Prostitution in Mauritius & Elsewhere – Is Prostitution a Crime? Must it Be Legal?

Prostitution is present in Mauritius and it has been so since decades, or maybe even centuries (knowing that the Island’s documented history deals with no more than 5-6 centuries). Is it a crime? Must it be legal? It’s precisely what we’ll be talking about in this article which is a revamped version of an old article about the same topic dating back to 2009.

This time Jason brings forward some new arguments and as usual in his funny ways but with a broader perspective at analyzing why the oldest job in the world must be legal (or not). We’ve kept the comments dating since 2009 further below so that even new readers can still continue the off-article discussions.Prostitute

Prostitution: It’s been called the “oldest profession.” It’s also been a source of near-constant debate, for millennia. The question of whether or not prostitution should be illegal has echoed through the halls of legislature, worldwide, since before the days of Ancient Rome.

It’s also been said that the secret to success and happiness is to find something you’re good at – that you enjoy doing – and figure out how to make a living at it. So the main point of contention is this:

If you’re good in bed, and enjoy it, why not make a living at it?

P0rn stars get paid to have sex, but both parties are compensated. Webcam operators make excellent money, stripping, talking dirty, masturbating, playing with sex toys, and even having intercourse, in front of millions of faceless voyeurs. Here, only one person is receiving money for sex, and technically from the other participant. With prostitution, only one person is receiving payment, and for some reason, that is illegal.

The morality breast-beaters have stood up for generations, preaching about the evils of this “victimless crime,” and will probably continue to do so for as long as there is a cause to take up. Their biggest complaints on the issues are all subjective – based on opinions, religious doctrine, and propaganda. They continue to ignore the age-old claim that you cannot legislate morality.

If it’s a crime, more will try to do it – It’s the human nature

It hasn’t stopped them from trying, though. Anti-prostitution lobbyists claim that this occupation not only undermines morals, but spreads diseases like HIV, and contributes to the propagation of other types of crime, like drug use. Others in Mauritius will even say that it’s a holy crime involving punishments like an eternal holiday in hell!

Prostitution Mauritius

What they fail to realize is that, in places where prostitution has been legalized, the government regulates the profession, removing the pimps from the equation, and promoting a safer environment for workers and clients alike. In the United States for example, prostitution is legal only in the state of Nevada, and hookers are only allowed to ply their trade outside city limits. Las Vegas and Reno have hundreds of prostitutes, who are tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases and, to date, not a single ‘legal’ prostitute in Nevada has tested positive for HIV. Few, if any, professional sex workers in Nevada are reported to have drug problems, and acts of violence against prostitutes are virtually unheard of.

For the little knowledge organic: the prohibition of alcohol in the USA during the 1920’s was unsuccessful in curtailing the flow of booze to the people who most wanted it, and the law actually gave organized crime a stepping stone to achieving a stronger grip on American society during that era. The law did not stop the alcohol consumption, and accidentally promoted lawlessness.

Today, prostitution stands in virtually the same light. Whether it is legal or not doesn’t seem to matter to its providers or consumers. People are doing it – literally. And they’re doing it for money: EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, in most of the civilized world, diseases, drug use, and violent crimes against sex workers are still prevalent, due to the unsavory environments these prostitutes (and gigolos) find themselves working in, to avoid law enforcement. Have a walk in the obscure zones of Grand Bay, Mauritius at night, you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

Of course, in many parts of the world, law enforcement officials don’t exactly abide by the law either. Extortion, drugs and violence against sex workers are sometimes provided by the local constabulary, as well as the pimps and gangs.

Born into the trade

In India, where prostitution is illegal, not only do you find women performing sex acts for money, but bordellos are commonplace, and women are often born into the trade, the children sometimes beginning their careers as young as nine years of age. In the United States, there is an epidemic of missing children, and some experts believe that a human trafficking issue is to blame. Teen girls from America may be finding their way into Mexico, where unscrupulous men get them hooked on addictive drugs like heroin, then sell them into sex slavery. Similar issues may be to blame in other countries where abductions are prevalent.

