Mauritius HSC Results 2012 And Laureates

HSC Results 2012 in Mauritius are expected for the 6th January 2012 as mentioned 2 weeks ago by the Mauritius Examination Syndicate. This is the most probable date as confirmed by Professor Lucien Finette, director of the MES since the day after, will be a public holiday in Mauritius.

UPDATE: Please find HSC results 2013 page here.

As usual the results are expected at around 12:00 in all State colleges and private institutions after the acknowledgment procedure by the Prime Minister of Mauritius. So tomorrow is day much awaited by many and as usual we will update this post with the latest stats for HSC Results 2012 (November-December 2011 Exams) and the laureates names as soon as we have the required reports. Keep in touch!

HSC Mauritius

Update 6 February 2012: The results are available. The percentage pass rate for this year is at: 79.31%. Find below the laureates count for this year’s result.

  • QEC: 8
  • RCC: 6
  • RCPL: 4
  • LCQB: 2
  • MGI: 2
  • Sainte Esprit College: 2
  • Adolphe de Plevitz SSS: 1
  • LCPL : 1
  • Ebène SSS Girls :1
  • St Mary’s College :1
  • Rodrigues College: 2

SSR National Scholarships (Science Side)

  • Boy: NABEEBACCUS Muhammad Saad -Royal College Port-Louis
  • Girl: ROJOA Djamila Mubashchira Loreto-College Quatre-Bornes

State of Mauritius Scholarship (Science Side)


  • JEEAWODY Muhammad Sajjaad-Royal College Port-Louis
  • MOHUR Uday Kumar-Royal College Curepipe
  • FOWDAR Udhav-Royal College Port-Louis
  • JAGESSUR Yogesh Koomar-Adolphe De Plévitz Secondary School

Girls :

  • LI CHUEN CHEONG Estelle Anaïs-Loreto College Quatre-Bornes
  • RAMPHUL Priyanka-Queen Elizabeth College
  • JEEBAUN ESHNA-Queen Elizabeth College
  • LUTCHOOMUN Nuvneet-Queen Elizabeth College

Economics Side


  • BOODHOO Muhammad Irfaan-Royal College Curepipe
  • SEWRAZ Aavinash Sharma-Royal College Curepipe


  • CHOONG KAN CHONG Mei Sien-Queen Elizabeth College
  • Gokhool Urvashee-Queen Elizabeth College

Art Side


  • PURMAH Raamandarsingh-Mahatma Gandhi Institute


  • JUGANAIKLOO Lena Stessy-Loreto College Rose-Hill

Technical Side


  • JOGANAH Yovan-Collège du Saint-Esprit


  • RAMA Jemima-Loreto College Rose-Hill

MCB Foundation Scholarship

  • THONDEE Ashwin Rishi-Royal College Curepipe

Additional Scholarships (Science Side)


  • RAMGOBIN Chittesh-Royal College Curepipe
  • SANSPEUR Rohan Yuri-Collège du Saint-Esprit


  • JAWAHEER Juveryah-Queen Elizabeth College
  • LAI WAI Mélanie Shoye Leng-Loreto College Port-Louis

Economic Side:


  • TOHOOLOO Sathyasheel Keshav-Royal College Curepipe
  • JANKEE SHameek Oopuddhye-Royal College Port-Louis


  • CHAN MOI FAT Sandrine Kim Kiow-Ebène SSS Girls
  • BURTHUN Massirah Mehtaab-Queen Elizabeth College

Art Side:


  • GUNESH Heyashi-Queen Elizabeth College

Technical Side:


  • HA-SUN Kurt Denys-St-Mary’s College

Rodrigues Open Scholarships


LISETTE Jean-Alex-Rodrigues College


MEUNIER Marie Katiuska-Rodrigues College

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9 Responses to “Mauritius HSC Results 2012 And Laureates”

  1. Dee on

    Regional colleges got laureates bcoz the year in which these same laureates joined form 1, colleges like QEC, DMC,Gaetan Raynal etc…were only doing HSC..they were not taking form 1 students..
    that is why when these students reached HSC,most of them stayed in their colleges n some moved to star colleges..
    If during the time they were in form 1 and star colleges were admitting them for form1, today only star colleges would have got laureates. There would not have been laureates in loreto colleges or ebene sss etc..

    • Kurt Avish on

      And your single comment also proves and mean that Laureates do not depends on the colleges. Infact the colleges depend on the students who become laureates. Isn’t it? So think well. IF WE AGREE that these students could not come to the so-called star colleges in form 1, and they had to go to regional colleges, then it’s the students own efforts who made it till here. Not the effort of any QEC, RCPL, DMC, RCC etc. So in short it is useless for the star colleges to justify their stand.

      And yes we need to instead encourage those colleges which we often call “college dan bez” to work harder. Those laureates are the encouragement for others their to do their best. FYI: It is also good to point out of the great failure % in colleges such as QEC and RCPL and RCC which we do not talk about.

      • Yousuf on

        You are absolutely right. It is good to point out the great failure percentages in colleges like RCPL, QEC and RCC.

        HSC Exams 2012
        Pass-rate: 100%

        Cheers. ;]

  2. waaznah on

    Felicitations a tous…. Hats off to Ebene SSS n Adolphe De Plevitz SSS !!! n all REGIONAL COLLEGE…A. de Plevitz SSS de Grand-Baie et Ebène (filles) défient les Star Colleges!!!


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