Teach people how Educational Services, LLC. Talks about helping people with bad credit

Debt can affect your credit score and prevent you from getting new types of credit, including a credit card or loan. Bad credit can also lead to higher interest rates with fewer loan and credit options.

Having bad credit and being in debt can have wider consequences, including mental health issues, lost job opportunities, and even finding a new home.

A person with bad credit may suffer from depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. It can also lead to relationship and marriage breakdowns.

Unfortunately, having bad credit can now cause people to struggle to find new rental accommodation. More and more landlords and rental agencies are now using credit reference agencies to check a person’s credit. But bad credit doesn’t just affect people looking for a new home, it can also affect a person’s employment opportunities.

In recent years, more and more companies are now using credit reference agencies and checking a person’s credit history when interviewing for a new job. Even those who already work for a company and are hoping to move up and get a promotion could have their credit report checked.

It is so important for someone with bad credit to tackle this problem and improve it. Teach People How Educational Services, LLC is a company that helps people and provides them with the right tools.

We decided to talk to Derrance Turner, the founder of Teach People How Educational Services, LLC., to see how they help people with their credit issues. Here’s what he had to say.

1. First, please introduce yourself.

I would like to begin by saying thank you for interviewing me. Hello, I’m Derrance Turner, the founder of Teach People How Educational Services, LLC. I work in the educational services industry to empower and teach people the importance of maintaining a healthy credit profile and score. I operate a credit repair and credit education website by the name of TeachPeopleHow.com to help anyone who needs help with their financial future.

2. Can you explain who and what is Teach People How Educational Services, LLC. ?

We are a compliance-based advanced credit services organization that helps customers with credit repair and credit education. Our office is based at 5718 Westheimer Suite 1000V Houston, Texas 77057. You can view our products and services at www.TeachPeopleHow.com

3. Why was the company created and what feedback do you get from your customers?

TeachPeopleHow.com was started when I realized I had the power to change lives, helping people overcome financial difficulties due to inconsistencies in their credit report. I no longer wanted to sit and watch the people around me struggle to move on from past credit issues. Let me tell you…many of my friends and family were getting really bad interest rates on cars, mortgages, loans, etc. This made my stomach hurt and I wanted to show them a way out by helping them fix their credit and also educating them so they don’t make the same mistakes in the future. We are always happy when our customers tell us that they appreciate our products and services and recommend others.

4. More and more people are getting into debt, why?

Many factors can lead many people into debt. One of the main reasons is that their income to debt ratio is way off. It’s like taking one step forward and two steps back into the bad credit hole if a person has more debt than income. Other reasons why many people go into debt could be caused by job loss, hospitalizations, depression, divorce, gambling, the current pandemic, etc. The list is long. Ultimately, bad credit isn’t permanent and can be fixed over time.

5. You offer services to help people improve their bad credit, can you tell us more?

Of course I can! With our services on TeachPeopleHow.com, we start by scheduling a consultation with our prospects. We review their entire credit profile with them and discuss ways to challenge negative profile data to remove it. Once they become a customer for the term of credit repair, they receive unlimited deletions, unlimited monthly challenges, a full credit audit, a personalized challenge strategy, 24/7 access to their secure customer portal to track their progress and a 120-day money back. guaranteed if they see no credit profile deletion after 120 days of service. We also educate them on how to maintain a healthy credit profile during and after the credit repair process.

6. Some people ignore their bad credit records, why is it important that people don’t ignore them?

It is important not to ignore your credit profile. You should check your credit profile monthly to make sure everything is stable. If you have bad credit, you should try to do whatever you can to correct the negative information that is holding you back from your dreams of owning a home, getting a new vehicle, having good credit cards with awesome rewards. , etc Often, bad credit can prevent you from finding a job.

seven. Some companies are now using credit reference agencies when people are interviewing for a new job or promotion, do you think that’s fair?

They pull credit reports on people to judge their character, to see if a person is responsible enough to pay their bills on time. It’s sad but true. I don’t think I can say whether I think that’s fair or not. I just believe in giving people a chance to prove themselves, because you really don’t know what they went through that caused them bad credit in the first place.

8. With the pandemic, do you think more people are now in debt?

Absoutely! It’s a real sensitive subject. Let’s just say that many people are still trying to recover from such a terrible situation. My heart goes out to the world.

9. 14 million people owe more than $10,000 on their credit cards, why are so many people in debt on their credit cards?

A word. USE! Many people don’t know how to properly use their credit cards on a monthly basis. They spend far more than they can repay when the bill is due. This is one of the most common things I see and educate my clients on.

ten. Some people miss a payment on their credit card and think about making it up later, is that the wrong thing to do and what damage would it do to their credit report?

Payment history represents 35% of your credit score. That said, one missed payment could drop your scores by up to 180 points on a FICO and stay on your credit report for seven years. It’s never a good idea to miss a payment for this reason. Several late payments could cause serious damage to your credit profile.

11. You say bad credit can prevent you from buying a car or buying a house, what kind of bad credit are we talking about?

It’s a good question! We’re talking about credit that typically falls below the 600 range. Many lenders still approve people in this range, but let’s be clear that their interest rates are exorbitant.

12. I was shocked to read that bad credit can prevent people from getting a student loan, why?

In a nutshell, bad credit can prevent people from getting a student loan because lenders want to make sure there’s a very low risk in lending you money and getting it back later.

13. Do you believe that young adults should learn in schools how to manage finances to avoid so much debt?

It’s something I’ve been saying for a long time. Yes, credit education should be taught to children and young adults starting in grade level every year. Imagine what it would be like if the world was full of children and young adults responsible for credit? That would be so awesome!

14. What kind of people should come and use your service?

If you’re tired of the rat race of bad credit, you should use our services at TeachPeopleHow.com

15. And finally, what is the future of Teach People How Educational Services, LLC.

I see our future as a household name in the industry, primarily from people who trust us to help them repair their credit and learn about credit.

For more information or to set up a free 15 minute consultation, please visit the company’s official website website.

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