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The demand for web hosting in Mauritius keeps on increasing as dozens of new Mauritian websites crop up every week. Therefore we have decided to update this article with the latest most popular web hosting providers from Mauritius. This is because in the last two years, some Mauritian hosting agencies went off the radar while some new ones joined the competition.This article was initially published in 2010 and the last update was done in: May 2013.

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In this post, we will talk only about Shared Hosting and we will be considering web hosting offers from the following service providers which are local agencies:

  • Icy Evolution
  • Fody Technologies
  • ECreations Mu
  • Compnet Ltd
 Icy EvolutionFody TechnologiesMauritius.Biz
Cheapest Monthly PriceRs 90Rs 100Rs 110
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Websites Supported With Cheapest PlanUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Private Email AddressesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website BuilderYesYesYes
Free Domain NameYesYesYes
Free GiftRs 6000 worth Premium ThemesNoneNone
Technical Support24/7WeekdaysWeekdays
TechnologyLinux Cloud ServersLinux ServerLinux Server

Now let us examine all the main specifications and also guide you when to use these specifications as a basis for your purchase.

Hosting Set up Fee

If a web host is asking you for a set up fee, then simply tell them goodbye! There is no set up fee for shared web hosting.

Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth?

Logically, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hosting disk space is impossible! Even a powerful dedicated server cannot offer you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Just think about it, have you ever seen a computer with unlimited power?

Read about hosting with unlimited bandwidth and hosting with unlimited disk space here. However with recent cloud technology, some hosting providers can offer scalable resources which are automatically allocated depending on your website’s demand.

Emails and Databases Count

It is useless to have an unlimited amount of emails and databases. Basically if you will be having only a small HTML site, then you will not even use a database. However, the trend nowadays is CMS based websites such as WordPress and Joomla. Consequently, going for a hosting service which includes MySQL databases and/or MS SQL is nearly a must.

Free Domains Names & Things You Must Know

Some web hosting providers offer a free domain name if you buy their hosting package. While this is a good offer you must also know that they are already charging it in their own hosting price. Do not judge your purchase based on this factor only! This is just a commercial strategy to attract more clients.

If a web host is providing a good service and also offering a free domain name, then of course you can go for it. However if the specifications are unattractive, you should not be influenced by this strategy.

When a hosting company offers free domain name with a hosting pack, the domain is never really yours! It is free to you as long as you use the service of the hosting company. If you close your account with them, you lose the domain unless they agree to SELL it to you later on. Losing a domain is equal to losing your own site’s identity on the net.

That is why I always advise my clients to buy their own domain as a separate product insteadA domain name is very cheap. Usually it costs around Rs 600 to Rs 700 per year with full whois privacy and can cost around Rs 450 per year without whois privacy enabled.

Note that a .mu is more expensive and costs around Rs 2300 per year without whois protection and can go up to Rs 2800 per year with whois protection.

What is WHOIS Protection

When you register a domain name on the internet, your full name, address and phone number are made publicly available via whois search. Therefore anyone can track the owner of the domain as well as have the personal information about the owner. With whois protection, the registrar or hosting agency registers the domain in your name but also purchases a whois protection seal thus hiding your personal contact details with an alias of the registrar.

Whois protection is really recommended.

Now we shall examine all the companies mentioned above one by one.

Icy Evolution

Icy Evolution offers web hosting for Mauritius starting at only Rs 90 per month making it among the cheapest offer on the market for starters and medium size websites. Larger and more powerful plans are also available for bigger websites. Icy Evolution is the only hosting provider in Mauritius offering cloud based and auto scaling hosting resources as shared hosting and using CPANEL. As at February 2013, the company also started to offer dedicated server hosting in Mauritius.


  • Most affordable price for Mauritian market
  • Cloud Resources – 99.9% quarantdeed
  • Cpanel Manager
  • Excellent 7/7 proactive email based support

Mauritius Biz

Mauritius Biz is in the hosting business since some years now. Most of their specs seem good along with the price which is the cheapest price in Mauritius at only Rs 1000 per year including free domain name. The only downside is that we have some blogger friends who have had some major issues with their support service which is kind of slow when a client has any issue.

If you are going for a very small website, and cannot afford to pay for a separate domain name, then you can go for this one.


Fodyhost is in the local business since some years (2007). All seems fair with their specifications. At Rs 125 per month, the price is a fair one considering the specs. Their plus point: If you are making a website targeted to France mostly, you can go for them since their servers are located in France.