Young boys seem to be the sport of choice in Southeast Asia. Thailand is a common “sex tourism” destination for many Westerners, and homosexuals and pedophiles flock here for boys as young as 11. Southeast Asia also holds a decisive position in the charts for sexual diseases, and the running joke among tourists is that unprotected sex with a Thai hooker is practically suicide.

And where it’s legal?

Sex-for-hire is legal in many western countries, including parts of Central and South America. Argentina is another common sex tourism destination for Americans and there has been some recent controversy involving American tourists and sex with underage girls. Canada now has laws regulating prostitution, and the state of Nevada has proven to its country that legalizing it does work. Other states in America still have laws on the books regarding adultery, fornication, and sodomy, proving that the hyper-religious busybodies so common in that country, still have a firm hold on the laws, regardless of their so-called separation of church and state. Much like the legalization of marijuana in the United States, the regulation of prostitution will probably be a slow, state-by-state crawl, lasting another 25 years.

How about for Mauritius? Well, we’ll probably be having to wait for some more decades to see prostitution being legalised and that’s with the assumption that people will start to see things from a less religious perspective and by tackling the problem arising from illegal prostitution in a more realistic way.

The So Obvious Example

Imagine for a moment, that a man and woman go out to dinner. The man pays for the meal. They have enjoyed each other’s company, and done something they both like to do – and the man has, in essence, compensated her for the pleasure of her company. Her meal was free, and sustenance is a necessity for humans. This happens all over the world, every day, and no one has ever considered passing laws against it. But why not? This scenario is no different than sex-for-hire. Two people, voluntarily spend time together, doing something they both enjoy, and one receives compensation. What two consenting adults do in private is their own damn business.

What two consenting adults do for money, in front of a video camera, is perfectly legal. What adults do in front of a web cam, alone or with a partner, for payment or for free, is also completely within the law. Where (or more appropriately, why) do we draw a line in front of prostitution, and say that that cannot be allowed?

51 Responses to “Prostitution in Mauritius & Elsewhere – Is Prostitution a Crime? Must it Be Legal?”

  1. Pramod on

    I do not really think legalizing prostitution is really a solution. It is only a short term step in trying to control it. In the end, what seems to be regularized might become corrupted. This is also human nature. Why not try to see the reason behind prostitution? Are they really justified? Why can’t a woman get a decent job so that she does not need to sell herself like this.

    Secondly let’s look at this as a business… Where there is demand, there will always be a tendency to market these. So why not kill the demand? Prostitution being illegal, I notice that only the prostitutes are prosecuted. What about the clients themselves? They are are the ones who actually promote this business. They look for these things. Why don’t we prosecute the clients for getting involved with a prostitute?

    Let’s look at a married couple. Let’s say prostitution is legalized and the husband is not happy with his wife. Given that prostituion will be legal, the husband satisfies himself with a prostitute. Of course it is legal. What about the mental trauma a wife undergoes? What about the children.

    I belive that Mauritius is a country which has its own culture, its own identity. Why do we always need to look at western countries and blindly do whatever they do? Will we be able to adapt. There is also a psychological factor that is involved. Do we not have our own way of doing things? Why do we prefer to lose our own identity and adopt what is not ours? Our society is different. Maybe legalization of prostitution or drugs work in their culture. But it might not be the case in our country. Our society has its own way of life. And it was stable. We have tried to change things and we did change them by just copying and pasting western cultures into our country. Believe it or not. It has not improved anything but rather de-stabilised out society. Earlier at least we knew what we are and where we stand. Today we do not even know where we belong.

  2. ali on

    what the fuck to legalise prostitution in mauritius sister , mother or ur sweet wife to do zat and all people will talk abt zat zan how u will feel think of ur own family doing zat zan u think if should be legalise or not it very easy to c legalise it but think well be4 u c somethink

  3. Rakesh on

    Someone said that prostitution should be legal in Mauritius, as it will attract more tourist, Don’t you think that it may be a rise the number of HIV AIDE cases?

