No need to have a S.C or H.S.C to be recruited in the Mauritian public sector as from now. According to a recent document published by the Ministry of Civil Service and administrative reforms, only the highest qualification will be now considered for a job post in the public sector. More precisely, you can now integrate the public sector with your degree only.


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Is Mauritius a democracy or a kleptocracy?

While the once Minister of Education Mr Steven Obeegadoo has pinpointed a famous tertiary institution to directly benefit from this requirement of the Civil Service Ministry, there is a bitter truth behind all this.

Recently the Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (EIILM) which is situated at the Ebene Cybercity made an aggressive advertising campaign about a foundation course leading to a University degree whereby the requirement is just an ‘A level’.

In the past the minimum of ‘3 credits’ to move up to HSC had created much debate. Now a degree with only one A- level is another slap to the education system in Mauritius.

While Sunil Jeetah, the brother of Rajesh Jeetah, Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology, obviously knew nothing about the intentions of the Civil Service Ministry, how come EIILM seems to be the only university to benefit from this new law?

Was all this a preplanned investment plan?

Bought at peanut’s price for a prime land in the 2000’s, may be thanks to political connections, the land, almost one hectare, where the  current EIILM university stands is worth over Rs 40 million today. Interesting a 7 story high building is nearing completion on the campus, may be to cater for potential students coming for the Foundation course ? What an investment strategy? Profits and Profits!

Voice of our Readers

As usual with my posts, I’ve gathered the opinion of a few of our colleagues and friends. Let’s see what they have to say.

Bindiya : “I think it’s the last chance for a student to catch up with a degree if he has not got  his SC or HSC.”

Gulshan: “I burned the midnight candle every day to get 6 units at Sc and 5 A’s at HSC to ultimately know that all my efforts were in vain. These are irrelevant for a job”

Deeya:  “I have worked hard to get my Sc, HSC and  Bsc   I now find out that someone who has just a pass at University level has a job just because his father has a connection with a minister and I am still sitting at home with much better results waiting for an interview. Where is the meritocracy? Equal opportunities act? This law will favour only those in politics”.

Steve: “This will hollow our work force. A degree in hand, perhaps with help of money and leaked exams papers but no capability to do the job will certainly ruin our country.”

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