Yesterday, the Daily Mail unleashed one of the darkest side of Mauritius concerning the ill-treatment of dogs. The Mauritian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) is stigmatized of inflicting unjust treatment on animals instead of doing just the contrary as illustrated by its name and so-called campaigns. And most of us already knew about it.. yet..!

MSPCA Mauritius

The Daily Mail reveals that around 20 000 dogs are executed pitilessly every year in Mauritius and that the MSPCA has a quota of removing 100 dogs from the streets every day as the population of stray dogs is estimated to be around 200 000. All the activities of the MSPCA are financed by the Ministry of Tourism and it is worthwhile to note that The Minister of Tourism, Xavier Luc Duval emphasized on a heightened campaign to control the population of stray dogs in the previous budget.

135 million rupees have been dispensed to the MSPCA to ‘control’ the dog population if not slaying them down brutally. Yea, we’re all looking to wash away those dogs from our way but whose fault is it if the population of stray dogs is so high in Mauritius? The dogs?

The Daily Mail describes in minute details the horrifying way dogs are captured and killed. No pity is attributed to their sad eyes or their mournful whimpers but the dogs are just hurled at the back of the van with no way to escape. The investigation puts to light that not only stray dogs are eliminated but also pets are snatched from their masters heartlessly.

80% of the dogs found at the dog pound are animals which have been previously owned. Once the dogs are captured, they are kept in cages (in poor hygienic conditions) for three days and if no one has come to claim the dogs in this time lapse, they are stripped of their soul through lethal injections.

Also, the dog owners are expected to offer a stupendous sum of money to acquire their pets back. How do they expect Mauritians to pay that much amount of money to get their pets back when the same Mauritian does not have enough money to feed his family? Silly crap!

Even after the injection has been administered, they suffer from a slow and painful death along with other dogs in a dark and ominous room. Then, the dead bodies of the dogs are thrown in an open grave away from civilization in a large expanse of wasteland.

A foreigner living on the island adopted two stray dogs and shares her experience that her dogs were mercilessly snatched from her by the officials of the MSPCA. She tried to argue with the officers but instead she was accused of breaking the law as the dogs were not on a leash.

However, the foreigner was successful in obtaining her dogs but one of them was injured when the officers were dealing with the dog. The officers should know how to handle these animals as they are not teddy bears but have feelings and can feel pain.

“A dog is known as the most loyal friend to man.” But the sad fact is the same man is disloyal to him.

The MSPCA lets out that they are only following the orders of the government. The government for their part reveals that mass sterilization is not an option which was a solution offered by Brigitte Bardot, a French actress. Mass sterilization could be done, but then what? Leave the sterilized dogs again on the streets? On the other hand, a separate shelter could be provided for them until a Mauritian decides to come and adopt one. This option has already been considered but only a minimum portion of the population decided to take over the charge of one of the animals. The stray dogs are not eliminated only to clean up the environment but also for security reasons. Many cases have been reported whereby locals and even tourists have been bitten by stray dogs coupled with the fact that many accidents have occurred as a result of dogs crossing the road.

However, elimination of stray dogs from the streets and public places does not mean to kill them in the most atrocious ways. International help can be sought as there are many NGOs fighting for such cause. How can any of us help when the MSPCA has not reacted at all to this situation? Media groups have tried in vain to contact the MSPCA but the phone calls have not been returned.

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  • Sha  December 28, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    This is absolutely disgusting considering that there are harnesses you can pass around the neck of the dog to make it come to you. L’Ile Maurice c’est un plaisir – pas pour les animaux en tous cas.

  • Sabine Stangl  September 3, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    I think that’s absolutely right. They just use the animal but don’t look after it!!!!

  • Judex  May 10, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Chandra, I think the Municipality of each Town / Village must start some work to educate the Inhabitants of the respective Town / Village because the Municipality is managing its own Town / Village. Working together with the MSPCA and PAWS could help a lot.

    It is not an easy job, but it must be done ! I think many Animal Lovers could help. One Animal Lover in each road/street could help the Inhabitants of his respective road/street. Probably, many will join in that effort to avoid the sufferings of our Animals.

    By the way, I have a Dog, Rex. He has a sofa and a bed for himself in a private room. Many Dogs do not ask that much, but a minimum good care is desired.

    Cheers !

  • Judex  April 14, 2012 at 11:27 am

    We must all be ashamed for they way the Dogs Populations are controlled in Mauritius.

    I wonder why, since many, many, many years, the Dogs’ Owners are not penalized for not taking care of their Dogs.

    many Dogs’ Owners use Dogs as an Alarm System. Sometimes, they are so poor that they do not have enough food for themselves, but they own Dogs, and obviously starve those Animals.

    I hope the Mauritius Government will start catching the Dogs’ irresponsible Owners in a net, then tyhrown them in a Van and penalize them for their irresponsibility as a Citizen of Mauritius ! Well, may of those very poor Dogs’ Owners are uneducated and do not even know what is Citizensghip !

    • chandra walker  May 9, 2012 at 5:50 pm

      i could not agree more Judex, Mauritius is so called be a paradise but hell on earth for our animals.


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