Where is the human soul located? They found it!

Scientists have apparently found out where the human soul is located in the body! Yes we are serious. The human soul, does it really exist? Opinions differ, believers will say yes while others will refute it. However, we need people whom we sometimes  dub as “experts” to come out with some pretty bizarre claims, and it’s not until others in the field call their bluff that things really start to make sense.

Soul leaving the body

Point in case is that of a recent Yale University study that claims to have discovered the location of “self”, defined by them as the human soul, apparently somewhere near the eyes.

How to find the location of the soul?

This conclusion was reached after funded—yes, the public paid for this study through blood, sweat and tears—investigations of adults’ and children’s perception of where the soul was when shown images of cartoon characters.  An object was placed on the image at various heights but always at a constant distance.

All volunteers were asked to define the point where the object was closest to the soul. Almost all of the adults picked the moment when the object was near the eyes. Children, usually around the age of four in the study, were torn between selecting when the marker was near the eyes or the head.

Humans are born with an innate knowledge of where something’s consciousness is!

In some of the pictures, the eyes were located on other areas of the body, separate from the brain. This clearly scientific method of evaluation pointed that humans are born with an innate knowledge of where something’s consciousness is. Obviously, this must mean the elusive soul is, indeed, seen through the window of the eyes.

Beautiful Blue eyes

Well, not so much. Other, more grounded experts have gently refuted the research, claiming Westerners are particularly fond of associating the eyes with consciousness, a process generated through learning how to read people’s expressions in social situations. If the study group had been more diverse, consisting of different cultures as well as different age groups, the results might have been more varied.

Robert Burton, a well-known author and neurologist, points out that because an equal number of four-year-olds indicated a head without eyes as a center of “self”, something must happen psychologically during maturation that brings about the mindset of eyes being more self-oriented than just the head. In Burton’s professional opinion, that change is simply learning how to respond to body signals, that is, the eyes are one of the most telling features.

Not only are the eyes expressive, but the part of the brain scientifically considered to be where a sense of self originates from is actually located behind the eyes. Because we do not currently have the ability to ask a species whose eyes are not in close proximity to its brain where it feels its soul is, we must go on the assumption that no one should really care enough to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars researching it.

If we have a soul, or a sense of self that is apart from just a specific firing of brain neurons, perhaps it should be left un-located so that mankind can’t screw with it like we have everything else. What do you think?..

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  1. RevJerry on

    Yes its in your body Between your heart,and your stomach and travels though out inside your body feeding off your heart and mind! so the next time you get that gut feeling or instinct, it just might be your soul trying to tell you something! and when you die your spirit/soul lives on but your body is asleep, and your soul goes to Heaven, Amen+++

  2. Jim stuteville on

    Leviticus 17:11 says the life of the flesh is in the blood. the Hebrew word Nephesy translated as life is the same word translated soul is stating that Jesus poured out His soul unto death. Leviticus 17:11 could and should read The soul of the flesh is in the blood.

  3. Deepak on

    i think soul is situated somewhere inside our heart because when we get angry, it first hits the heart. we enjoy with a good song that touches the heart. home of love, affection, anger, greed, proud and pain etc.; all starts with its effect on the heart first. so I think soul is located in the inner layer of our heart itself. sensory organs help to stimulate soul.

    • jamshidy on

      That is not true. Vice president Chaney’s heart is machine and located in his ass, but still he enjoy music and feel anger.

    • heleneclark61 on

      The heart is where the spirit resides and the soul our mind thoughts affections our will our desires our seat of emotions are the Lord says though shall love me with all your heart soul and mind

    • Angelo on

      It easy to say that but emotion really come from the consciousness and brain when you we use the phase “my heart goes out to you” it is just an expression we use to show how much we care because the heart keeps our body alive. The heart does what it is made for and that is to circulate blood .

  4. Jon Kay on

    The soul is not made of material. It exists, but not made of anything. It is in our body, but not at any specific location.

