MI secures funding for FAME

The Manufacturing Institute, NAM’s nonprofit workforce development and education partner, was named the first recipient of the Stanley Black & Decker Grant for its “leadership and expansion” of the program. FAME (Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education) founded by Toyota.

The details: MI, which currently runs FAME, a workforce development and training program, is one of 86 organizations chosen to receive funds from Stanley Black & Decker’s first-ever Empower Makers Global Impact Challenge grant. .

  • This year’s grants will help train and retrain around 180,000 people in manufacturing through 2022.
  • The program will award up to $25 million over the next five years to nonprofits “supporting commercial workforce development initiatives in the construction and manufacturing sectors,” according to the IM.

Empower creators: “Stanley Black & Decker is extremely proud to support MI through its FAME programming as it strives to train and reskill the next generation of trade professionals,” said Diane Cantello, vice president of the social impact of Stanley Black & Decker.

  • “Currently in the United States there are approximately 650,000 open construction jobs and 10 million unfilled manufacturing jobs globally. Our goal is to support “Those who make the world”, and being able to fund educational programs and non-profit organizations that revitalize business careers is directly related to our core mission. Thanks to this year’s Makers grant winners, together we will take another step towards closing the job skills gap.

MI says: “Stanley Black & Decker’s commitment to FAME demonstrates how businesses can take the lead in answering the call to grow the workforce of today and tomorrow,” said MI President , Carolyn Lee.

  • “We are grateful for their partnership in this effort to provide students with pathways to exciting and rewarding careers in modern manufacturing.”

About FAME: Founded in 2010 by Toyota, FAME aims to help students become highly skilled and sought-after makers capable of meeting the unique needs and challenges of modern manufacturing.

To learn more about Stanley Black & Decker’s Empower Makers Global Impact Challenge, visit EmpowerMakers.com.

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