15 yr old kid is stressed with studies, does it mean sex would be a good way to relieve him from his stress? Or have sex with a 14 year old gf for a good exercise? What about someone who does not have a partner? Should he find a call girl? :s

          Sex relieve stress only for those who are sexually active. Those who have been addicted to it. Like a drug. Let’s look at someone who is a drug addict, if he does not get his dose, he will go mad. He will calm down only when he gets his dose. Similarly, a person who has tasted the pleasure of sex, would want it more and his mind won’t let him rest in peace until he has been able to satisfy that need.

          I believe stress is all in our mind, not in our body. The day we are able to control our own mind and thoughts, which in today’s world is really tough to do I agree, we will be able to control that stress as well.

          And as for exercise, mo pas tout à fait d’accord ek ça. C plitot during sex we sweat sometimes, or maybe the movement c ça ki faire exercise la. Enfin I believe that all this are simply excuses to have sex.

          If sex would have been a great stress reliever and a good exercise then all the prostitutes in this world would have been fot and stress free. 😛

          Mais bon that’s my own opinion. As far as possible I try to keep that sacred. Cause for me it is the source of life. The pleasure we get actually is a kind of magnet that lures us to indulge in sex, it makes the desire so strong that it encourages us to reproduce. Well I tried to look at it from nature’s point of view. Mais chaqu’un so façon de voir les choses.

          I am confused or not, only time can tell, if I am, that confusion will also clear with time as we experience more in this life. :)

  4. Pramod on

    Enfin tout est permis, fr ça si… ki ena?
    Mais one thing, all this is normally against the law of nature.
    Mais bon seki zot envie zot faire.
    Mais mo pas croire pou ena kite rituel pou fr dans culture indien.

    • Piya on

      You know what, u’re sick!!! It is not against the law of nature. If it was, then, love would not have arouse in homosexual. It’s u who believe that it is against the law of nature. And all people say that as if Mauritius is an independent country. I don’t think so. When people do not have the right to choose their sexual orientation, how can we say they are independent or democratic. I think we should be more open-minded in these types of subject, because u don’t know if tomorrow u’re child might be like this. Then what will u do? Before critisizing anyone see if u would like to be in their place-tolerating bullies all their life, fearing the world, having low self-confidence and so on… Don’t talk like this, they are super cool persons. Go and try to be friend with them, u’ll see how wonderful they are… I won’t say much and take your leave.

      • Pramod on

        Maybe you did not really understand the post, and you did not understand what I said.
        Did I say that I am against Gays ? -> No I am not against Gays.
        In fact I am not against anything… All I did was post my opinion lady…
        And my statement, did you even try to ask why I said that it is against the nature?
        Do you know and understand the meaning and purpose of marriage?
        Ok your first point, you just talked about love…
        Define love… give me your definition of love? Can you guarantee me that those guys who are in “love” with each other is completely about feelings and nothing physical or sexual? Don’t you think that this feeling that you define as “love” comes from desires?

        Secondly, do you know the main purpose of sex? Eski ine faire zis pou gagne bon? Did you know that the main purpose of sex is the union of the male sperm cell with the female egg cell which then forms a life? A life, which then becomes a person like you and me… human… who are supposed to be part of the evolution and the welfare of humanity… that’s what I am talking about.

        Thirdly, Marriage… ok tell me yourself… have you attended and followed a marriage ceremony oubien ine zis alle mange gato oubien Kachu puri, briyani? In a hindu, christian or muslim marriage… There is always a HUSBAND and a WIFE…. now can you just try and explain to me… when two person of the same sex get married, who will be referred to as the husband and who will be referred to as the wife? Who will be in front when taking the round of the fire? Who will be the begum? Who will be the bride and who will be the bridegroom? Did you ever think about that… all marriages are performed as per tradition… Eski ena kite mention dans nous bannes livres kote ena husband and husband, if you have ever read even one book. Lote coute to alle dans ene marriage, dans place bride et bridegroom la essaye visualise deux tifis oubien deux garçons p maryer… et lerla to guetter toem… Mo demande moem prête la ki pou dire ladans? :S

        And Forth, the purpose of marriage… do you understand what is the purpose of marriage? In a marriage, there forms a relationship… where there is a husband and a wife. Why do you think they are called husband and wife? Why do you think they get married? Aller dire moi toem toi kifr to pou maryer demain?
        Well my purpose of marriage is to have a family as defined by our holy books and tradition. Btw marriage is not a licence to have sex as much as we want hein. Marriage forms a family where the husband and wife have their duties. They love each other, they get together and create a life. Their child. Who they will raise to make a better person. To teach him his purpose in life… his duties. And when he grows up, he is supposed to get married and have a family. Soooo I am just asking myself, if two person of the same sex get married, how will they have a family? Who will be bearing the child, and how will they be doing so? Okay… even if tomorrow they get a child, I dnt know how… so do you know that a child needs both a mother and a father? Who will be doing the role of a father and who will be doing the role of a mother?

        Don’t you think that in that case marriage will really lose it’s meaning? Marriage is not a joke lady…

        And lastly. I have never criticised any homosexual… I am not against them… I respect their choice… If tomorrow I know a friend who is les or gay, i will still respect his choice without hurting him. But marriage has no purpose here. If a gay or lesbian couple want to be with each other… so be it, you can stay together… As it is people are already living in concubinage without getting married… But please the word marriage is a sacred word and has a deep meaning… it’s not just the union of two bodies. It has a purpose. Well if they really wish to officialize their relationship… maybe they can just sign a bond… but I dnt think traditionally it hold any meaning. I have nothing against two people of the same sex being in a relationship together… but here, the word marriage will simply lose it’s purpose as per defined originally.

        Bonus question: Define, open mindedness? Is it simply focusing only on what’s going on on the present day what you call being modern and we accept them as they come… or along with living in the present, we also allow ourselves to take a look at the past traditions and knowing about them before talking anything against them?
        Between me and you, sooo am I really sick? Or crazy? Yeah maybe I am sick… sick of this healthy “modern” society… Still I am living :)


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