Convicted felon arrested in Arenac County after 1st Amendment auditor incident


STANDISH, Mich. (WJRT) – A man who has been convicted of sex crimes in Hawaii is currently in Arenac County jail after what appears to be an attempted confrontation with police.

The man appears to be a First Amendment listener, trying to catch video police doing something wrong, but Arenac County sheriff says video is proof the convicted felon was breaking the law .

“I have a hunch about this one,” says the man in the video who is now proving in a criminal case.

The statement made by a man walking past the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department and the courthouse a week ago Monday night around 11 p.m. The online video is now in the possession of investigators. A correctional officer asks the man if he needs help.

“No, but I still appreciate what your name and badge number was,” the man said to the officer.

The corrections officer let the man film outside the building, but with the help of their own surveillance cameras and detective work, they were able to identify the man as Mark Heath, 34 years old, from Oscoda County.

He was arrested two days later.

Sheriff Jim Mosciski says part of the video indicates Heath admitted he was wearing body armor of a certain type.

“He admitted he had illegal stuff on him, and he’s a criminal, has a criminal background, it’s even going to Hawaii,” Mosciski says.

Hawaii media reports that Heath was sentenced to jail for sex crimes in 2010, but it is not known how long he was behind bars. Heath is currently listed on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

Heath now faces a four-year felony in Arenac County for possession of a bulletproof vest while a criminal. Heath faces two felony charges in Oscoda County in unrelated cases.

First Amendment Listener videos like this have become common on the Internet.

“They want a confrontation with law enforcement or, they did it in the courthouses, they want to confront someone over there saying, you can’t do this, you can’t do that , you violate my rights and then they try to sue the county for money, ”Mosciski says.

First Amendment listeners can also make money by getting people to click on videos on the Internet.

Mosciski says this has happened in other sheriff’s departments in mid-Michigan.

“This is the first time this has happened here,” he says.

I spoke with Heath’s attorney, Steve Raslich, who says he’s looking into the case and wants his client to get a fair court process.

Heath remains in jail on $ 50,000 bail.

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