Torrential Rain Alert In Mauritius – 13 February 2013 – Flood Pics

A torrential rain warning is in force in Mauritius since 06.15 this morning, 13 February 2013. Time for an unexpected holiday for the kids in Mauritius since all pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions will be closed today. The Minister of Education, Vasant Bunwaree announced the decision this morning based on the recommendation of the Mauritius Meteorological Station. (Update: Public and Private sector are also closed as at 10:00 today – Details below).

Heavy rainfall in Mauritius

Heavy rainfall accompanied with occasional thunderstorms are expected today in Mauritius. Fog patches and water accumulation are also expected in certain regions.

Latest Updates

  • 09:00 – All government employees are allowed to return home as at 09:00 today. News confirmed by Mr Suresh Seebaluck, Head of Civil Service Affairs. More heavy rainfall is expected in the coming hours.
  • 10:00 – All private sector employees are allowed to return home by latest 12:00 today. News confirmed by the Mauritius Employees Federation some minutes ago on Radio Plus.
  • 10:07: Orange mobile network users reporting network issues across Mauritius. The mobile network is down in many regions of Mauritius.
  • 16:00: Torrential Rain Warning taken off.

Flood in Mauritius February 2013 – Photos

More photos can also be viewed here.

Flood Caudan

Caudan Port Louis – Flood February 13 2013 – Via: Jean Noel Montroche

mcdonald port louis flood

Mc Donald Flooded at Port Louis – Via: Jean Noel Montroche


Port Louis flooded

Brisee Verdiere Flood

Flood at Brisee Verdiere – Mauritius – Via La Sentinelle

Last Night (12 February 2013) Rainfall

About 129mm of rainfall has been recorded at Queen Victoria, Flacq, 100mm at Providence, 95 mm at Plaisance and Souillac and 85mm at Riche-en-Eau. As at last night about 20 houses have reportedly been flooded with the heavy rainfall and water accumulation. The most affected regions are Souillac, Chamouny and Chemin-Grenier.

Stay safe dearest readers and happy holiday little kiddos.

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  1. jaaz on

    hi i think you people should be worried what will happen if the island giot flooded. as in the picture it look scary. not worried about the network.


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