Cynthia P. Weiss | Bonner County Daily Bee

• Profession: Educator-1973-2022; published writer, Freedom Journals; contractor – TurboCog LLC; American Alliance for Education; Brock tool;

• Party Affiliation: Republican

• Education: University of Michigan BGS; majors: biology, pre-medicine; français[mineurs-éducationhistoireaméricainesciencespolitiques;HillsdaleCollege-Biologieavancéeethistoireaméricaine;National-LouisUniversity-MAT(MasterofArtsinTeaching)-ScienceandMath;UniversityofBaltimoreLawSchoolAdHocStudentfor1anforInternationalAviationLaw;UniversitédeChicago-CertificationEMTetparamédicale;Formationetcertificationendéveloppementd’emploiplacementenemploi;Certificationsdesancienscombattantsetdesfamillesd’accueil-HawaïetOregon;Grant-Writing-Universitéd’Hawaï[Minors-EducationAmericanHistoryPoliticalScience;HillsdaleCollege-AdvancedBiologyandAmericanhistory;National-LouisUniversity-MAT(MasterofArtsinTeaching)-ScienceandMath;UniversityofBaltimoreLawSchoolAdHocStudentfor1yearforInternationalAviationLaw;UniversityofChicago-EMTandParamedicCertification;TrainingandcertificationinJobDevelopmentJobPlacement;VeteranandFosterCarecertifications-HawaiiandOregonawaii;Grant-Writing-UniversityofHeritage[mineurs-éducationhistoireaméricainesciencespolitiques ;HillsdaleCollege-Biologieavancéeethistoireaméricaine;National-LouisUniversity-MAT(MasterofArtsinTeaching)-ScienceandMath;UniversityofBaltimoreLawSchoolAdHocStudentfor1anforInternationalAviationLaw;UniversitédeChicago-CertificationEMTetparamédicale ;Formationetcertificationendéveloppementd’emploiplacementenemploi ;Certificationsdesancienscombattantsetdesfamillesd’accueil-HawaïetOregon ;Grant-Writing-Universitéd’Hawaï[Minors-EducationAmericanHistoryPoliticalScience;HillsdaleCollege-AdvancedBiologyandAmericanhistory;National-LouisUniversity-MAT(MasterofArtsinTeaching)-ScienceandMath;UniversityofBaltimoreLawSchoolAdHocStudentfor1yearforInternationalAviationLaw;UniversityofChicago-EMTandParamedicCertification;TrainingandcertificationinJobDevelopmentJobPlacement;VeteranandFosterCarecertifications-HawaiiandOregon;Grant-Writing-UniversityofHawaii

• How many years as a resident of Bonner County: 5

• Civil status: Married

• Family: 3 adult children living in Nevada, Arizona and Oregon

• Hobbies: Studying the United States Constitution and defending it at the cost of my life; read and learn new things; Help protect God’s creations: Idaho’s families, children, seniors, animals, and natural resources; gardening; chicken breeding; cooking and baking; tutoring (volunteering); Help for veterans (volunteer)

• Email: [email protected]

  1. Implementing a plan to restore parents’ rights, protect our children and save our rural way of life. We will fight together to restore our Constitution (Article V, a Convention of States;) the only way to restore our individual rights; stop the madness in our schools; and stop Washington’s overreach.

With your support, I am the only person who can lead our state to make school choice and vouchers a reality. Idaho will have the best education and our children will be able to stay in Idaho with great jobs. Then work to eliminate all taxes except sales tax.

  1. Politicians tell you what you want to hear to get you to vote for them, then leave empty promises.

  2. Taxes on property, food, gasoline (energy) and medicine.

  3. Child safety – at school, against CRT, drugs and

  4. Selling Idaho’s farms, ranches, timberlands, and natural resources to outsiders and those who wish to destroy our America and Idaho. Our governor with the help of the federal government sold a gold mine to China, our sworn enemy.

  5. What are your solutions? (Be specific please)

  6. Draft legislation and follow the process to adopt it and cancel the mentioned taxes and replace them with a consumption tax.

  7. Completely overhauling childrearing by introducing an entirely new system for the 21st century, which I designed and implemented in Hawaii. It has been very popular with parents, students and the community. As of 2020, a Supreme Court decision was the missing piece we needed when it was discussed in 2017.

  8. Introduce a bill to make it illegal to sell land to foreigners and prevent any natural resources, including food businesses.

  9. Yes, the county should impose impact fees on new developments, especially if the developers are from outside of Idaho. They cause immense harm to our rural way of life; will cost “We the People” more; and rising cost of ownership. Wealthy people escaping to Idaho buy property at rates much more affordable to them, but drastically increase the cost of homes and land, often knocking prices away from Idahoans’ dreams of home ownership. The costs for more infrastructure are steadily rising and the developers are making huge profits and the people of Idaho are suffering.

  10. No. There is an overreach of government at the local, state and federal levels. Politicians make promises so we vote for them. They find excuses when they fail. When they break their promises, they leave us with voter remorse. “We the people” are the government. Elected bureaucrats forget that. Fire those who don’t protect our way of life in Idaho and our Republic. I do what I say and I don’t compromise on my principles. Vote for an honest leader who knows what to do, how to do it, and succeeds when others fail. I never gave up. I promise.

  11. Candidates and conservative organizations that endorse only one candidate for each position and say that person is the only person qualified to be endorsed, before and without all candidates having the opportunity to participate in their forums before the selection is made .

I can’t talk about it because it’s too late for the primary. But it is an issue that I will address before the November elections, if necessary.

  1. The need to support North Idaho College to provide practical coursework and certification for students who wish to work in the Panhandle to have high-paying jobs and stay in Idaho instead of having to leave Idaho. There are major problems with the school at the moment. It is essential that concerned residents and parents actively help correct these issues that will affect all Idahoans in future and present generations. Several candidates have studied there, but have never talked about it.

  2. I am a conservative, Constitution-loving Christian Republican. I believe that I can win through my achievements and my creative and unique solutions. This is my first and last rodeo. I don’t take PAC money, nor can my principles be bought. I am never influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups. What do I say to people who tell me I should quit because I don’t have enough money to get votes? I say not everyone who votes should be bought off. I’ll win every vote because I’m the most qualified candidate, and people know I’m for you.

  3. What question should each candidate be asked? What is your answer? You say you believe in the Constitution of the United States. Do you believe that Article V and the States Convention is the only way “We the People” can amend the Constitution to limit the terms of Congress and prevent them from passing laws and exempting themselves from laws what do they impose on us? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes, I know this is the only way to stop the government’s excesses and pass amendments to rule and kick the federal government out of Idaho and reclaim the 63% of our lands and resources that were supposed to be held in trust. until Idaho becomes a state. Totally against the law.

  1. The Constitution of the United States as ratified is a perfect document, inspired by God. It must be restored so that “We the People” regains our freedoms and our individual rights. The Federal Government is acting unconstitutionally and must be restored: to give life, liberty and the pursuit of our dreams, as free people, the individual, the family being the primary rights necessary to protect the sovereignty of our Republic and state rights.

I ask for your vote because my practical plans are built on my success in making things happen, against all odds. If I am lucky enough to gain your trust, I solemnly swear to you that I will never betray you. You won’t have any voter’s remorse.

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