Planet X Nibiru Causing The Kuiper Belt To Behave Strangely?

Can planet X, aka Nibiru and their inhabitant the Anunnaki’s threat can be true? Some researchers think so (Crazy!). When you hear the words ‘Planet-X’, the first thing that comes to most of our minds is the popular—albeit far-fetched—theory of Nibiru, the planet which placed mankind on Earth to mine gold. According to the myths, which have all been added to and embellished since the original, the beings on Nibiru are supposed to return in 2012 or thereabouts to take the gold and reestablish their dominion on this planet.

Never mind the complication of how a planet estimated to be four times the size of Earth would propel itself toward us; doomsday trolls are out and about claiming Planet-X is out there, waiting.

They might actually be right—but only about the Planet-X part. In reality, and in the real world of astronomy, there does exists a suggestion of evidence pointing toward a planet in our solar system beyond Pluto (which isn’t really considered a planet anymore, remember).

Planet X Nibiru

The asteroid belt that sits between Earth and Pluto, known as the Kuiper Belt, makes seeing anything past Pluto rather difficult. The distance from Earth doesn’t help much, either. It is that asteroid belt, however, that is hinting at the real possibility of Planet-X’s existence.

According to respected astronomer Rodney Gomes, the asteroids in a part of the Kuiper Belt are behaving strangely; orbiting in irregular patterns which indicate they are being influenced by a gravitational force.  According to Gomes calculations, something capable of causing a disruption would need to be a ‘planetary mass solar companion’, better known as a planet. The new member of the solar system would need to be 4 times the size of Earth or an object the size of Mars with its own irregular orbit.

Unfortunately, the distances involved and the asteroid belt itself makes seeing such a planet almost impossible. While it has been speculated about for decades, Planet-X is still not proven to exist, though researchers are applauding the calculations and evidence Gomes has brought forth.

Kuiper Belt

Some researchers feel that Gomes may be correct in his speculation about the disruptions in the asteroid belt; however, they feel that his estimations of the unknown planet’s size may be off. Some astronomers feel the object would need to be much larger than just 4 times the size of Earth to affect orbits in such a way.

What there is no evidence of is that this so-far invisible planet is moving closer to us with murderous intent, as those who live their lives awaiting Nibiru would claim.

In fact, experts have suspected the existence of Planet-X for almost 30 years. If such a large body of mass were moving inward toward the sun, there would be much more significant alterations than just the orbits of rocks in the Kuiper Belt.

And if Planet-X is indeed a planet of our solar system, moving toward the sun at a speed fast enough to reach us in a matter of months would undoubtedly cause environmental chaos on that planet, altering daylight, temperature, and probably any life present.

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