Mauritius PRB 2012 Report Is Available – What Do You Think?

After the long wait, the PRB (Pay Research Bureau) report of Mauritius 2012 is here. About 83000 employees from the public sector, and other governmental bodies are concerned with this report. Find below the main and “tasty” points of PRB report 2012 and I’m sure many of our friends working in the government sector are somehow happy and satisfied today.

Key Points of PRB 2012

  • Average increase of 22% to basic salary
  • Extending duty free offers to more categories of government employees.
  • Merging of employees grades
  • Introduction of Special repension allowance
  • Bonus to all senior officers who want to acquired IT related skills.

Find below the Master Salary Conversion Table following the PRB 2012 report.

PRB 2012 Salary Conversion Table


Volume 1: General Background & Related Issues And Conditions Of Service


Volume 2 Part I: Civil Service

PRB 2012 Mauritius

Volume 2 Part II: Parastatal And Other Statutory Bodies and The Private Secondary Schools

Volume 2 Part III: Local Authorities

Volume 2 Part IV: Rodrigues Regional Assembly

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