Cyber Island is a new hosting provider which appeared on our radar during the early months of 2012. We’re pleased of their specs. Considering that they are not operating on cloud technologies, they have been honest to display the real allocated resources. The price is a bit more expensive than the other’s though but they deserved a try. (Update: This company is no more active as at May 2013)

Now, considering all the above mentioned factors, you can easily make your choice. If you have any question or need clarification before purchasing a web hosting package, you can always leave a comment below. I’ll also like to hear from the owners of the different companies if we can have more clarification about their hosting deals and if there is any mistake, do not hesitate to contact us to clarify the concerned points.

If you want to add your Mauritian company to this list, please contact us via our contact form with the required details.

Editors Note: We initially featured in our list but the company was removed upon request from it’s owner. (Check the comment section for the big “why”.).

21 Responses to “Top Web Hosting in Mauritius”

  1. Mrs. Nelina Mootyen on

    ‘Neme*** is not a real web hosting agency.’ Without information about the company’s services and clients, we find it surprising to find such an assessment published on a website. If you are talking about Top Web Hosting in Mauritius, including a company which ‘is not a real web hosting agency’ defeats the purpose of your article. Assessment of a company requires extensive research and insider information which you do not have and this renders your assessment very subjective. Moreover, you are not authorised to use our company name in any way whatsoever. To avoid any legal proceedings, we would be grateful if you could kindly remove Neme*** from the above article within 48 hours and not use our company name in any way in future.

    In case you wish to have more information about the web hosting services we offer, kindly contact me on 403-4433 and I will organise to meet you personally and explain everything clearly to you.

    Thank you.

    Mrs. Nelina Mootyen
    Neme*** Ltd

    • Kurt Avish on

      Thank you for your comment Mrs Nelina. However I’m surprised of the offensive tone considering that we have in no way criticized your company and this article is only a guide for all Mauritians while choosing a web hosting service. All company’s listed here are those which we think we can recommend to our readers. I’m further surprised that you did not consider this article as promotion hype for your company and others listed here. However if you do not wish to include your service in our review, we’ll remove your’s from our article.

      Answering your comment: We have indeed assessed each company’s listed here via their official website and since this is simply a web review, our report is based on facts obtained on the web, on your own website and as for as I understand, YOUR WEBSITE IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE SHOWCASE OF YOUR SERVICES.

      We have no intention to spoil your company’s image but I believe as the author of this article it’s my responsibility to clarify on this topic. Maybe it is simply a misunderstanding. I quote from your website’s About Page:

      Nemes** helps companies in Mauritius achieve their full potential through their human capital, innovative website presence, sound internal systems and practices or a good corporate image. We pride ourselves of the in-depth knowledge our team has acquired over the years in virtually all aspects of Web Design & Marketing, Human Resource Management & Development, Accounting, Software Development and Corporate Identity Development.

      Compared to the other companies listed here which offer web hosting + domain name registration services as their MAIN services, your company is one which has these services as a part of the other services provided. Thus our sentence stating that your company is not a Web hosting agency. But still since you offer these services, we decided to include your company in our list review.

      If you still wish that we remove your company name from this article, please let us know and we’ll do the necessary.

      Thank you for reading IC.

      • Mrs. Nelina Mootyen on

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        Thank you for your reply. We are a business solutions provider and web hosting is part of our core activities and we noted with concern that your comment stated that Neme*** is not a real web hosting company. Correct semantics would have been ‘Neme*** does not specialise in web hosting’. Nonetheless, we shall not engage in a war of words and will not take matters further if all mention of Neme*** is removed from this website including comments and replies within the next 48 hours. Kindly also ensure no mention of our company is made in future.

        On a differente note, kindly note that I am Mrs. Mootyen and not Mrs. Nelina. Call that being picky but this is what I teach my students at the university for them to become business professionals and I do not like to be on a first name basis with people I don’t know.

        Thank you.

        Mrs. N. Mootyen

        • Kurt Avish on

          It seems it is more of a war of semantics instead of words then, all over an article promoting your own business. We’ll have our editors to remove your company’s name from the article as requested within 48 hours.

          Concerning your name, we are sorry for the confusion but with all due respect, I would also be very grateful to inform you that as business professional and when dealing for business purposes, we usually address as the following: Mr/Mrs Family name first followed by the first name. It’s never late to learn something new.

        • Anonymous on

          I quote “Moreover, you are not authorised to use our company name in any way whatsoever.” – was it mentioned in your privacy policy? Disclaimer? Your websites does not have one? Is it on paper right?

          Quote me the ICTA statement or internet law please.

          Seriously, you call yourselves business professionals ? Damn, “students” must have the same stupid way of addressing such professional issue? Right?

          Basically, such anomaly could have been solved if you have contacted the administrator via the contact form available? Professional right? Ethical or not? And not creating a damn scenario for people to see?