  4. nilou on

    beware guys while going to look for a prostitute on the road you can be robbed ,loose your life ,contract aids

  5. nilou on

    some women prosttute themselves to earn money most of them are drug addicts . prostitution should not be legalized not fair for women women should realise that there body is not a machine its an insult to women , to legalize this profession .in india kids are kidnap in order to make them become prostitute . if legalized there will be more such cases in mauritius. prostitution contribute to spreading of aids

    • helooo on

      what the.xxxx
      obviously prostitution is seem who want money and who are poor of course what the story of aids start ehhh.. spreading of aids.. haiii
      who gonna spread money evrywhere freely..better spread aids….
      i hate those one who doesn”t think from a perfect point of views..
      specially sure people ” who are well to do”…

  6. nilou on

    prostittution cannot be a work. work is done honestly to earn a living. if prostitution is a work then drug dealing also is work. women who prostitute themselves have no respect for there body and no respect for other people. kot ena prostitute ena danger . when at night you pass by rose hill many prostitute are on the road zot ena zot proxcenet avec zot they attack people.

    one incedent happen with a neighbour he was going to work early at 4 am passing by rose hill he stop to buy a drink pres laboutik some prostitute approache him avec zot ban taper zot in kokain so portab cash motocyclette.

    for the image of the country its ugly so many women on the road what is police doing

  7. kazak on

    Legalise ? Of course. Yes yes yes

    In crisis Island We used or still confuse the word ‘Pitin’ with prostitutte.
    When i was a youngster some people used to point to girls as pitin because they were; going out with a boyfriend openly walking hand in hands. That was not allowed socially and regarded badly unless you had the permission of the parents. For that you had to make a formal proposal that your intentions were good and honourable So no sex before marriage! as the saying goes, fating first then Easter, no Paques avant careme…!
    Also ifa girl changed boyfriend she was regarded as being ‘an easy girl, thus the word divers, / pitin’. Why? That was Mauritius some years ago, You could not approach or go out with a girl unless you had honourable intentions.
    Girls wearing mini jupe were also targeted. I remember the words uttered by a friend of mine seeing a girl in Mini and well rounded remarking’ kouma to pas ouler ena viol dans ca pays la?’ Him being my elder, I didnt argue… but that was the mentality.
    Whenever some college girls were found fliting (normal growing up), because of the ’emprise’ of the cleric, people were quick to condemn any form of loose social behavoiour..
    So the catholic priests used to get regular confession about wanking by the teenagers and god fearing boys.
    As for other religion, I guess the youngsters also used to polish the baton using magazines such as ‘playboy’. Bear in mind that there were no sex or erotic films at the times. When some movie theaters started showing errotic films, they were badly mouthed by the clerics and politicians. But the show were shown Matinee and Soiree…!

    The only way to get laid or having any form of sexual intercourse was either through the real prostitutes or some married women or divorced or widow fancied you.
    Some of the bloggers write about tourists looking for prostitutes, Well many hotel workers will confirm that until now they are still having sexual relations with many tourist women.

    Who is the politician who will come forward to propose the legalisation of prostitution? Cannot even find a consensus about Abortion!

  8. expatsam on

    Good point Cindy. Prostitution is the sale of sex, not to consent to sex freely.

    While it’s true that prostitution is as old as the species I can’t believe girls turn to this for fun. Of course it’s part and parcel of the ‘service’ to act like they enjoy it. This is part of the ‘hustle’ & appeals to the male fantasy that women are essentially just sexual animals, and at heart, subhuman. You can see this in pornography where girls enduring the most debasing acts smile to the camera, or make enthusiastic groans, seconds after they are grimacing in discomfort or disgust. To go a step further I would say it is this mock display of pleasure which confirms, (at the same time as it conceals), the violence towards women in male sexuality. It doesn’t take much analysis to see that pornography debases women and that it is essentially aggressive. Similarly the fantasy of the wanton hooker is what men want to believe, regardless of its truth. If a prostitute eagerly solicits sex it is not just that it is her singular fall from grace and that she is in this ‘desire’ disgusting, but it is the underlying chauvenistic belief that all women are similarly immoral, and similarly disgusting in turn, (and I mean this at a deep unconscious level of male thinking).

