Digital Transformation Means Greater Member Retention and Revenue for The Nature Conservancy

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, environmental conservation may not have been at the forefront of most people’s minds. So how did The Nature Conservancy, a global environmental nonprofit, have its best year ever in terms of membership revenue? And increase donor retention by 10%? The Nature Conservancy attributes much of its success to an exciting digital transformation project, involving SAS Customer Intelligence 360, which has helped it make smarter decisions to engage its audience of over one million members and donors. potentials.

“Before implementing SAS Customer Intelligence 360, we didn’t have everything in-house, which limited our ability to communicate effectively with our members,” said John Blackwell, director of strategic analysis at The Nature Conservancy. “We would have great ideas to improve audience targeting or segmentation, or to develop a new model to help with audience selection or optimization, but we needed to work with external partners to put these ideas into action. This meant we couldn’t integrate things on the fly or be dynamic. We had to fix this problem. Our digital transformation has been about increasing our speed to market, our agility and improving communication with our members. SAS has put us in the driver’s seat in this regard.

Putting fans first

With SAS, The Nature Conservancy no longer has to outsource to various marketing technology vendors. All data sources are organized within SAS’ customer data platform, further enhancing The Nature Conservancy’s ability to prioritize the privacy and security of its supporters’ data.

“Having all of our data in one place gives us clear, actionable and timely insights,” said Katherine Bowen, director of travel management and marketing automation at The Nature Conservancy. “We now have a 360 degree view of what our constituents are doing. We know who opens emails, who answers phone calls, and who responds to direct mail, allowing us to more accurately identify the best people to contact for a given campaign.

Personalization is an area where The Nature Conservancy is particularly excited to deploy SAS Customer Intelligence 360. Whether it’s an email, text or direct mail to donors potential, personalization increases engagement and therefore donations. Its monthly newsletter, for example, now includes additional personalized content tailored to the individual for certain regions of the world, including Canada, the Caribbean and Africa. With SAS, the Nature Conservancy will be able to combine donor interests and topics with other custom data fields such as region, past donations and length of membership to provide more engaging content.

“Most nonprofits do customization at some level, but we’ll be able to do more and more sophisticatedly with SAS,” Bowen says.

Producing emails can also be simpler. Since switching to SAS 360 Engage: Email (a module of SAS Customer Intelligence 360) for email production, marketers at The Nature Conservancy now have improved tools to create effective campaigns on their own. SAS 360 Engage: Email’s component library, for example, provides marketers with the building blocks for successful email campaigns, including branding guidelines and mobile-optimized design templates.

Future plans for next-gen marketing

The Nature Conservancy is only scratching the surface of what it can do with SAS Customer Intelligence 360. As the organization dives into more advanced integrated AI automation and marketing capabilities, it plans to create efficiencies that drive more forward-thinking and strategic projects, such as customer journey optimization and real-time trigger-based communications.

According to Bowen, every step towards next-gen marketing is a step towards a healthier natural world. The wider organization has taken note of early marketing successes and plans to expand its use of SAS Customer Intelligence 360 ​​to increase its impact.

“By helping us maximize our fundraising, SAS is helping us advance our mission to build a more sustainable future,” concludes Bowen.

Leanne Gordge, Manager: Banking, Telco and Public Sector, SAS in South Africa, says: “Our data-driven solutions are uniquely designed to help marketers and organizations reinvent their marketing and sales strategies and efforts. customer engagement, through trusted analytics and towards powerful, intelligent decision-making.We are very proud to work with The Nature Conservancy globally, as the organization plays a crucial role in raising public awareness and driving campaigns to fight climate change – towards reimagining a world where people and the natural environment coexist and thrive, seamlessly and sustainably into the future.

The Nature Conservancy uses SAS 360 Discover and SAS 360 Engage, components of SAS Customer Intelligence 360.

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