“From a scale of 0 to Britney, are you free? “


Britney Spears’ fiancé, Sam Asghari, couldn’t help but drop the mic on her celebratory message that her tutelage under her father’s control is coming to an end. Spears made a moving statement on Instagram, thanking his fans for letting go of his father and giving him back his life. She added: “I cried last night for two hours because my fans are the best and I know it… I feel your heart and you feel mine… I know it’s true.” Asghari is right there with her and added to the thread.

Britney Spears’ fiancé Sam Asghari applauds with fans

Asghari added, “On a scale of 0 in Britney, are you free? The comment generated a plethora of comments from fans, many thanking him for his love and support for Spears. “Thank you Sam for your dedication and love for Britney,” replied a fan. Another fan wrote: “I love how much you love and support Britney, Sam! Continue to make her mind incredibly happy! “

Britney Spears’ fiancé, Sam Asghari, celebrates Free Britney | Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

Others flooded the message with heart emojis and exclamations like “BRITNEY !!!!” But fans praised even an unrelated post on Asghari’s page. “Thanks for watching Britney for us,” a fan wrote in one of her photos. “You were sent to her from heaven as she was to you…. blessings and light and love sam! ” A few days earlier, he reposted a comment from one of Spears’ fans, begging him to “take care” of her. He replied: “I LOVE YOU AMERICA”

The couple are making big plans for the future

Asghari and Spears may now be preparing for a house hunt, a source “close to Britney” told TMZ. Spears has not publicly stated that she plans to move, but the source believes that once Spears finally gets control of her money, the couple may consider moving. The couple want to move because of years of bad memories Spears had in his current home and the feeling of being held captive.

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Spears is also focusing on wedding plans and hopes to marry Asghari before she turns 40. [are] plan a big party. This will be the first time in years that Britney has been allowed to indulge with friends, ”a friend told the Mirror. “Britney and Sam would love to get married in Hawaii, that’s where they feel the happiest. Britney would love to do it by her 40th birthday on December 2 at the latest. The source also said that Spears also hopes to start a family with Asghari.

Where should the couple get married?

Spears also recently posted a video alongside Asghari with a question. “OK guys, I have a really big situation,” she said. “I don’t know where I want to get married. We don’t know if we want to get married in Italy, Greece, Australia. Or New York. Asghari suggested, “Why don’t you ask the fans?”

“Maybe I should ask the fans where we should get married, I think that’s a really good idea,” she remarked. Her next video shot is from a location in France. “We are in this beautiful place in France. We are in French Polynesia. My children must have said to me: ‘Mom, you are in France.’ I thought French Polynesia was a different place. Fans have weighed in on where Spears and Asghari should get married and there hasn’t been a huge consensus. From the United States to Greece and some suggesting Hawaii, Spears and Asghari still have a big decision to make.

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