Mauritius HSC Results 2013 and Laureates (Exams 2012)

HSC results 2013 in Mauritius for 2012’s exams have been announced on Monday 4th February 2013 at around 11.30. The result’s date was confirmed on Thursday 31st January by the Mauritius Examination Syndicate. Note that for this year, there is a total of 69 laureates instead of the usual 30. (See Updates Below)

qec laureates 2013

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Latest Updates

Pass Percentage for this year: 79.14% compared to 79.31% last year. The QEC and St Esprit college are among those with the highest laureates count this year.

  • Laureates at QEC: 10
  • Laureates at St Esprit College: 7
  • Laureates at RCC: 6
  • Laureates at RCPL: 5
  • Laureates at RT SSS: 2
  • Laureates at Loretto College Port Louis: 1
  • Laureates at Lady Sushil Ramgoolam SSS: 1
  • Laureates at at Droopnath Ramphul SSS: 2
  • Laureates at Forest Side SSS Girls: 1
  • Laureates at Maurice Cure SSS: 1
  • Laureates at Modern College Flacq: 1
  • Laureates at MG Solferino: 1
  • Laureates at A.R Osman SSS: 1
  • Laureates at Ebene SSS: 1

List of Announced Laureates 2013

SSR State Scholarships:

Ho Tiu Cedric Paul Siew Pan (St-Esprit College)

Rasool Swabirah Bibi (QEC)

State of Mauritius Scholarship (Science Side) – Boys

  • Bhuckory Sandip ( St-Esprit College)
  • Ghanty Mohammad Israr (RCPL)
  • Ramphul Ashley (RCPL)
  • Naga Abhinav (RCPL)

State of Mauritius Scholarship (Science Side) – Girls

  • Lie Man Wong Noemi (QEC)
  • Ragavoodoo Ayesha (QEC)
  • Bahemia Nasreen Ibrahim (QEC)
  • Chan Ah Song Trisha Kimberley (QEC)

State of Mauritius Scholarship (Economics Side) – Boys

  • Rugjee Geshan (RCC)
  • Sibdoyal Vishan Munjeet (RCC)

State of Mauritius Scholarship (Economics Side) – Girls

  • Salauroo Nazirah Banou (QEC)
  • Koya Bibi Zainab Ibrahim (QEC)

State of Mauritius Scholarship ( Art Side) – Boys

  • Oogathoo Roubeekrishna (MGI)

State of Mauritius Scholarship ( Art Side) – Girls

  • Soobhug Priyadarshini (Lady Sushil Ramgoolam SSS)

State of Mauritius Scholarship ( Technical Side) – Boys

  • Tannoo Ryan (St-Esprit)

State of Mauritius Scholarship ( Technical Side) – Girls

  • Cheung Jessy Siow Kim (LCPL)

MCB Foundation Scholarship

  • Jahaly Bhavish (RCC)

Additional Scholarships

Science Side Boys

  • Mootoosamy Kaviraasen (St Esprit College)
  • Sonut Khonal (Rabindranath Tagore)
  • Issur Akhilesh Karumchand (RCC)
  • Khodabacchas Mohammad Nawfal (RCPL)

Science Side Girls

  • Bonomally Shameena (QEC)
  • Cudian Pouvani Devi (QEC)
  • Hasan Miyan Aasiya (Ebene SSS Girls)
  • Rohom Haajrah Begum (DR Maurice Cure sss)

Economic Side Boys

  • Tupsy Muhammad Sufyaan (RCPL)
  • Wong Tai Yun Cedric (St Esprit College)
  • Jahalu Bhishum (RCC)

Economic Side Girls

  • Bijloll Shresta Devi (Drooptnath Ramphul SSS)
  • Kutowaroo Diptee Devi (QEC)
  • Chooraman Yaswinee (Drooptnath Ramphul SSS)

Art Side Boys

  • Seetaramdoo Rilen (RCC)
  • Khodabux Mohammud Nabeel (AR. Osman SSS)

Art Side Girls

  • Vencatasawmy Ashini (Rabindranath Tagore SSS)
  • Bhewa Suraya Hanaaz (Forest Side SSSS Girls)

Technical Side Boys

  • Koolwant Divij Rahul Yadav (St Esprit College)
  • Doorga Jay Rovisham Singh  (St Esprit College)

Technical Side Girls

  • Bhoonah Rachna (MG Solferino)
  • Anathallee Beebee Ameerah (Modern College Flacq)

Rodrigues Open Scholarships – Boys

  • Labour Joey Luc Cedric
  • Louis Jean David

Rodrigues Open Scholarships – Girls

  • Nanette Marie Rebecca Lucille
  • Augustin Marie Shirline


Full List of Top Ranked Students

HSC ranked students 2012 2013

Via: Le Mauricien – Download

For the first time in the Mauritian Education history, 24 of the new scholarships will be allocated based on Academic merit & social criteria. 16 of these 24 new scholarships, will be allocated to 16 picked students who will be ranking among the top 500 at the HSC results and whose parent’s monthly income does not exceed Rs 12000 per month. The remaining 8 scholarships, will be allocated to students whose parent’s monthly income does not exceed Rs 6200 per month and who have had excellent results at the HSC exams.

Last year’s result brought a percentage pass rate of 79.31% with the QEC collecting 8 laureates, RCC with 6 laureates and RCPL with 4 laureates. Colleges such as LCQB, MGI, Saint Esprit, SSS Adolphe de Plevitz, LCPL, Ebene SSS Girls, and St Mary’s college were also gifted with the honor of having at-least one laureate.

Meanwhile, here is an article we wrote last year and which might be useful or interesting to read: 6 Ways to cope with bad exam results.

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