Additional bowl game added for all bowl eligible teams

Each team with six wins in 2021 would have the opportunity to go to a bowl game.

According to an Action Network report, plans are underway for a 42nd bowl game to host Hawaii and a team that would be excluded from the original bowl lineup. There are currently 83 teams at 6-6 or better for 82 bowl spots and Hawaii has a 6-7 record.

According to the report, the NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee approved the extra bowl game on Thursday. It would be played in Texas and would involve two non-Power Five conference teams. The extra bowl would then allow Hawaii to stay in Hawaii and play Memphis (6-6) in the Hawaii Bowl on December 24.

The replacement bowl comes after the cancellation of the Redbox Bowl in September. This game was usually between teams from the Pac-12 and the Big Ten. So while it’s a bit odd that an additional bowl game is created from scratch after the regular season, this bowl game feels more like a replacement than an addition.

Since Hawaii was below 0.500, common wisdom left them out of a bowl game. But he is eligible since he has reached the threshold of six wins. Hawaii is allowed to play 13 games per season due to a rule that allows teams to schedule a 13th game if they are traveling to Hawaii for a game. Hawaii has played 13 regular season games in each of the past three seasons unaffected by COVID-19.

In addition to Hawaii, the MAC also had two 6-6 teams (Miami and Ball State) among its eight eligible bowling teams, and Independent Liberty ended the season 7-5 with no direct bowl connection. He estimated that one of those three teams would be the excluded team during Sunday’s bowl selection process as the bowls moved down in the pecking order.

But that will not happen now. And we all have one more football game to watch.

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