Meaning of your Sleeping Positions About Your Personality

Everybody has a different position when sleeping. Some might curl up some others might sleep upside down, some have a habit of putting a hand in between the legs and some yet others sleep on their stomach, flat. Is it possible that sleeping positions have something to do with a person’s character?

Indeed, sleeping positions can reveal your personality. According to a study, while sleeping, the unconscious mind gets over the conscious one leading to natural body movements through which a person automatically settles in his sleeping position.

There are 6 common positions in which an individual sleeps. A study by Professor Chris ldzikowski reveals the hidden meaning behind these positions. He surveyed 1000 participants and found out how these positions affect a person’s health and what these positions say about a person’s characteristic.

#1 Freefalling

free fall sleep position

This position includes sleeping inverted on the stomach with head on the side.

Meaning: Such individuals are friendly and impatient. They cannot digest criticism and take it personally.

Health tip: This position is good for digestion

#2 Fetus (curled up on the side)

Fetus sleeping position

This is a very common type of sleeping pattern followed by almost half of the participants in the sample.

Meaning: Such individuals are like a coconut. They may appear tough beings but are very sensitive. “Worry” is their best friend. Also many individuals adapt to this position while going through stressful moments.

Health tip: There may undue pressure on vital organs like the liver if you curl on your left side, instead curl on the right side.

#3 Log

The log sleeping position

Like a log of wood, this position includes lying on the side with both the arms by the side.

Meaning: These are easy to fool people. They can trust anyone including strangers and then land up in trouble.

Health tip – it keeps the spine in stable position and reduces the back pain.

#4 Yearner

Yearner sleeping position

In this sleeping position, a person curls on his/her side with the arms in the front.

Meaning: These individuals are skeptical by nature and doubt everything. They would take a long time to come to a particular decision but once they decide on something, they stick to it and often have little regrets.

Health tip – This position eases the problems associated with acid reflux

#5 Soldier

soldier sleeping position

Like a soldier on the war front, this sleeping position involves lying on the back with both the arms open in front.

Meaning: People who sleep like the solder are quiet and very reserved. They do not like to be in public and are often limited to themselves. They remain aloof from others.

Health tip – This position would lead to snoring and breathing problems; instead try flipping on the back and it may be relaxing.

#6 Starfish

Starfish sleeping position

Just like a starfish making a star shape this position includes raising both the hands upward while lying on the back.

Meaning: Such individuals can be somebody’s best friend. They have the patience to listen to problems and also offer help and come out with a solution.

Health tip – This position also can lead to snoring and the person would not have a sound sleep.

Do you know your position? If you’ve ever observed your sleeping positions, try connecting them with the above interpretations and see for yourself whether it’s true. I personally, believe that a person does not maintain one single sleeping position throughout his lifetime. Positions do change based on daily routines and daily circumstances. At times, I’m a mix of the starfish and the fetus while at others, the fetus is predominant.

Do you have only one sleeping position or a combination of several positions?

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