Flash Floods Mauritius Updates – 30th March 2013 – 11 Killed

Torrential rain strikes again in Mauritius on this 30th March 2013. Since the last few hours, Mauritius is facing non-stop heavy rainfall across the Island and dozens of accidents have already been reported and the most notable one involving over 15 vehicles who have just collided against each other near the Hindu House at Port Louis (report at as: 16:20). Several roads have been closed.

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Update: 1st April 2013: Up to 11 dead confirmed as at today morning. 3 still missing. Nearly a hundred houses totally damaged.

Update 31 March 2013: Public holiday announced for April 1st 2013 following those chaotic events of March 30th.

Update: 22:26: 8 dead confirmed. 6 people killed in the Caudan underground tunnel.

Update: 17:46 – Confirmed report: Two killed (mother and son) in the underground Caudan tunnel due to the flood.

Video by: Jude Kelly Cangy (Facebook) – Near Jardin de la Compagnie Port Louis

Accident Hindu House

Via Fayaman Selekta – Accident near Hindu House


Via Vinshi Stin – Accident near Hindu House

Flood Mauritius March 30 2013

Accident near Hindu House Port Louis – Via Ashvin Kumar Wonderboy (Facebook)

Video showing Caudan Tunnel Flooding – Killing 4 people

Video via N. Peerthy



Accident near Hindu House Port Louis – Via Ashvin Kumar Wonderboy (Facebook)


Accident near Hindu House Port Louis – Via Ashvin Kumar Wonderboy (Facebook)


Via Ashvin Kumar Wonderboy (Facebook)

Caudan flood killed 2 persons

Caudan underground tunnel filled with water – 2 killed here – Via: Old Mauritia

Killed at Caudan Mauritius

One of the victims of Caudan Underground Tunnel – Via: Al Khizr


Photo shot at Canal Dayot – Via Pascal Louise

inondation ile maurice

Via Pascal Louise – Near Bell Village Bridge

Flood Torrential Rain mauritius

Via Defimedia

Flood in Mauritius March 2013

Flood near Cine City Port Louis – via: Nigel Michael


Jardin Compagnie Mauritius Completely Flooded – Via Nigel Michael


hospital flooder

Jeetoo Hospital Flooded

Rue la Chaussee Plouis inondation

Via Vinshi Stin – Rue la Chaussee, Plouis.

Deluge Port Louis

Deluge Port Louis

Photo via Top FM

Flood in Mauritius Port Louis

Flood in Mauritius




Photos Via: Aditish

Google Map with markers for the chaotic events of March 30th in Port Louis

View Port-Louis Floods – 30 March 2013 in a larger map

Recovery of 10th victim from Harbour Building Port Louis

Video by Jameel Perally

Video provided by: N. Bholah.

48 Responses to “Flash Floods Mauritius Updates – 30th March 2013 – 11 Killed”

  1. linkin park on

    god lol it all our own act which bring us here we dump everywhere, we donot have a good meteo,god would never let his children suffer like tht.

  2. yohann on

    Hello everyone,

    This is a sad day for Mauritius but i have other sad news.

    In the span of 2 months this is the second time this type of floods affects port-Louis(the last one on ash Wednesday).

    The sad news id that those people died because on works being done on the motorway.

    Port-Louis has a system of rain water drains which date from french and English periods(some made more that 150 years ago ie canal le pouce, canal dayot etc.) Those are massive as compared to the other parts of Mauritius that carry rain water to the sea. They were done because of the topology of port-Louis that is: there is the sea on one side and mountains on the other sides.

    But, those were impeded(blocked portly or wholly) at near their mouths but works being done to on the motorway which at one point passes by the side of the sea. A third lane of the Motorway is being made on this motorway in port-louis. So the contractor blocked those water drain so as to add the third lane which will go across those water drains.

    The flooded areas are near or on the uphill those flood drains.

    The caudans waterfront is near Canal le pouce(a flood drain) which overflowed thus flooding sub sea levels(where the majority of bodies have been found).

    Since 3 decades(since i was born) this is the largest flooding in Port-Louis and the only one with loss of human life. But the amount of rain was not near amounts seen during cyclone hollanda(water was entering on my property but luckily no flooding in my house) and yacinte. Or the time in the 60s when in rained nonstop for more than a weak(story told by my father who lives in port-Louis since 6 decades.).

    I really do think that This is not due only to the rain but a chain of events( and constructions) which caused this disaster. I am very sorry but had to say it: Those loss of life could/should not have happened.

  3. Jack on

    My condolences to all families affected by this mishap. It’s really very sad. My heartfelt sympathy to those who have lost their dear ones.
    Shame on the meteo. Complete fiasco ….amateurism …


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