    So of course a prostitue will tell you they enjoy it. That’s part of the pitch. The real question to ask yourself is why you want to think that they do?

    Anyway I’d just like to say I love this site & a big salute out to all the Mauritians contributing to these debates. You are the future of Mauritius!

  9. Tushal on

    There are some women or girls who enter prostitution because for fun. And they even do it for free. Do not contact me for their names and number.

  10. expatsam on

    Women do not enter into prostitution because it’s fun, or to provide valuable tourist services, or to earn a little extra for the weekend. Women who turn to prostitution do so because they are desperate. It is a desperate measure for someone in a desperate state. More often than not they need the money for drugs or alcohol. It’s not an amusing or something to snigger about, it’s symbolic of the faillure of the system to provide employment opportunities or support for women To think that prostitution would attract tourism is nonsense. The tourists who come to Mauritius are generally older couples or newly weds & extremely unlikely to seek such services. The guys who go to Amsterdam, Hamburg, etc do so, not only because prostitution is available, but because it’s cheap to get to these cities within Europe. People simply can’t afford to pop over to Mauritius…it’s bloody expensive!

  11. Nussaibah on

    Sometimes people get into this “business” due to some constraints, so I’m not sure I can be a judge to whether they should allowed or not. I think it’s better to legalise it though, with lots of conditions and all, we don’t want youngsters to think that it’s just a good way of getting easy money.

  12. #€|!0$ on

    It’s better to legalise it because of the reaon stated by selven above… Moreover it is illegal today yet it is still there hidden.. so why not let it come in the open… atleast u will easily see who is going to that place… nothing will remain hidden 😛 And rules also can be applied to the prostitution system… And in the end… Only those who are interested in sex will go there… Those who are married and happy with their lives will never go there… All that prostituion does is satisfy the sexual desires of “some” people.

  13. dr reddy on

    Well Prostitution exists very well in Mauritius in every nook and corner of the island. You just have to read the papers to get an idea of it. Some people make use of children in the business. yes it is a big business– people are earning a lot of money in this busy business in Mauritius. If you happen to walk around the streets of Rose Hill or Q Bornes at night you can discover these roving souls in the dark of the night.

    Not satisfied with business in the island some guys want to make more money and are now exporting our pros to other shores. You just have to link this site and discover for yourself the the adventure s of the ambitious people.

  14. Ajith Edassery | Blog Money on

    In any develping country wherever tourism is one of the main moneymakers, prostitution is bound to exist. While in places like Thailand or Philipines it’s more open, in islamic countries it’s a taboo.

    I personally believe that it should be made leagal for those with high hormone levels to ground or earth their charge once in a while. If you make it leagal, the related crimes and crime against women will come down drastically. On the other hand, teenagers more and more may get spoilt as well.

  15. ReenaDKL on

    @ Yusha

    You are right. There is male prostitution as well. However the most common one is female prostitution.

    What is real disgusting is that some perverts like small boys. This is more about pedophile. Sometimes this world disgusts me…

  16. yusha on

    talking about prostitution the discussion seem to target only women prostitution . I think we should be a little bit more open minded there is male prostitution as well.

    • Yashi on

      Male prostitution isn’t a problem lool unless you have to sleep with really ugly ladies lol Male prostitution isn’t that big a problem, and you won’t see a man being beaten up or raped, a man can’t be raped.

      • ReenaDKL on

        I think you have to bear in mind that male prostitution is mostly about very young boys who are forced to do so. It’s more pedophile than prostitution here. There are ‘gigolo’ who sleep with rich elder women for the sake of being well kept.

        Bref…with legal prostitution, I think we shall encourage more pedophiles…

  17. ReenaDKL on

    I don’t know but am kind of against it. Yes, call me hypo if you want, I don’t care.

    My point is: Why should I sit behind some hi-tech pc and work comfortably as some girl has to shove her legs up and have some stranger f@#k her in every possible hole? How degrading it must be for her? Did anyone ever ask them the question? i know that most of them want to get out of it because they wish for something better.

