10 Unbelievable Facts About KFC Being Unhealthy

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Ok, do not yet take the defensive stance. KFC lovers may grunt at the title. However, we all know there’s some ring of truth in this, right? Why, fast food has always been considered to be the unhealthy option compared to home-cooked food. In Mauritius, KFC is among the top fast food chain restaurants that people flock to mostly everyday. KFC is deeply embedded in our tradition. A quick look at its facebook page will confirm this: fans have been sharing amazing stories of their experiences at KFC, and how it is connected to important events of their lives, well even if some of them sounds so “sissies” and fake!

We must have all tried to reproduce the same taste at home, using the kentucky powder available in supermarkets. However, it never works! We can never quite prepare something even remotely close to that amazing, alluring taste. Not even the fried chips we make can rival with those of KFC, we gotta admit it because seriously, on this side of the coin, KFC chips suck! On the other hand, we cannot disregard the fact that KFC is just like any other fast food; it can never be considered a healthy alternative food. Let us now see why it is so unhealthy. Here are 10 unbelievable facts that might (or not) discourage you from eating KFC.

KFC Waiter Joke

1. The Chicken

The rearing of chicken is greatly commercialised nowadays. KFC uses factory farming to produce their chicken. This means maximization of profits by neglecting health conditions at farms. The chickens are provided with no room to move and are deprived of sun. They are fed the cheapest quality of grain (including newspaper and cardboard), a lot of antibiotics and hormones to accelerate their growth. They are thus deformed and ill. Also, all of the chemicals, newspaper, cardboard and medicines are injected into the food chain and make their way into your body! How healthy is this?! You tell me!

Salt and Flavorings – The Bad Ones

1. Maltodextrin

This version of sugar added to KFC recipes suppresses the immune function of the body and leads to diabetes. This can also potentially cause addiction to KFC products.

2. KFC Salt

KFC uses highly refined table salt. This means that it is devoid of important minerals and has a ton of additives that potentially lead to heavy metal toxicity, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure and kidney problems.

3. Monosodium Glutamate

The infamous MSG is no stranger to many folks. Many food manufacturers including KFC use MSG (Also known as Ajinomoto in Mauritius) as a flavor magnifier. Sounds great. The only problem being that in addition to flavor enhancing, it also kills brain cells and dumbs you down. It acts quickly and is not good for you. Other ingredients such as the Autolyzed yeast also contain MSG.

The Oil Factors

4. Partially Hydrogenated Oil

Fried foods are of the unhealthiest foods ever. And, KFC uses oils high in omega-6 fatty acids, which potentially can cause heart problems.

5. High cholesterol level

Non-communicable diseases are in rise in Mauritius. Of the main reasons is diet problems: generally, Mauritians are not conscious of the importance of diet, and how it determines the health of our body and mind. We are what we eat, as the saying goes, and how accurate is this saying! High cholesterol levels are a major threat to the fitness of the heart. Coronary heart diseases are further aggravated by high cholesterol levels. Oily food contributes a lot to this.

6. Saturated fat

Fats can be generally categorised into two groups: saturated and unsaturated fats. Nutritionists and dieticians greatly advise people to not consume saturated fats due to the negative effects they have on our circulatory system: these fats have the tendency to block our arteries, thereby obstructing the normal flow of blood. Blocked arteries are the cause for heart attacks and strokes. It is no surprise for anyone that KFC contains this kind of unhealthy fats.

7. Chicken Fat and Beef Fat

If coming from a healthy farm raised animal, these fats can do a lot of good to the body. However, there is a small problem. The animal bodies are designed to protect themselves from toxicity by trapping the toxins in the fat reserves. Thus, in a factory-raised animal, as in case of KFC, these fats can prove to be pretty toxic on consumption.

Calories that kill!

8. High calories levels

Each person has different calorie requirements, depending on the sex, age, BMI of the person. People with diabetes have to be even more cautious about their daily intake of calorie. One in two Mauritians is diabetic, or pre-diabetic, that is, predisposed to the disease. KFC is known for its high energy food content.

9. Bleached Wheat Flour

Since the bleached wheat flour is an extremely refined source of carbohydrates, its consumption can cause rapid insulin spikes in the blood sugar level and cause problems with insulin control. This is a certain path to diabetes and gaining a good amount of fat on you.

10. Balanced diet

Healthy diet should compose of all three food groups in the adequate amounts to make up a balanced diet. The presence of all food groups are as important as having them in the right proportions. KFC meals certainly do not meet these requirements. The proportion of proteins is higher than it should be. (Well and salts too!)

To have more details about the nutrition content of KFC meals, check here.

It is to be noted that all of the above points concern regular consumption of KFC, in large quantities. We should bear in mind that fast food taken on a regular basis, and, in great quantities, are detrimental to our health. So, in case you are regular buyers of KFC, try diminishing your intake of it. For the sake of your own health.

60 Responses to “10 Unbelievable Facts About KFC Being Unhealthy”

  1. Nisanth on

    It becomes a part of Daily life style and fashion, everyone must be aware about the detrimental effects of such foods. Sooo guys don’t eat this poison anyway.

  2. kawaiipikachu on

    MSG never been proven to be harmful at all.
    Sure I do agree KFC is unhealthy yet there’s proof at all what so ever that MSG is harmful.

    Ever since that infamous piece of satire was written that started the scare over half a century ago there’s no definitive proof at all that it’s harmful.

    Plus MSG is naturally occurring ingredient of many fruits & vegetables like tomatoes, yet the same people that against MSG would say that Tomatoes are healthy.

    So it’s all a lot of hot air that’s been the result of a joke magazine article that everybody took way too seriously.

  3. Santosh Kumar on

    I m a big fan of KFC. But I feel unhealthy after eating KFC chicken. And I don’t want to die in Cancer or don’t want to be patient of heart attack or kidney failure. So trying to stop eating unhealthy food and KFC is in high priority.


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