Mauritius Petrol and Diesel Prices – March 2013 Increase

Short but bad news for you people. The prices of petrol and diesel in Mauritius faced a major increase today, 1st March 2013 after a pricing review by the Petroleum Pricing System. The new prices will be effective as from 00:00 2nd March 2013. The last prices change was about 2 years ago, on the 29th March 2011.

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New Prices For Petrol

Old price: Rs 49.30/L

New Price: Rs 52.25/L

Increase of: Rs 2.95/L

New Prices For Diesel

Old price: Rs 41.20/L

New Price: Rs 43.95/L

Increase of: Rs 2.75/L

All the best, dearest readers. I’m one of those who did not fuel up and was not expecting the increase in prices.

5 Responses to “Mauritius Petrol and Diesel Prices – March 2013 Increase”

  1. Pima-Petard on

    Oh ho! You pay high prices for less petrol,=Jitah’s hedging . .Wherever he lays his hands, ‘catastrophe’ man.

  2. preetesh8 on

    mo tank ti preske met n 1000rs 2passe zis la moitiE! aster r 1000rs si pa pu ariv la moitiE tank sa :/


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