    You know what will happen when this becomes legal?? Some pimps will simply kidnap some innocent kids and sell them. Frighten them off with some obscure blackmail (like am gonna kill your mom, sis or so). I’ve seen movies dealing with those issues.

    It will be like those metal thieves who barge into your yard, steal your iron sheets, your metal structures and sell it bcoz it is legal to sell metal to iorn manufacturers.

    Pfff!!! Ok, i do admit that some do it on their own, but then it will be too easy. Why do we call it “l’argent facile”? All you guys and girls up here, would you like your daughter to work as a prostitute when it become legal? I bet no.

    There was this friend who was telling me about an old friend of his whom he met lately. She was drunk. Total zook . She just had a ‘pass’. Four men and her. She said she was exhausted. They had her in every position you could think of and in every hole.

    Sorry to be that crude, but do you know that some men have real problems with their sexuality? They have to beat the woman, spit on them, strangle them, swear at them, pull on their hair and so many other things just to achieve pleasure. Would you like that??? Do you sincerely think the girls doing these like ti???

    I wonder if you guys would love your wife to work as prostitutes. Imagine:

    Man: Hi Honey, how was work today?
    Wife: Oh, not that bad. I had an orgy. Man it was awesome! 5 men! So much money for one single night.
    Man: Cool! Were your clients happy in the end?
    Wife: Oh yes. One of them c@#%^d so much! I was so happy my work was appreciated! Maybe i’ll be working with them again soon. Let’s hope I get a good deal out of it.

    Sorry, but this is my opinion and how I feel. Some women are forced to do it. If it’s legal, it will be worse.

    • ReenaDKL on

      You are right. There are some who ‘like’ it…but how will the authorities control the willing ones and the forced ones. I once heard a woman fighting with her husband on the streets because she was prostituting herself to provide money for his drugs etc…

      I sincerely don’t know where this will bring us to, but it’s a very sensitive subject. I for one know that even if legal I’d never accept it that my daughter, sister or friend do that. For their own sake.

  18. Yashi on

    I don’t think Mauritians are open-minded enough for this to be legalised. Some are, but most people aren’t. Maybe with time, people will start thinking with an open mind rather than succumb to dogmas.

  19. insert coin on

    hey i love prostitutes . they arre much more exciting than girlfriends.. they are really nice to fck..

    legalize it ..

  20. selven on

    both yusha’s reply and bolom sounga’s sounds very valid!

    its true that it’ll bring money if legalized and controlled and it is also true that this will reduce rapes from weirdos who don’t get any chick and get frustrated and decides to resort to rapes.

    prostitution if not legalized is very .. dangerous.. because we know this whether being legal or not will continue to flourish, whether we want it or not!

    by being illegal, there is no medical control done on prostitutes, this tends to give rise to more STD. While if legalized prostitutes being forced to have regular check ups will be able to provide a legal medical certificate [which gets updated quite often] to her/his customers, and customers themselves will be more at ease knowing that this is safe enough.

    secondly, for the safety of customers again, legalization of prostitution is definitely important, imagine how those transaction occurs nowadays… bizin pass par 1 courtier ki pou seal the deal to al fer to couyonad dans 1 coin aprE ki tonn payE… many a times customers get attacked, money stolen or severely beaten up.. BECAUSE this is illegal, the later can’t even go to the police … Also, there are some cases of blackmails which happens and the police can’t be informed.. due to the nature of prostitution!

    Imagine how many tax money the government is losing with such amount of black money, i view it as any other job, the person needs to pay taxes!

