Are you a Facebook Creeper? 9 out of 10 are.

I was having a look at my Facebook friend list recently and noticed something worth talking about. Facebook creepers! I must admit that in the last few days I’ve kicked out some probable creepers from my list of friends on Facebook.

Social media is addictive. Most people understand that, especially once you meet someone new and start flipping through their online pictures, “liking” images of their life antics. For most people, the novelty of such investigations wears off after a few days, or if you’re really enamored with your new friend, maybe in a few weeks. For some people, however, Facebook profile access is just another way to stalk ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends.

facebook creepers

Facebook the ideal spy tool

According to a recent thesis about people’s behavior on Facebook, 9 out of every 10 people on Facebook are guilty of checking up on a past girlfriend or boyfriend.

This form of cyber stalking is called “creeping,” and Facebook creepers are everywhere. And these jilted lovers aren’t just curious. The report revealed most of them obsessively look at pictures, comparing themselves to what that person’s current significant other brings to the table. For the real creepers, fake Facebook profiles allow uncensored viewing.

While the information gathered revealed almost half of all people remained friends with an ex on Facebook, it also showed that blocked ex-lovers use mutual friends profiles to spy on the old girlfriend or boyfriend.The evidence strongly suggested Facebook was a huge hurdle for someone trying to overcome the stress of a breakup.

Surprisingly, the study showed many broken relationships remained intact on Facebook because it is considered rude to unfriend someone on the social media site (as if breaking up with them wasn’t bad enough.)

What is truly interesting from the thesis is just how much personal invasion there can be on a social media site. It may seem funny to know people are “Facebook creeping,” but clearly not enough people know how to boost their personal privacy settings within the system. Even though it may seem rude to unfriend someone, it is possible to limit what someone see or who can even post messages on your Wall.

You’re the problem. Not the Facebook Creeper!

Yes, Facebook creepers are unsettling, but how much of it is the fault of the person being stalked? Most of us know we can change settings, and if unfriending an ex is really cruel, isn’t it crueler to make them watch while you more forward in a new relationship? Or maybe that’s secretly what people want: to make their exes feel insignificant and jealous. Why else would you really keep an ex as a friend on Facebook?

People always seem so surprised when their personal information and pictures end up in the wrong hands, but in the end, it’s no one’s fault but their own. Here’s how the ex-lover issue should work: You break up with a person in person, and then you remove them from your social media accounts and change your profile settings. See? Simple.

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