          You call yourself a professional…. my god.. you teach at university level and you own a company…

          Next, you say “…mesys is removed from this website including comments and replies within the next 48 hours. …” You yourself comment in this article, include your name, use inappropriate business response techniques and say to remove your own comment?

    • Yannick J.C on

      Il ya quelque chose qui m’étonne. C’est le fait qu’au lieu de clarifier sur les services de votre entreprise, vous avez préféré de déclencher une guerre des mots. Est-ce la façon dont vous traitez vos clients et les medias lorsque vous avez un point de désaccord? Je suis un homme d’affaires aussi mais ce n’est pas la bonne marche à suivre. Je ne fais que partager mon opinion. Merci.

  2. Akshay Refmaster on

    Hi there..great article you posted here. But i might not agree with something you wrote up there.
    “also know that having a .mu gives you NO PRIORITY in search engines over any other domain types.”

    That is false cause having a .mu domain DOES give you an advantage in search engine ranking over a keyword that contains Mauritius and for searches originating from Mauritius, that is from

    (given that both domains that are being compared, have been optimized in the same way)

    • MauriFAIL on

      @malek, None of them have servers locally, most of them are cheap servers located in the US probably which is onshore hosting. I guess only Mauritius Telecom has servers locally, not too sure about that though.

      I’d suggest to check out for proper reviews on legit and new hosting solutions.

      You can get a better offer, and better hosting solution and location depending on what you’re building your site for.

      This is only if you have the facility to pay online, otherwise you would have to deal with these local companies itself.

      Trust me I doubt these local companies would be having highly qualified employees to handle a fully optimized server with good security if these factors are of your concern.


    • Kurt Avish on

      @malek, As far as I know, none of them. The cost of operating servers (special cooling) is really high considering if a company have its own servers here and the comparatively small hosting market we have in Mauritius.

      Mauritius Telecom and the NCB however have their own servers, but from experience… Do not be dependent on an MT or NCB servers for your own use, you will regret it if your site receives huge traffic or require huge amount of compute cycles (eg a web app site)! An example is the government website which is a static site (no cms in that) which is often down during peaks such as HSC results or even CPE results.

      The companies above either pays for dedicated servers from real datacenters (eg The Planet or via Hostgator) and then resell these as shared hosting here. Or there are also some companies who buy reseller accounts and resell here.

      If you can purchase online (you have a verified paypal and credit card) then you can purchase your hosting yourself. Eg check our Hostgator deal here:

      However if you are not used to using cpanel/whm/whcms or not at ease with online purchase and prefer to deal with a local representative, then the companies above are best suited for your need. The advantage here is you can simple pay the company by cash or direct bank deposit.

      • yannacreations on

        @Kurt Avish,

        As you said, most Mauritian web hosting providers are resellers. We own a dedicated server in USA and are able to offer high quality web hosting as from Rs 100/month.

        With every hosting plan, you get a free domain name for 1 year and the first month is free.

        Finally, -the most important thing- we offer great support (live chat and support tickets).

        Check out our offers here:

        Yanna Creations Ltd

  3. yannacreations on

    Hi everyone,

    We offer web hosting packages at affordable prices. We do not emphasis on space or BW because the most important factor to think about when choosing a host is support. We offer great support and a great service.

    Contact us for a quote : [email protected]

  4. Benoit Gentil on

    Thank you for the modifications. Really appreciated. Regarding domain names or amount of websites allowed, it’s unlimited with a condition (Reselling not allowed). Reseller or Web Designer packages are available for that purpose.

  5. Benoit Gentil on

    Regarding FodyHost, we are NOT a reseller. We own and manage our own servers compared to our competitors. Also I’m not sure how you got that price but on our website it’s listed as from Rs 150 per month and if you purchase for more years, it’s even cheaper.

    • Kurt Avish on

      Thank you for the clarification Benoit. The price mentioned of Rs300/month is based on the 3 month contract (the minimum in Fodyhost case as seen on the website). The post above considered the monthly price for the minimum contract length and I tried to balance the offers of each company to match that of a near-or-almost same specifications provided. Of course for a longer contract, eg: One year, the price will be lower as you mentioned.

      Below is the data as found on the website and used in this case.

      3 Months ($9.95/mth) – Around Rs 300/month
      6 Months ($6.95/mth) – Around Rs 215/month
      12 Months ($4.95/mth) – Around Rs 150/month
      24 Months ($3.95/mth) – Around rs120/month

      Note that it is based on the actual $ price trend and is an average.

      As for not being a reseller, thank you for the clarification. That’s a plus point then. I’d like to know about one thing concerning the allowed domain name per acc/ Is it unlimited or a limited amount of domain add on names? I have set it as unknown above since I could not find this detail on your website.


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