Mauritius CPE Results 2012 – Why The Old CPE Was Better?

With the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) results  2012 due to come out on Wednesday 12th December, as announced by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES), the talk of the town will be about the best results obtained by the students and what colleges they will go.

Update: You can check the list of students admitted to National Colleges here.

cpe results mauritius

Why unearthing the “supposedly” old evil which was buried almost a decade ago?

Many are of the opinion that the abolition of the ranking system had been imposed on us. While each new government coming in power claims a change in the education system to be a reform, there is no real information proving that the new systems adopted are more efficient and effective than the ranking system. With the regionalization concept also being abolished a grading system, the A+ formula is currently being applied to determine colleges to be attributed to the students.

Tradeoff between success rate at CPE and equity for all students

What is the appropriate age to begin categorizing the elite pupils of the country? Many of us have passed through the ”supposedly” mad or rat race of CPE ranking system, as they called it, and still came out alive of it and do not regret it existed. A system perceiving equal opportunity after the 6th standard may kill competition and lead to a fall of enthusiasm in students to learn. This may ultimately lead to a fall in success rate.


Mr Gopal, retired Head Master states that “The ranking system was the best and I will always maintain it.  Competition to get the best colleges will make students work harder. Though the current A+ system is competitive, it is only for a certain category of students. Pupils always getting an A will strive better to get an A+ but those below 70 marks are not really determined to do more efforts as they sense they will get the same college. The ranking system make all students work harder. ”

Rekha, ex-cpe student mother, says “My daughter got 5 A+ for CPE exams and her friend got the same result. But the latter got Dr Maurice Cure SSS and my daughter obtained another state secondary school. There is a lack of transparency about the current system. If there is an internal hidden ranking system whereby the MES determines colleges, why not make it official? Parents will at least know at what rank their children are and why they have to be admitted in college A and not in college B.”

Sophie says “I am of the opinion that there was a greater enthusiasm about the ranking system. Everyone was eager to know about the pupils who came in the top ranking list.”

What is the real problem?

The real problem is not really in the CPE system, it is in the curriculum. With the introduction of new systems standard six students will still go to take two tuitions as it is now, so how can the argument of the “ranking system being a mad race” still hold water since every system puts pressure on the youngsters.

The positive news is that some private primary schools have introduced music and yoga in their curriculum. Along with preparing students to pass exams these are going to help the students be less stressed and emotionally happier.Example to follow for the government schools!

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