Earning a living wage in Hawaii? Chances are you won’t

HONOLULU (KHON2) – It’s no surprise how expensive Hawaii is. Whether it’s food, child care, medical, housing, or transportation costs, when you live in Hawaii, expect to pay more for basic needs.

living wagea website that calculates how much money is needed to live comfortably in a state or county, has information on what it would take to live in Honolulu County.

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According to their calculations, a living wage for a single person living in Honolulu would be $22.69 per hour or $47,195 per year before taxes.

For a single parent with one child, the living wage to aim for is $42.95 or $89,330 per year before taxes.

Childcare costs an average of $9,413 per year in Honolulu. Housing is another important factor. For a one- to two-bedroom rental, you’ll likely pay $26,916 per year.

For a family of four with two working parents, each parent would need to bring home $29.19 an hour or together $121,410 a year before taxes.

Those working in personal care services tend to earn $32,742 per year, those working in clerical and administrative support services tend to earn $44,555 per year, those working in construction and extraction tend to earn $76,312 per year and those working in transportation and moving service earn an average of $41,580 per year.

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For more information on the average income you will need to live comfortably in Hawaii, go to Living Wage’s website.

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