Photos of the Lunar Eclipse of February 2009

Yesterday was the Lunar Eclipse. The first moon eclipse of 2009. So here are a few shots taken by astronomy fans from around the world.Please note that this is a penumbral eclipse that is it is seen when the moon enter the penumbra (the shadow of the planet earth). Unfortunately the weather in Mauritius was damn too cloudy and there are no shot from here.

Lunar Eclipse Feb 2009

Photo by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration

Phil zayco

Photo by Phil Zayco

Penumbral lunar eclipse 2009

Photo by Christopher Calubaquib – California

“Normal full Moons are fully lit, yet this one has a dusky shading across the north pole. That was the eclipse.”


One of the shot from Mauritius. Source: Preetesh

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    • Kurt Avish on

      @Shah: Its not a partial eclipse. Its a penumbra one..that is the shadow of the earth block the light reaching the moon… Look at the first image. The one at 8:30 is before the eclipse…the one at 8:58 is during the shading of the moon. Normally on full moon we see a bright moon… but during the eclipse the full moon becomes dull…its like clouds are moving on the moon…but its not cloud :-) Its the shadow


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