PRB Mauritius 2012: The Happy and Unhappy Ones

Deception for many and joy for a few! The latest PRB report published last week turned out to be sour for many and worth winning jackpot for a handful of people. While the promise had always been to eliminate the disparity between the low and high earners, the truth is that it is impossible.mauritius public workers

Gift from the Government

Many people are considering this to be a gift to delight the electorate for the fast approaching municipal elections. While the Labour party has severely condemned this, they are still praising themselves, for they managed to implement all recomendations although we are going through a bad economic situation.

The main argument put forward for the huge salary packages to the high government officials is to retain and encourage the “experts” to remain in the public sector.

Obvious critics from the opposition and trade unions

Paul Berenger, leader of the MMM (Mouvement Militant Mauricien) party, has blamed the government to work in collaboration with the Pay Research Bureau and ultimately direct the report in their favour.

On the other hand, Pravind Jugnauth leader of the MSM (Mouvemant Socialiste Mauricien) has claimed that the best place fit for the PRB report is in the dustbin.

What all are criticizing is the gap between the low earners and the high government officials. Mauritian Trade Unions are planning a walk in the capital to protest against the PRB report while Unions in Rodrigues have gone to the extent of burning the report.

Water Diamond Paradox

Wage differentials have always existed and will always exist. There are economic viable reasons to prove why a person should earn more than someone else: qualifications, experience and expertise, level of responsibility, among many others.

While the low level workers are like water, important but in abundance the high officials are like diamonds, rare and experts in their field. If income disparity does not exists who is going to sacrifice his time  to acquire education, knowledge and expertise?

Is the PRB 2012 of Mauritius report fair?

Bread crumbs for the low earners and a big chocolate cake for the high officials! 100 % duty free for many high earners to buy a car while no facilities for those at the bottom of the ladder to buy a motorcycle or even a bicycle!

The biggest objective of the PRB being to increase purchasing power of the workers, how can the percentage increase in salary differ? A flat rate should have been applied for all the workers. That’s the biggest irony of the PRB report.

Was the PRB report necessary?

Published every 4 years, the tradition had to be continued. On several instances we have been asked to tighten our belts because of the difficult economic situation our country is going through. The salary packages being offered is in contrast to policies that should have been applied given that the Mauritian economy and many sectors of the country are going through a bad phase.

How will the private sector react?

Will the private sector retaliate and adjust pay scales following the PRB report? The general idea is logically this action.  With the public sector looking more lucrative, many may be tempted to jump on future job opportunities. The ball is in the private sector’s camp now, to retain their “experts”!

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    • hulk on

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