Water Crisis Problem in Mauritius – Every Drop Counts!

Dry weather persists over Mauritius and the water crisis perdures. Starting from the 10th February 2012, the water usage restrictions which were applied last year are being enforced once again to help ensure a sufficient amount of water for consumption.

Until further notice, it is therefore illegal to wash a vehicle, pavement or building and water lawns by means of a hosepipe or sprinkler. Failure to comply by the Drought Period Regulations has serious consequences including imprisonment of up to 2 years. This measure has been deemed necessary as despite the critical level of water in our reservoirs and boreholes, there are a number of irresponsible members of the population who are blatantly wasting water.

Water crisis in Mauritius

The alarming situation in the island today calls for some action on our part as the principal victims of the water woes are ….US!

Saving water is a shared duty. It’s all too easy to criticize the government and CWA for not doing enough. But are we on a personal basis making an effort to prevent wastage of this precious resource? Here’s sharing with you how by reviewing our habits we can make a difference:

  • While brushing your teeth, avoid letting the water run uselessly. Use a glass of water to rinse.
  • Run the washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full.
  • Monitor your water bills and meter to spot irregularities. This can help you discover leaks.
  • A nice shower after a day of hard work especially in this scorching summer isn’t a bad thing (in fact it is a must for obvious reasons) but spending over an hour in the shower is surely a “crime” given the current situation. By shortening your shower time, you can save gallons of water per month.
  • When at home, refill a water bottle or allocate one glass for drinking purposes. This will reduce the number of vessels to be washed.
  • Wash your fruits and veggies in a vessel of water instead of under the tap. The water can then be re-used to water houseplants.
  • Place frozen food to be thawed in the microwave instead of under running water.
  • Children  should be taught to turn off taps tightly after every use
  • Fix leaky taps promptly. Stop the drip to save the drop!

As we can see, it doesn’t take a lot of hassle to save water. All that is required is a strong will and a little effort. Every Mauritian should take it as their moral and ethical responsibility to reduce wastage as this helps maintain adequate supplies for the future. We all too often take water for granted, forgetting the sad reality that in our neighbor continent Africa ,access to clean water is a luxury for a huge number of people.

Mauritian citizens, let’s take action together and do our part in conserving water in order to sustain our very existence!

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  1. Mauricien on

    ki zot penser kan ena restriksyon dilo pou bann morisien et ban touriste gagne pisine rempli dilo ?? zot pa kapav ale bebem dan lamer ? zot pisine dan lotel li à 200m laplaz


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