MSPCA Mauritius Horrible Cruelty Against Dogs Exposed

MSPCA Mauritius

Yet another slap for Mauritius! The cruelty of the Mauritian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) has been exposed in a recent investigative report of the Daily Mail. Mauritius is known for its pristine beaches, tranquil setting, and tourist accommodations. The island nation sees as many as 200,000 travellers a year, and like most alluring locations, Mauritius also has a dark side and which is obviously so well hidden by the government.

In an effort to control the population of dogs on the island—an estimated 200,000 animals—the local government has created an organization named the Mauritian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) and this so-called protective organisation has been operating since years, in Mauritius.

Don’t be fooled by the official-sounding name; an undercover investigation reveals the society is anything but humane, and promotes cruelty rather than prevents it.  The dog wardens have been given a quota of 100 dogs a day to remove from the streets. This ridiculously high number doesn’t mean less strays on the road; it means an increased likelihood of pets being snatched from their yards.

In the investigation, surveillance revealed 80 percent of the pets at the dog pound were owned animals. The dogs had collars and tags with clear addresses. Regardless of ownership, each canine was given three days at the facility before being injected with a lethal medication and left to die in a dark cell.

MSPCA Cruelty Mauritius

An average of 20,000 dogs are killed on the island each year and buried in a communal grave. The method of euthanization is not like the pain-free experience in a veterinary hospital!

Many of the dogs are administered injections in inappropriate locations by way of inappropriate methods. Even if the lethal injection is the correct substance, if it is not given directly into the vein, death can be prolonged and incredibly painful, especially at the site of the injection.

According to the inside investigation, most of the dogs killed at the country’s pound took hours to die and seemed to be in great discomfort.

During the three days the dogs are alive, they are kept in cramped kennels, covered in their own waste, fighting over a single bowl of food and water. The dog catchers patrol the fenced areas armed with sharp metal rods used to discipline any dogs that seem to be too loud or rambunctious.  In the far corner of the facility, puppies huddle together whining and depressed.

Pet owners have little recourse when it comes to the “island cleanup”. If their pets are taken by the dog patrol, they are expected to pay half a month’s worth of salary to get the animal back.

Most Mauritians can’t afford to rescue their pets. One woman, who was staying on the island for an extended period of time, adopted two dogs and was playing with them on the beach. She was shocked when dog control officers ran down onto the sand, grabbed her dogs and hurled them into the back of a van. When she tried to stop the men, they informed her that because the dogs were not on a leash they were automatically considered strays.

Experts agree the cruelty on the island is unnecessary.

French actress Brigitte Bardot told the Island nation she would pay for the mass sterilization of strays, but her offer was refused.

Local and global experts agree that sterilization would easily remedy the problem.  So far, MSPCA has not returned phone calls from the media and is playing the sick-dead to all media reports and as it is, we are obviously not going to stop it right here too.

Photo credit: Daily Mail.

21 Responses to “MSPCA Mauritius Horrible Cruelty Against Dogs Exposed”

  1. amohun on

    Concerning “DOG Cruelty” in mauritius, it is a question who is responsible. I dont want to blame the MSPCA of acting wrongly against pets. But it is the mauritian citizen who is responsible. For example my neighbours have more than 10 Dogs, and the dogs are not at home but always going to look for foods to other neighbours. He only have the pleasure to see these dogs, but cant have enough food for them, while he himself is a pensioner. These dogs come always to me and making big dissorders. I dont want to have a dog, because a dog need care and time. I dont have it. In this case the MSPCA is forced to look for these dogs to come in a place. All people having a dog shall registered his dog and look for them. and all other dogs must be vanisch in a pets home. And dogs wants always to eat, if the pets home have no capacity to look after them then it is forced to eliminate some. And every Dog which is eliminated, it is not the MSPCA who is responible, but the pets lover. The astray dog must be catche and bring in a pets home. All those big organization who is raising their voice on pets control and pets protection. they have no plan. Inorder to control pets, ” DOG” first have to make a clean up. All dogs must have a registered number. And if on owner have a DOG non licenced he must pay a fine raising more than Rs 5000 in order to respect these life of these dogs. And those who have a dog must have a dog owner licence which cost him yearly a price to pay for. And the Dog declaration fee yearly not below Rs 3000. Then there will be a start to control the Dog and giving them a good life. Ther eis a lot to do, so in the mean time till the responsible person wake up and do something, the MSPCA have no choice, they have to act in a brutal way to keep the balance. MSPCA need our support and help, we have to act not to point. Dogs problem solutions starts at home on every citizen. Still many Dogs have to died through MSPCA till the solution come. Here in europe I never see an astray dog. They have it under good control. The dog owner have to pay a big fine if he have a dog which is not registered to the authority. Why not in mauritius. Lets start doing it for the Dog’s. I am sure we will have a good satisfaction in few times.