  5. Joshua Merritt on

    From a Nonreligious point of view(I am christian btw) if the soul is located in a specific part. It is in the part of the brain we are unable to map out. That is the part of the brain of who you are. The part where the soul is stored. One unmapped part of the brain is the Limbic System. An example of my belief on this is that a study was done on death row in mates, a lobe dysfunction was found within the limbic system. This can explain why they had no problem doing what they did, why it didn’t bother them in their soul to do it. The dysfuction was preventing the soul from interacting with their senses. From a religious point of view: There is no location for the soul. The soul is who you are, it fills your entire body. If the soul is connected to the eyes, then how does that work for blind people? You get the feelings you get from looking at something because thats how our senses were made. Sight, sound, touch, smell, all work together to affect you with whats around you.

    • Elsa on

      I really like your response here. I appreciate you taking on both sides of the religious spectrum . respectively to the associated strong points. You offer a lot of great insight to the matter…I dig it!

    • Chynna on

      The brain has been mapped extensively, you comments are conclusive evidence of your total lack of intelligence and education.

  6. Magdalene on

    As a Therapist and Meditation Facilitator I know the Soul’s heart. It is located physically in the “Solar Plexus” SOUL Plexus in between the rib cage. I have been doing Soul Shadow Work with Clients in therapy and we have actually felt it pound like a heart beat when a particular “button” or issues was raised that the soul wanted to have heard and the lesson learnt. It was incredible and physical and both myself and client felt it.

    I speak to my soul and I get answer through telepathic communication or imagery in my minds eye.

    Puff of Love from my Soul to Yours!

    Mary Magdalene

  7. Nafiz Nasser on

    The Soul is located in the centre of the Lower chest. Old people have always said in gujrati ‘Maro jiv bou bareche’ meaning “my soul is burning” while pointing towards the centre of the lower chest showing the souls location. Even the religious scriptures say that during death the Soul comes out passing through the throat. The soul can also feel and requires a Soul mate. Hope people can understand that the Soul exists in the body and life is only a short path compared to the life hereafter. (N.N)

    • Luke on

      Finally! Someone speaking truth. The soul is in the center of the lower chest. People, like myself, who are in tune with their soul know this. The brain has your personality not your soul. Your eyes are the doorway to your soul but are not where it is located. Evidence to back up where your soul really is comes from when people believed emotions and thoughts come from your heart where in fact there come from your brain. But your soul feels them, which is located just below the heart not actually at/in it. Although people were wrong they almost had the right idea

  8. nita on

    our soul is like a bird at time of death it flies away a personal experience on my part i went through surgery of the brain during surgery i found myself that is my soul up on ceiling washing operation being performed on my body it was a fraction of second then i was again in my body . before going to operation theater i was afraid i was praying lord krishna he is the supreme godhead , with the mantra om namo bhagvate vasudevaya , i think god enlighted me the purpose of human being is contected to him , we must pray the lord remember him at death take his name to go to goloka , not to be reincarnated again . then our karma should be good , soul cannot be burn nor washed , cannot be seen , you cant touch it , it is not perishable , god prepares a body for us depending on our action on earth , in this birth if you have a body with disease then pray the lord next birth you can have a good one

    hare krishna krishna krishna hare rama rama rama

  9. Elsa on

    Yes, we do have a soul in our human body, and it is in the center of our fore head between the eyes, in front of the brain, and it is a flow of energy with each breath we breathe in and out. The soul is the essence of all human life, and it is an energy that is felt, but not seen by the human eyes. The soul connects to the physical body for only one reason, and that is to give the energy of life to the human body, no other reason. The soul will not loose its energy, for its energy is ceaseless, and always the same energy. The human body will cease to exist when this energy is transported back to just energy into the melting pot of the soul.

    • nita on

      maybe it is found in the center of brain as when i was in operation theater doctors gave me an injection anesthesia i was unable to breath for a second maybe thats why my soul went out of my body


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