Government Spokesperson: Rising energy prices due to Russian-Ukrainian crisis will benefit Egypt

CAIRO: Egypt launched an international tender to import wheat from April 13-26, just 48 hours after a tender was canceled after only one bid was received.

The Egyptian Supply Commodities Authority has set February 28 as the deadline for bids for the new tender.

It on Thursday canceled an international tender for wheat after receiving a single offer to import 60,000 tonnes of French wheat. A bid must receive more than one bid to become valid.

The country is working on a plan to import wheat from regions outside Russia and Ukraine after the outbreak of war, said Nader Saad, a government spokesman, adding that Egypt has a strategic wheat stock of 5 million tonnes.

Saad said Egypt has been preparing wheat imports since November, before the start of the planting season.

The country’s existing stock will supply the country with wheat for nine months, he added. “Egypt is working on a plan to import wheat from other sources instead of Russia and Ukraine, as Egypt has 14 approved countries for wheat supply, some of which are outside the Europe,” Saad said.

Data from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics in Egypt showed that Egypt imported 6.1 million tonnes of wheat in 2021, excluding December.

Russia and Ukraine are the two largest wheat exporters to Egypt. Last year, Russia sent 4.2 million tonnes of wheat, worth $1.2 billion, or 69.4 percent of Egypt’s total wheat imports.

Ukraine sent 651,400 tons, worth $649.4 million and representing 10.7% of total imports, followed by Romania with 387,200 tons and Australia with 190,200 tons.

Egypt on Sunday called for an emergency meeting of the Arab League at delegate level to discuss developments in Ukraine, according to a statement from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

Arab states have taken divergent positions on the Russian invasion, with Syria supporting it, Lebanon condemning it, the United Arab Emirates refusing to take sides and Egypt expressing widespread concern and hope for a quick resolution.

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