How Prime Minister Modi was a great leader in politics


I am so proud to be an Indian today, as all people of Indian origin should be, whether they belong to America, the Caribbean, Africa or Europe or even Asia. from the South East.

Yes, we are over a billion people. Yes, we have added value no matter what country we are in and, yes, we may live in different countries, but we are basically the oldest living civilization in the world.

Today, without any hesitation or pride, Prime Minister Modi spoke about the progress India and Indians have made in just seven years since universal banking for the poor who have been excluded from banking systems because they could not not open a bank account with a zero balance and now they can, plus the government will pay your benefits directly to you, with no touts in between who would in the past have taken 50 percent of your government benefits.

For those who think that this government excludes minorities, I can say with conviction that the reforms of Prime Minister Modi, be it banks for all, toilets or building houses for the poor, they go to every Indian citizen. In fact, even Muslims in India, who at 200 million cannot be considered a minority, are getting more scholarships than ever before at universities.

Today almost any document you need can be created from a government portal, seamlessly and most importantly, we have more digital payments than any country in the world. Additionally, he spoke of a vision that would bring India to the forefront of artificial intelligence; to map each Indian’s land and give it title, crucial in a country that once operated with bribes.

From medicine to vaccines to defense, he described India’s vision for the future and how Make in India is becoming a reality.

We are the only country in the world where a single card with your biometric data can provide you with a passport, ration card and voter ID and voting is the right of every citizen, in an Indian made voting machine that is not connected to the Internet and cannot be cyber attacked or compromised by any party.

After Prime Minister Modi’s one-on-one meeting with Kamala Harris, where she addressed the issue of the horrific terrorist attacks against India from Pakistan; at the meeting he had with some of the top CEOs of US companies, who all said investing in India was the best return on investment and were delighted with the reforms put in place by the government; to his meeting with Joe Biden where the two leaders spoke of closer ties; Prime Minister Modi has been at the forefront of bringing India closer to a rules-based order, where all countries unite against terrorism, hegemony and climate change. The Quad meeting was no less important where Australia, India, the United States and Japan gave a veiled message to China on the freedom of navigation on the seas and oceans of the world.

Returning to Prime Minister Modi’s speech, he also explained how, from his humble beginnings, he became the leader of a country giving a big boost to the power of democracy.

Since taking office, the Prime Minister is the only world leader who has not taken a break from his rigorous daily schedule and most young people in India admire him for his positive thinking and ability to work tirelessly to bring India at what it can offer when it is young people and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

Much of his speech at the United Nations reflected just that. His vision is global, he says that with other democracies around the world, India is fighting terrorism and wants peace not only for itself but for humanity and provides the world with the opportunity to do business in a country that is undertaking big reforms to let go of its brightest and best to attract new companies and technologies to the world. After all, India was the first country to give free vaccines to many developing countries. This alone says a lot about the advancement of medicine and research in India. It may become not only a powerhouse in manufacturing, but also in science, medicine and vaccine supplier to the world, which it already was, but now it just needs to grow for future pandemics.

When it comes to climate change too, Modi’s vision first in Gujarat and then in India was to put solar and renewable energy at the forefront and provide subsidies to encourage companies to switch to electric vehicles.

I can’t help but compare Prime Minister Modi’s speech to that of Imran Khan who was not even present at the United Nations, because neither President Biden nor even his closest ally Chinese President Xi had spoken to him. , Biden since he became president and Xi it seems for 20 months. I’m not sure about the latter but I am writing what I hear from Pakistani TV. Imran Khan just regurgitated his last speech on Kashmir, Islamophobia and this time as the spokesperson for the new order of the Taliban in Afghanistan, where he warned the world to give them adequate funding or there would be a lot more of terrorism emanating from this country.

It seems Pakistan has learned to threaten the world with dire consequences if it is ignored, whether it is because it is a nuclear power or because it is in bed with terrorists. It’s the same old tiresome threat – either you give us what we want or ……

It’s for you to guess. I don’t think the world listens anymore, and neither should they. It should just tell Pakistan that a nuclear weapon in the wrong hands will mean you will be wiped out along with your establishment and the ISI and these are $ 20 billion military industrial companies that have a stake in every part of your economy, from cement and cookies to banks, land and housing.

For me as an Indian who had a green card once and gave it up when I came back to India I can honestly say that I can hold my head up high as an Indian anywhere in the world today. Even taxi drivers know who Modi is. It is only thanks to the strides Narendra Modi has made in uplifting India to the world and making every Indian proud, whether in India or in the Diaspora.

Our Prime has changed our entire psyche not only with simple words, but also with his actions over the past seven years. The world has recognized this because actions speak louder than words.

It is India that I am proud of and it is India that is finally getting its due in the new world order.



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