Zimbabwe: Chin’ono – Zelensky of our time

On reflection, a Gift Siziba over the past weekend has proven himself to be a political novice, still struggling with teenage hormones.

Because it has a moving mouth, it was used as an anti-democratic megaphone by its “generational” masters, much to the chagrin of those who thought the CCC had Democrats.

However, his question is a subject for another day, only to be discussed in the fullness of time.

In the unforgettable pages of history, the records show that the West still praises and imposes weak and unscrupulous people as “good torchbearers” by temporarily forgetting how crooked they have lived their lives.

One of this writer’s college professors once remarked in the middle of a very important discussion that “in modern times, always be careful when one of your relatives is praised by the West. At this level of study, selfish interests are the key characteristic and many of your countrymen have fallen under the benevolence of the United States while advancing foreign interests.”

A few examples came to mind.

From Venezuelan Juan Guaido to Russian Alexei Navalny to Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky, the praise these puppet leaders have received from the West in their pursuit of regime change in their respective countries is staggering.

When Guaido accepted the CIA tender, then-US President Donald Trump and his then-security adviser John Bolton said regime change in Venezuela was a must. a “low hanging fruit” and said the same about Navalny.

In Zimbabwe, a half-century-old Western instrument, Hopewell Chin’ono, like the Ukrainian Zelensky, answered the call to sell his soul for “thirty pieces of silver” and be co-opted into a negative propaganda to stir up unrest among the people and prepare a way for Western interference.

The way the United States abandoned Guaido, Navalny and Zelensky is the same way it will do to Chin’ono.

From the unfolding of events, the trio have shown that they are made up of people who need some serious upholding from their backers despite being led like innocent sheep down the lane. of slaughter.

They can do anything for money and political expediency.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing!

The people many want to see as champions of democracy are really not what they claim and want people to believe.

Following how the West re-wrote Chin’ono’s past shenanigans with “purity” and quickly made the world forget Zelensky’s transgressions puppeted both very good stories, only good stories to the West.

Chin’ono’s peers have since denounced him, in cases that have been written off and are in the public domain, as a pencil-necked trickster after allegations of card-cloning fraud dogged him with a strong current that he failed to stop.

He has also been denounced as a violent man who does not respect women.

He also cannot let others live on an equal footing by acknowledging that someone can have a different opinion from his and also be right.

Don’t forget that he was also at the forefront of “selling out” his many “colleagues” in the civic sector.

Having a bitterness that failed him as head of the national broadcaster made him a willing accomplice working against Zimbabwe.

He’s not what he wants people to believe. Its principle is to live without any principle! He recently showed how bossy, immature and vulgar he can be.

A few weeks ago, a debate on Twitter spaces organized by a journalist from a foreign-funded local initiative invited her commentators, among whom was a Zimbabwean whose views parallel those of the opposition CCC.

The level of intolerance and abuse the young man faced against a rampaging swarm of opposition-sponsored trolls was heartbreaking.

When Chin’ono realized that the CCC’s arguments were unfounded and did not carry the day, he ordered the host journalist to remove the young discussant.

The “democratic alternative” is allergic to criticism.

He believes that what he says is the benchmark of what is right.

In Ukraine, too, since his presidency, Zelensky has banned three TV channels just to bolster his personal authority.

As a comedian, Zelensky knows television and knows how to perform at the gallery through years of appearances. Videos of war zones and sharing meals with the troops, he knows the gimmicks.

However, the 2021 Pandora Papers showed he had offshore accounts and businesses with his inner circle in the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus, despite campaigning for him to tackle corruption.

You will know them for their actions and goals motivated solely by money!

It’s happened before, this script has happened before.

Think back to Afghanistan in the 1980s when the United States funded the mujahideen to fight the Soviet army.

It was not because Afghanistan was strategically important to the West. No, it was not!

The only objective was to give the impression of making Afghanistan a useful tool for the Americans.

The same thing happened with Georgia.

The United States armed Georgia in the late 2000s; trained Georgian soldiers against Russia and promised it future NATO membership, but when war broke out in 2008, NATO backed down.

Zelensky made the same mistake thinking he is a key strategic ally for NATO when he is just another pawn.

From the start, he feared defending every square inch of territory, but now he is open to concessions and abandoning his quests for NATO membership.

He saw a reality check after overplaying Western support, selling Ukraine’s importance to the West and misinterpreting President Vladimir Putin’s true intentions.

With thousands of deadly weapons passing through every day and promises of unprecedented sanctions against Russia, it is no surprise that Zelensky decided to fight because the West had promised him sovereignty, but refused to fight for it.

Chin’ono and Zelensky’s only trump card is the West and they have ‘good’ reason to believe their interests are protected until what happened to Guaido and Navalny reveals they can never be. Western friends.

The fanfare that disappears, the glory

Speaking to parliamentarians from European countries, because traditionally he was a comedian, observers said that Zelensky was like a Charlie Chaplin who had turned into Winston Churchill.

All the Twitter fanfare and Facebook fame that Chin’ono and Zelensky enjoy will be gone and what will remain for the latter is to make the same compromises that Russia demanded from the start.

In Chin’ono’s case, shortly after outliving his usefulness and his mission rendered unproductive by his western handlers, he will start attacking them and start raising an incredible song “I am not a traitor”.

The duo are a textbook case of people who cannot think for themselves, who are not proud of their personal leadership abilities, who have no respect for sovereignty and who have given up everything with their country and want the United States to be a messiah in their country.

Weak leaders have shown their greatest frailties by calling on the West to interfere in their country’s internal affairs just to facilitate their path to political power.

Rarely have we seen strong leaders emerge from countries that have not been hit with economic sanctions by the West.

Since 2001, Zimbabwe’s political and liberation leaders have not given the West one iota of space to dictate its agenda in the country.

Strong leadership was also seen in Venezuela, Iran, Cuba and China to counter Western hegemony.

It is unfortunate that many will want to see certain individuals as saviors, alas, they have been framed by the West to be seen that way.

For the most knowledgeable, they only play roles contrary to their true character.

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