    • Shruti bhoyrul on

      i am from mauritius island
      And what these people are doing on dogs are really not good …are they really human
      I think even devil would never do that
      Mauritius is a beautiful
      Cool island
      Just because of some people,
      Our image is not good
      Not every mauritian are like that
      I think these people who killed those dogs must be killed

    • Rutchi on

      Apart from the responsibility of dog owners, maybe you should consider the fact that stray dogs that are captured are being ill treated by the officers of the society. These officers dont have the slightest pity upon inflicting such pain on those dogs. These animals dont have a life them? Are they not susceptible to pain? You can never understand until you put yourself in these animals place. Its easy to say yes they ought to be captured whatever but the plight in which they live and are treated by us as people is so inhuman.

  2. Julie on

    The new government in Mauritius is instigating Catch and Kill again. From Monday they will be rounding up beach dogs (many of which have been sterilized by private individuals, Paws, SOS). The appalling treatment of these animals is one of the reasons why I could never return to Mauritius, and I tell everyone I meet of the atrocities that happen on a daily basis in Mauritius. As a dog lover I fostered many dogs (some who found homes in UK and Germany, some in Mauritius), had many more sterilised, treated and vaccinated. I am now in the UK with my three beautiful Mauritian specials. I urge you to petition the Mauritian government to stop this senseless policy and to revert to the mass sterilisation campaign. Let the Government know that you will not be holidaying in Mauritius – hit them where it hurts.


      We were on holiday in Mauritius from 7th- 21st January on holiday. What we witnessed sickened us. We paid for one poor young dog to be put to sleep due to his suffering and we have rescued one young bitch who is currently being fostered by PAWS. How easy was it to get your dogs into the U.K? Any advice would be welcome.

    • Anon on

      I must really laugh seeing all those foolish comments about never going to Mauritius and so … Just because of such a matter, I personally made the experience and as volunteer too ! And let me tell you that I never EVER crossed “During the three days the dogs are alive, they are kept in cramped kennels, covered in their own waste, fighting over a single bowl of food and water. The dog catchers patrol the fenced areas armed with sharp metal rods used to discipline any dogs that seem to be too loud or rambunctious” such matters, this is completely biased and someone must really be naive and dumb to believe all this cheap crap unless one has made the experience. It is true Mauritius has a lot of stray dogs, but as the article said most of them belong to someone, this ‘someone’ who most of the time can’t take the responsability nor afford the luxury to posses a dog if not many. I saw so many people owning dogs and not taking care of them, chaining them up and not treating them “humanely”. They receive better treatment at the MSPCA than at their own home. In other countries you have to pay taxes if you posses a dog, in Mauritius there are none ! People are free to adopt as many dogs as they want but no one can control them and see how they take care of their animals. This is a major problem on the island as so many people ignore their animal’s needs, they never go for a check-up to the vet, unless it is so serious that nothing else can be done than to put done the dog. They don’t care about what they feed their dogs, how to wash a dog and what shampoo to use. MSPCA did a great job till now, they tried hard but never got support from anyone, how do you expect them to afford all the mass sterilization campaigns without any support. Instead of blaming them head-off, try to first investigate the matter properly, to deduce why they have come to the killing … If you are so called “animal-lovers” then support the MSPCA and try to change the current state of things, instead of complaining stupidly. It is so easy to complain, but try to act first and then criticize !

  3. Jayne Conner on

    I visited MRU in August 2014. I was heartbroken by the suffering street dogs and adopted a gorgeous dog in October. I wrote to various Animal Welfare Organisations and was informed that the USA charity HSI (Humane Society International) were to commence a mass sterilisation program in November. I was hopeful that things were taking a turn, only to discover that the evil, barbaric Catch and Kill policy is starting again as of next week (January 2015). Many of these doomed dogs are sterilised! I will never ever visit MRU ever again. The policies are flawed and promote evil, uncivilised practices towards innocent, beautiful, gentle animals, who never asked to be born. The government should be ashamed of themselves. Hardly educated now intelligent solutions.

