After cooking for stars like Snoop Dogg, Sharon Stone, this chef now has her own restaurant


Nik Fields is a famous chef. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York, as one of 13 children of her Caribbean-American parents. The love of food and cooking has been instilled in him since childhood. Although she obtained a degree in culinary arts, her parents discouraged her from pursuing a career in the field because they did not find her glamorous.

According to Fields, her parents viewed cooking for people as a form of bondage, so they didn’t want their daughter to become a cook after African Americans spent more than a century doing domestic work.

“My parents thought it was a downgrade,” she told AZ Central. “They were thinking, ‘So you really go to culinary school to cook for people. You become like a stereotype when you can go to college and be who you want to be.

Fields went on to earn a master’s degree in finance, got a job in banking, and excelled. Nonetheless, she continued to show her love for food. She would organize family events, get together and show off her culinary skills.

Fields decided to pursue his passion after turning 43 and his daughter had graduated from college. All she needed was to brush up on her cooking skills as she already had them. Using his business skills, Fields made his own path in the culinary world.

After graduating in Culinary Practice, Fields traveled to Italy in search of culture and good food. When she launched her food brand Chic Chef Co., Fields bought olive groves in Italy, produced olive oil, and introduced 15 organic, salt-free, hand-blended seasonings.

“Think of him as a healthier version of Goya. It’s easy, delicious and doesn’t require any cooking, ”she told Cuisine Noir.

According to Cuisine Noir, she “recently launched a line of organic honey-based simple syrups under Chic Chef Co. that come in flavors such as mango lime, jalapeno and lavender vanilla. The products are available online and in some retail stores. Next, Fields is working on a range of sorbets.

Affectionately referred to as “Nik the Chic Chef” or “Foodie with a Cause,” Fields gained national notoriety, earning him celebrity chef status. She has prepared dishes for celebrities such as Sharone Stone, Jess Hilarious, Supa Cent, Angie Stone, Vivica Fox, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold and Snoop Dogg.

Fields didn’t plan to cook for celebrities, but “once you cook for one, they come out of the woods,” she told AZ Central. She recalled catering to a film crew in Los Angeles and how she received cooking requests from movie stars like Vivica A. Fox and Sharon Stone.

According to Cuisine Noir, Fields may be the only black chef to own his own olive farm and a collection of infused olive oils and balsamic vinegar.

Fields attributes its success to its brand. She says she embodies exactly what the Chic Chef Co brand stands for. “Standardizing luxury in the culinary realm has been an incredible journey. I believe that in order to be successful with your brand, you must first love what you do, ”she told Shoutout Atlanta.

She also said that her job at the bank gave her the business acumen needed to be successful.

Fields recently opened its first restaurant in Phoenix, despite the pandemic. She opened the restaurant alongside her first physical store to sell products from her Chic Chef Company and other valley brands.

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