    Now you will say that even people who are not in a difficult situation might exploit this and start to work as a prostitute and hence might take the living of those poor prostitutes? i believe this will be more difficult, since if you have to get a permit for that job, many people who has a decent life will NOT want such publicity and hence will never do that. This will in turn probably reduce a bit the number of prostitutes.

    as for as freedom is concerned… hell the body belongs to that person, s/he can do whatever s/he wants with it as long as s/he is not harming the freedom of someone else.

    and i’d like to conclude on a few thing i have noticed…

    well… i’ve never been to a prostitutes.. but due to my nature… i don’t know why, but i tend to get into the middle of shady stuffs more than often, well, i happen to get to know a few ins and outs of the system, and well… there seem to be prostitutes which are full time prostitutes and really needy ones that do it to survive…

    then there are high class ones which do it mostly for the pleasure and for bigger sum of money…

    THEN … there are the “tracerr lavie”.. those are the most dangerous ones, i happen to have encounterred a few of these ones… they are mostly MARRIED WOMEN! And on top of that.. i’ll even say “Zot EXTRA CANON TOU”! you will never Guess they are prostitutes.. they look so normal, some even seem religious…
    but the hard reality is that without their husband knowing, or [i guess being bored at home] … (no they don’t go out to seek for a lover like that)… they instead… get some EXTRA money for their purchases and stuffs like that… as in.. you pay, you get some sexual gratification… depending on how much you paid.. they don’t operate at the place where they live, usually they go to places far from they live … nightclubs are also ideal places for those.

    Usually getting a lady back home and have a fuck without any sort of money being transferred is normal. But after a few drinks and the later ask you for money if you want some hot time.. that’s prostitution.

    the problem with such types of tracerr lavie is that their husband don’t have any clue of what’s going on… the woman might bring in at home some disease, spreading that on the guy.. or the wife might get pregnant form her husband, and imagine their surprise when they realize the child has aids.. the husband will most probably commit suicide.

    Another example is say… the lady got aids while screwing outside [the risk is higher with multiple partners who you have no idea is!], she gets aids, at home her hubby screws her and he get infected also.. then one day, the husband finds out about his wife being a prostitute, dumps her, remarries, have sex with his new bride… some week later realized that he and the new bride got aids… life of two innocent got spoilt!

    so you see why illegal prostitution is bad!

    • Kurt Avish on

      I think you illustrated some VERY IMPORTANT points. It is a job and one thing i totally agree with you is that if someone wanna do it, they are free to do it. Also its not difficult to stop prostitution…its IMPOSSIBLE in my opinion. This has been occuring since so long in most of all civilisation. Some even gave death penalty to this but did it stop?

      So I now give my personal opinion. Infact I think it should be legal and also prostitute mst have a permit to do it else it will be ilegal as Selven mentioned. I personally dont use the service of a prostitute but i think people who wanna do it must be able to do it legally but most importantly with legal safety! Some person can say that the guy has spoken nonsense but I shall say no,,al that he said above is right. Why ban smthing and make it a stigma for the society. I wont repeat the points as all is said above.

      By the way Selven if up to become the Longest Comment Writter this year 😛 hahaha. But I think INF wrote a longer one on his blog….competition selven 😛

      • selven on

        By the way Selven if up to become the Longest Comment Writter this year 😛 hahaha. But I think INF wrote a longer one on his blog….competition selven 😛

        hahaha yeah

    • navin on

      @selven, well u said it will decrease rape!!!right….then what will happened to those who cant afford it… u think it will still reduce rape??what is the reason for rape:revenge,uncontrolable sex desire and so on. ou cant say by legalising it, rape will decrease!the only way to decrease it is by banning the production of porno graphic films cause this will atleast contribute to reduce the sexsual desires….it might also decrease by respecting women!!!n i dnt think you do respect the prositution!by the way if tomorrow your mum decide to contribute in flesh trading will u b happy.
      by legalising this cheap act , humanity will not exist!!!people wiil consider every women as prostitute….

  21. Bolom Sounga on

    Abin ala mo a revini. Sa zafer postitition la hin abin moa mo truv sa mari corek hin. Si 1 fam ape lenvi van 1 tigit e gagn 1 ti cas alo be ban ggt ki problen bijin ena ladan hin ?