  4. Nirvana Buramdoyal on

    Can anybody confirm if dog slaughter has finally been replaced by sterilisation? I hear one thing and then another thing. I am a Mauritian and I strongly support the decision of all those who are boycotting my country till this carnage will not stop.

  5. Danny M on

    I think that this reporter is being very biased. I understand everyone’s outrage, and I have a dog and loves him with all my heart. But if it is he law to keep your pet on a leash, then you have to have him on a leash on public grounds. Why is that so difficult? If tourism is a huge industry there, then it is paramount to keep away “strays” and dogs without a leash.

    • Sue Ricketts on

      Yes humans cause the problem of strays everywhere.It is not so much about nuetering but never allowing ones dog to roam to reproduce. In the end the unwanted animals pay with their lives

  6. Shirley on

    Isnt there some law against this? Another thing, the way pet dogs are mistreated like kept on very short leashes sometimes in the sun with inadequate shelter and with no water source.
    If only there was a way to educate on how to look treat dogs (and other animals too) Something to change Mauritius’ conscience to a new level of love for dogs

  7. Raïna on


    I am a reporter from Le Matinal and I found your article quite interesting. I am actually gathering info for a report on the MSPCA… Is it possible to ask you for some info, or at least, where you got the info from?


    • amohun on

      Knowing that you are a reporter, I want to know if you write an article on Dog’s Owner mal functioning. We cant blame MSPCA for everything. I know Dog owner who take the new born baby Dog and bring somewhere else and leave it their on their own. He do it because his dog is not steril. You have to go our on the street and look what is going on. Where does astray dogs come , from where is the source, dogs come from dogs, and why soo much astray dogs. Dogs owners is the responsible one. they have dogs to reproduce unwanted dogs. Sterilisation might be one aspect of solutions. Who is ready and strong to go this direction. For Rs 300.00 or 7.50Euro or 5 pound MSPCA will put your dog to steril, we dont need to wait for help from outside. We can do it. Dogs owner have to take their responsibilities. Dogs criminals are Dogs owners. Why, because they want to do business with dogs, that why they dont want to sterilize their dogs. One dog cost about Rs10,000 to Rs 50,000 or more depending on their race. As a reporter you can write good things to solve Dogs problems. Let your pen talk the reality.

  8. lavina surroop on

    i want to know what happens if a neighbour make a complaint against my dog to the mspca………..that my dog is to noisy………… what are z actions aretaken by the mspca?

    • Kurt Avish on

      Legally nothing. The MSPCA has nothing to do about noisy dogs in their own yard. It’s similar to having a noisy neighbor, you can’t call the cops to say he is noisy and he must move out. It’s his right. However if your dog is being noisy on the street and someone report about it, then the MSPCA can take action.

    • amohun on

      Why always looking for solution from MSPCA. MSPCA cant pe in every corner and solve Dogs problems. It is you who are responsible to see why your dog is loud. And I think that no neighbours will claim for a dog which is loud once, but if it is repeatedly, then he might and have the right to look that he is not disturb, mostly a neighbours will claim for disturbance if it happens at night. people and children have to sleep for the next day to go for work or school. And the other feel brave and happy to hear that his dog is being loud, insted of going out and look what is going on. MSPCA cant do nothing, but everyone love his DOG but still have to respect others privacy. If I have a neighbour with a dog which is offenly loud, I would find the solution in a piece of meat. Your solution is to go out and look that your dog is being quiet again if all is ok. And leave other people in peace. Your neighbours is the next who can save your life.

    • amohun on

      Why you say this. I dont know where you live, but it seems that you are one among many who just look aside. The biggest problem im Mauritius is not the authority or neighbours, the responsible one is the Dog owner. Having a dog he becomes a BIG boss, and other must do his duty. If we make pressure to make dog owner to be aware what is his or her responsibility to have a dog, and if the dogs owner take their responsibility, many problem solves by itself. this problem have nothing to do with Mauritius. Dogs owner are the cause of Dogs disturbance and problem, because they are lazy.


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