Steve Crecelius – Man Has Both Male and Female Sexual Organs

Steve Crecelius discovered he was a woman after he went to the doctor for a kidney stone. While the discovery wasn’t as obvious as some people are expecting, an ultrasound did reveal Crecelius had both male genitalia and internal female sexual organs!

The discovery was relieving, said the Colorado photographer. Since an early age, he had always experienced feminine thoughts and emotions, thinking himself to look “pretty” when he experimented with his mom’s makeup. Despite the mixed thoughts as a young person, it wasn’t until over 25 years of marriage and 6 children that a diagnostic test revealed the truth.

man diagnosed with female genitals and his wife

It’s not that Crecelius is really just a woman but he’s still a man, too. So all of you out there wondering how he could have fathered children and had a successful marriage should understand a little better. He said his wife and all of his children are very accepting of the situation, and his wife even took him to buy his first bra.

Now he goes by the name “Stevie” and is happy he can finally wear the clothes that make him look like a woman.  Stevie’s situation is referred to as intersex, and over 1500 babies are born with the gender mix annually.

Just like Crecelius’s case, most people never know they have the internal organ of the opposite sex. This physical abnormality sparks the debate about homosexuality, and whether it is a condition of genetics or one of environmental influences.

If someone can be born with both male and female hormone-producing body parts, it stands to reason that someone can be born with the natural inclination to prefer people of their own gender. After all, no one who is straight woke up one day and made a conscious decision to like only the opposite gender. It’s just who they are and the way they were born.

Right now, Crecelius and his wife are still together, though no one knows what the future will hold. As someone who feels more like a woman, will he be inevitably more attracted to men? Or can a man born as a woman have inclinations to be a lesbian?  And is all of this genetic, or is it a result of chemical imbalances in the brain?

The brain is a funny thing, and if one hormone or chemical goes a little out of whack, people start killing others or withdrawing from society or doing other “crazy” things. Instead of a genetic difference, like in the case of intersex people, could sexual orientation be all chemical?

Of course, those who believe we are all just chemical reactions will probably say it is. Some people will say it’s just fate or destiny, and then some people think all homosexuals are liars.

Regardless of the sexual preferences, Stevie is living proof that not everyone is born knowing they are male or female, and that sometimes a woman really can be trapped in a man’s body.

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