    Li un travail ki zimoun abizin respekte ban zen. abin moa modir ki coma ena lopzition loyal dan sa pays la abin bizin lais oci prostitition legal. si un ggt envi gagn nisa li paye so cass li gagn nisa. moa truv sa plibon et sa lipu diminue sa ban ggt ka viol kiena dan sa pays la hin

      • navin on

        @Bruno, eta bolom to p vin vieil e to p encouraz to ban tifi pu sa!!!to ena raison pu dir sa….parski vieillesse in fr la tet aret travail!!!!

    • Kurt Avish on

      So you are pro-prostitution. The points you mentioned is real. Reducing rape is a case here however we should also examine the disadvantages. I’ll answer more on this later. Lets see what others got to say first.

    • Yashna on

      @Bolom Sounga,
      First of all you don`t have the manner to talk on this site and secondly your way of thinking is really bad…Get yourself socialised well before saying any rubbish on this net….and by the way… lets addmit that you have a sister and she decided to do prostitution… wats your opinion on this???? Thats why i told you to think well before saying any rubbish…. watever

    • jahba on

      @Bolom Sounga, moi mo ggt envie casse so yen amene to femme mo paye li mo gaigne nisa .Eh ta vrai mem to ena ene lesprit caca twa bizin trappe toi mette sa r twa lerla to pou dir qui sanla qui pou gaigne nisa

  22. Wally on

    Legalisation Pornography et Prostitution dans Morice
    Sa banne ggt porn et prostitution la bsin legaliser sa!Banne lindistry ki amene cash sa!

    • navin on

      @Wally, kumsa lenvi guet film p0rno fort avk zot!faire attention ene jour zot trouve zot mama ene pleine action!!!e c pu sa pa bizin legalise sa!!!sinon zot, zot pu vendre zot mama pu cash!!!

  23. yusha on

    I think that prostitution should become legal in Mauritius .. it will attract more tourist . But there should be a regulation to get them registered.

    I am saying prostitute above 18 years not child prostitution.

    • Kurt Avish on

      Legalizing it can solve certain issues while also create other problems. Solving problem for example it ‘can’ reduce rape cases in Mauritius. ( I say it can…but not sure)

      Problem: It can increase aid propagtion if no security measure are enforced. Now we know even with condoms intercourse is not totally safe. Well these are just some points. It a very debatable issue. Lets see what others got to say.

    • kelvin on

      @yusha, hav u ever met or talk 2 zem? if u were 1 u would understand how difficult is it to treat your own body as “meat 4 predators”. some hav committed suicide 4 them not to recall their before traumas… not all is gold bcouse zey shine as gold.

    • Yashna on

      I will go against prostitution. It is not a work… So how can you encourage prostitution!!! And that also in Mauritius…It will bring only disgrace to those people who are doing such bad things… OK lets addmit that prostitition will bring them money…but how about there status and reputation will be in the society…??!! Everyone will see the person in a bad way.. Instead of doing prostitution they can be employed in a more better job inspite doing all these disgusting things…

  24. Bruno on

    First comment, I noticed your post on the list 😛

    Now, the expression ‘oldest job in the world’ was coined at the early years of the evolutionary theory. Scientists were puzzled as too why female humans did not advertise their fertility (like other animals do). A rather lengthy pseudophilosophical reasoning … blahblah … lead to the conclusion that women evolved to hide their fertility so as to use sex as a barter for food …. enfin mo pas croir dans ca theorie la moi (mo conner ki evolution vrai, but sa theorie la … pas pou moi ca)

    Bon mo l’opinion pas pou changer, Maurice enn bande hypocrite, mo pou simplement quote un ti l’article ki mo ti deja metter dans un de mo bann posts:

    Un prêtre me raconte : une famille de trois enfants, père absent. Plusieurs fois, la mère a dit son inquiétude : comment finir le mois ?… Inquiétude qui s’est emparée de l’ainée, 14 ans. Un après-midi, elle est revenue et sur la table, elle a déposé l’argent. Honnêtement gagné.

    Qui parmi ceux qui lisent ceci, pensent : Ça pourrait arriver dans ma famille ?

    Les pauvres n’ont pas les moyens d’être vertueux.

    C’est pour ça que Jésus mangeait avec eux, à leur table.


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