The Philadelphia Experiment: Hoax or not?

Heard of the Philadelphia Experiment? Some people say it a hoax while others sincerely believe that this is just another US secret project which went wrong. In 1943, the United States Navy allegedly was able to cloak a massive warship in what is better known as “Project Rainbow” or “The Philadelphia Experiment.” While the U.S. Navy holds no records of such an event, rumor has it that the entire project was covered up because of how monumental a discovery was made.

According to believers, scientists were able to transport the battleship U.S.S. Eldridge over space and time, moving it from Philadelphia to Virginia without any witnesses. Not only did the ship supposedly vanish from sight, it is said to have traveled back in time for ten seconds.

battleship U.S.S. Eldridge

As far as the Navy is concerned, while there is no real Project Rainbow, the U.S.S. Eldridge was used in an experiment which consisted of wrapping the hull in coils of wire. The goal was to make the ship invisible from enemy radar. There: mystery solved. It shouldn’t be any stretch of the imagination to see how a conspiracy theory about an invisible ship came from that simple experiment in magnetic fields.

The Navy’s statement wasn’t enough for people, however. And, being the educated lot that people in the United States are, the public decided there was too much cover-up going on from the government. Therefore, it stood to reason that something much more important must have happened in Philadelphia. After all, how did the ship leave the city and appear in Virginia without any documented witnesses?

The reports say some scientists, though no one is naming any names, feel the experiments done on the ship were related to discoveries made by Einstein himself. One account from an anonymous  “witness” claims the ship was indeed being fitted to become invisible to radar, though it had less to do with magnetic fields and more with time and space. According to this account, something went horribly wrong with the calibration on the U.S.S. Eldridge, and the ship up and vanished in a flash of blue light. Legend has it that the ship appeared out at sea for a few seconds before vanishing again, only to end up at its final resting place in Virginia.

Some, likely more reputable scientists, feel the ship was just a victim of a mirage created by the sudden clash of magnetic fields. If the navy really was outfitting the hull with metal coils, theorists believe it would be possible from the ship to become invisible through the bending of light. We’ve seen evidence this is possible in modern experiments; the effect can also be achieved with mirrors.

But how did the ship appear in Virginia? The Navy report mentions no transfer, and there are no credible accounts documented saying anyone saw the ship one day in Philadelphia and the next day in Virginia. In fact, there’s not much documentation period regarding the event, leading most people to believe it was a hoax or a serious misinterpretation of a realistic event.

Could it be that the ship, which was reported seen out at sea, was just doing what every other warship has done over the last few decades? After all, if the United States had cloaking technology, you’d think it would have turned up again at some point. What do you think?

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